In MalacaƱan Palace...

Servants ran around hurriedly, shrieking at the top of their lungs as clothes practically flew from an open door and scattered the huge corridor. Finally, a harried and tired young nation stomped out of the room, quietly fuming at the fleeing staff. "IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO HELP, THEN DON'T HELP AT ALL!"

At the other side of the mansion, President Noynoy was talking a stroll when a good number of his servants rant at him, then hid behind doors. With a worried look, he asked, "Anong nangyari? Bakit takot kayo lahat?"

One of the servants who is like a mother to all stepped forward, her usually soft and calm face now pale and with a terrifying look. "Sir, sorry po! Si Ate Maria po, nagwawala! Yung bago po na hinire mo, nawasak po lahat ng mg damit nya na accidente habang nasa washer! Ah, hindi! Meron lang po si Ate isa pa na pares ng damit! Kaso, yun po yung ginagamit nya ngayon..."

All the other servants nodded, wincing as more came their way. "Please po sir, do something!"

Letting out a sigh, President Noynoy nodded. "Get the dresser on the phone and my checkbook. We have a wardrobe to fix."

Simultaneously nodding, the servants all ran to follow the president's orders.

Back in her room, Maria slumped on the bed, loudly letting out a screech of displeasure. Of all the days, why did her wardrobe had to be wrecked? Of. All. Days?! Before screeching again, a knock at the door stopped her. Looking at the door like it did her a personal wrong, she hissed, "Are you SURE you want to enter?!"

To her surprise, her boss's voice came from the other side. "Pinas... pwede ako pumasok?"

She flopped face-first into her pillow, replying, "Yes po.."

Without looking up, Maria heard the door creak open with the greeting of light footsteps. The sounds stopped, and her bed suddenly sunk on one spot. She lifted her head groggily to face her worried boss.

"Pinas. Bakit? Why are you scaring the staff? Kahit si Manang, takot na takot."

Maria slowly sat up, letting out a soft whine. "I wanted to meet everyone and get reaquainted with all the other nations, but now I have no clothes to bring! Eto na lang yung meron ako!" she cried out, gesturing to her current clothes: an oversized and thin sweater with dark-washed skinny jeans.

"Okey, okey. I have a proposition. If you can stop scaring the staff and do something for them as an 'I'm sorry' of sorts, then I'll bring in the dresser to fit you for new clothes. Plus, I'll give you money to shop for new ones too. Dalan mo lang ako pasalubong, Pinas. Kaya mo?"

"Kaya ko po." Maria replied, smiling lightly.

President Noynoy nodded, satisfied that he got his point across, and left her room, closing the door behind him.

Fully armed with a cartful of ingredients, Maria crazily and hurriedly ran around the Supermarket in SM City Manila, trying to keep her promise. She stooped in front of an open cashier with no line, panting as she started to unload her things.

Said cashier looked at her in slight fear as she scanned the items. "A-Ate, okey ka lang?"

Looking up at the cashier as she put the last item down, Maria responded, "Okey l-"

She was promptly cut off as the cashier screamed upon seeing her face. Maria hadn't noticed, but now she did. Looking back through the whole day, the girl remember some children gasping in horror or just straightaway running to their mothers and crying JUST from taking one look at her. Figures. Because of staying up late most nights to figure out her trips, she's forgotten to take care of herself.

Smiling apologetically, Maria raked her fingers on her hair. "Sorry, miss! Pagod na pagod na ako..."

The cashier just nodded meekly, continuing to scan the items while keeping her head down.

Finally back at home, President Noynoy was once more taking a stroll around his mansion. Before even getting that far, he started to hear a commotion. Using his sense of hearing, he followed the sound until he reached a corridor full of servants, nervously talking to each other.

Seeing Manang, he waved her over with a question from his lips. "What is going on?"

Manang gulped, then pointed to the closed double-doors of the dining hall. "Miss Pinas, sir."

Before he could react, the doors flew open, revealing an outstretched leg, most likely to have been used to kick open said doors. Once the foot was down, the servants and President gasped.

Maria smiled, wearing a cute and flowery sundress as she gestured to the prepared dining table, fit for everyone who was waiting outside. On the table were loaves and loves of banana bread, a tad more than enought to satisfy everyone. "Hello po! Before I go off to my trip, I have a treat! Banana bread for all. Sorry na nagwala ako sa inyo lahat, ah..."

With the apology, the servants smiled, then rused up to greet Maria in an embrace. "Salamat, Ate Maria!"

Once everyone was seated and digging in, President Noynoy met eyes with Maria, who was about to walk out of the dining hall with her suitcases. They shared a smile, before she left.

AN: Hello, I am back! Before we get started, TRANSLATIONS!

Anong nangyari? Bakit takot kayo lahat? - What happened? Why are you all scared?

Sir, sorry po! Si Ate Maria po, nagwawala! Yung bago po na hinire mo, nawasak po lahat ng mg damit nya na accidente habang nasa washer! Ah, hindi! Meron lang po si Ate isa pa na pares ng damit! Kaso, yun po yung ginagamit nya ngayon... - Sir, I am sorry! Maria is going crazy! The new person you hired, they destroyed her clothes on accident while in the washer! Ah, no! She only has one pair of clothes left! But that's what she is wearing...

Pinas... pwede ako pumasok? - Pinas, can I enter? (Pinas is short for Filipinas, or the Philippines)

Bakit? Why are you scaring the staff? Kahit si Manang, takot na takot. - Why? Why are you scaring the staff? Even Grandma is really scared. (Manang isn't exactly used as 'grandmother' here, it is used as a pronoun for an older person. For here, we'll stick to Grandma.)

Dalan mo lang ako pasalubong, Pinas. Kaya mo? / Kaya ko po - Just bring me a souvenir. Can you do it? / I can do it.

A-Ate, okey ka lang? - Are you okay?

Ate - Older sister, but used as a sort of name for other women you don't know the name of.

Pagod na pagod na ako... - I'm really tired...

Sorry na nagwala ako sa inyo lahat, ah... - Sorry I freaked out on all of you...

Okay. NOW. I HAVE AN ARC FOR THIS STORY! Philippines will be visiting a lot of her fellow nations, whether or not she already knows them to either make friends or to get reaquainted.

BUT, I have something to ask of you.

Can you guys send reviews of where she should go first? I'll go in chronological order from the reviews, then finish up on anyone else. And not to worry, she'll be visiting them in groups, if possible.

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