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February 12, 2010:

"Ohayo, Piri-tan."


Kiku steppped back to steady himself as she gave him a hug. "Ready to go?"

Maria smiled, "Of COURSE! I can't wait to see how they turned The Lightning Thief into a movie!"

The Japanese man chuckled as they made their way to his car. "Hai, let's go."

At the concession stand, Kiku looked on as Maria ordered a large bucket of popcorn, regular sodas, and even smuggled some Pocky in. Trying to balance everything in her arms, Maria caught up to Kiku amd asked, "Ready?"

He took a sode and the bucket, lightening her load as they entered the dark theater, replyling, "I thought you'd never be."

After the movie, Kiku and Maria stormed out of the movie theater, both huffy and disappointed. Once they both got in the car, Maria slammed the radio off.

"What. The HELL. Did I just WATCH?!"

"Please calm down, Piri-tan."

"Don't tell me you LIKED the movie!"

"I didn't. They took out a lot of crucial detalis."

"YES! For examle, Annabeth is a BLONDE, not a BRUNETTE!"

"And Clarisse was not there..."

"Don't EVEN get me started about the bathroom scene. MY FAVORITE PART, AND THEY CUT IT OUT!"

"Do you need some tea to calm down?"

"Yes, kuya..."

"Hai, I'll go make some when we get home."

June 4, 2010:

"Kamusta uli, Kuya?" Maria asked as she skipped down the steps to meet her friend in his car.

Rolling the window down, Kiku replied, "Piri-tan, I am feeling well. Ready to go see The Last Airbender?"

Maria nodded, though not so enthusiastically, as she got in and buckled herself up. "Sure, let's go."

After the movie...

At Maria's house, the two were sitting in her living room, sipping tea. Kiku, feeling quite pissed off and done, asked, "Do you want to rant?"

"What the HELL, ALFRED?!"

"He messed it up. Avatar is his, and he messed it up."

"The actors looked like they were doing ballet!"

"If I was there and I had to fight them, I could just go over and smack them upside the head while they did their so-called 'moves'."


In the year when everone was supposedly going to die, a new craze slowly swept over all the nations. It started with America, of course, then it slowly began to make its way around the world, quite literally and figuratively. What was this?

The Hunger Games. It drove the world insane, and some of the nations too. Like, for instance, at a world meeting, fights would break out.

"Team Peeta!" America cried out like a child, whinish and stomping around like a 5-year-old.

France sighed, then retorted, "Wrong, Amerique! Team Gale!"

England shoved the two away from each other, muttering, "Bloody hell, it's like the Twilight wars... Stupid vampires and werewolves."

"Watch your mouth, England." Romania hissed, who just so happened to be walking by.

"Oh, sorry about that Romania." the Brit, smiled apologetically, before jumping in the shipping war between France and America.

March 27, 2012:

"Hi Piri-tan..."

"Hi Kuya..."

Kiku sighed, "Are you sure you want to go? I'd understand if you didn't want to."

Maria smiled weakly, "I want to go; but yes, I understand too..." And the two went off.

After the movie, a disturbed France called the nations who were fans of the series to an urgent meeting the next day.

At The Hunger Games-themed meeting, Ludwig silenced everyone so they could begin

."The movie was actually good..." Elizaveta chimed in, "But something's off. Something different about the book and movie..."

It seemed that everyone thought so, because almost all at once, everyone began to voice their opinions.

"I know, aru. It's been bugging me to no end."

"Ve~I thought it was fine!"

"There was something off, and I can't seem to put my finger on it..."

BUT, one small voice rang through the room.

"I know what's wrong. Kiku and I do."

Almost IMMEDIATELY, the nations heads turned towards the voice. "

Maria, what was off about it?" Dmitri asked the Asian.

"Well... It had the 4Kids Disease."


Kiku sighed, "It means that the movie was altered so that it is kid-friendly. Not much of violence and gore, like the book describes it."

It was an insta-light bulb for everyone. Yes, that was what's missing!

"Ohh... So THAT is what happened, aru."

"4Kids Disease... Hmm... We do have to shield the minds of innocence."

"If people already read the book, then how do you 'shield their minds', Angleterre?"

"Bloody frog, I'm just trying to find a good explanation."

After the meeting, Alfred started to pack his things. Out of nowhere, a person grabbed his arms, while another punched him in the face, knocking him out cold. When Alfred woke up, he saw that he was in a dark room, and he was handcuffed to his chair. Suddenly, a figure turned on a desklight in what seems to be a desk in front of the American. To his surprise, Alfred saw Maria and Kiku, with grim faces.

He sputtered out, "W-what the hell is happening?"

Kiku frowned, looking like he was talking to a child who has just disappointed him. "Your movies. The Lightning Thief, The Last Airbender, and Hunger Games. Maria and I watched them all on their debut days."

Maria continued, her voice grave. "We noticed something about all those movies. They have AT LEAST ONE thing in common."

Then, the two spoke in unison. "YOU MESSED THEM ALL UP."

Alfred's eyes widened as he replied, "Wait, this is about movies?"

Maria didn't acknowledge the American and continued. "Lightning Thief. Annabeth is a brunnete, Clarisse is missing, and crucial details were not there."

Kiku picked it up from there, not missing a beat. "The Last Airbender. They were doing BALLET, Alfred. Ballet. Need I continue?"

Maria finished, "Finally, Hunger Games. You gave it the 4Kids Disease. 4 FREAKIN' KIDS DISEASE! WHAT THE HELL?!"

She was about to lunge at the wide-eyed Alfred, but Kiku held her back. "No cuts and bruises. Slaps are okay."


With that, Maria gave him a nice and hard slap.

"Aah... That felt good. Like I avenged Otakus and fans everywhere."

"Can I try, Piri-tan?"

"Sure! You ARE the Father of Otaku-ism."

"... Otaku-ism?!"

Kiku didn't reply to him, but only responded in slap-form.

"HA! Kiku LIKES the name."

"Hai. I do."

*25 minutes later*

Alfred staggered out of a random storage closet, cheeks a dangerous color of red, surprising Arthur. "Bloody hell, git. What happened?"

Alfred stuttered, almost falling over Arthur from the pain. "H-hunger Games... Movies... A-airbender... Otaku-ism..."

Arthur steadied the shaking American and noticed his cheeks. "Maria and Kiku got their revenge, I guess?"

To this, Alfred weakly nodded.

"Oh, git. Let's go home."

"I-it hurts..."

"You are quite the moron."

"Thanks, Engwand."

"D-Did I just hear right?!"

"You're so cute when you stutter..."

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