Summary: Seras is queen of the undead, and is forced to rule with an Iron fist as Alucard is still held as the Hellsing families pet. But, the new Hellsing leader is corruptible, and an unknown organization takes control of the leaders mind, taking Alucard prisoner, experimenting and torturing the ancient vampire. Its up to Seras and their daughter Alice to save Alucard from having his mind wiped clean, and forgetting his beloved family, effectively turning him against the undead, and being used as a weapon of mass destruction. To purge the world of all beings less than fit.

AN: As always, I do not own Hellsing or its characters, I only own the ones I've made up, the plot present in this story and anything I make up with it, rest is all Kouta Hirano

The dark queen inhaled the nights air, blood red pools drifting up to gaze at the moon whose shine matched the darkness the queen lived in. Sipping from the wine glass filled to the brim with a pure bloody substance, she placed it back on the ledge of the great fortress wall she was leaning against. Her silvery blonde hair shifted as a cool breeze hit the castle's walls.

"Madame..." a male voice said softly, the figure from which this voice came bowed, keeping his face down he continued " News from Hellsing comes... Sir Alestor claims that..." the voice drifted, as he noticed her hellfire gaze, burning down at him, seemingly ripping through his being.

"Claimed what... Your stuttering wears on my patience." A velvety voice flowed out through the queens blood red stained lips as she took another sip from the wine glass.

"Ahem... Forgive me Countess, for Alestor claims that Hellsing is being bombarded with attacks from the night, and says for you to control your beasts as No-Life Queen. Another added detail... Alestor seems to have made contact with the Order of the Rose. Or more correctly they with him." The servant told his queen. She scoffed, smirking to herself.

"He is.. corruptible, yes? I am not surprised that they take advantage of his human mind." She sighed, walking back into the great fortresses walls, stopping feet behind the man's back.

"If anything.. this man is weak enough for the seals to crumble... But, if the Rose has contacted the little Hellsing, then we have more things to worry about..." She cast her searing gaze to the mirror across from her.

"Lady.. Seras? Madame, if you fear for the count, do not. I have been under his servitude for decades... I am, one of the last remaining servants from the previous household."

"Hn..." Sighing she waved her hand slightly. Seeing this the servant got up, and prepared to leave the room. "Keep me updated if you will Jaden." Jaden smiled, and bowed his head,

"Of course mam' , uh.. would you like more to drink? You seem to of drained the glass..." Seras laughed slightly, and handed the wine glass to the man as he left.

'Alice.. come here please.'

'Coming mum!'

In mere seconds the girl arrived, black hair trailing behind her, falling along her back. Seras turned to the girl and beckoned her over. Doing as she was told, she walked over, hugging her mother, she sat down at a chair which was seated by the large desk that was in the room. Alice was always amazed by the sheer size of the office room. Bookshelves lining the walls, all filled with book young and old, even ancient to when her father was alive, all about strategies, government, economics, and war strategies.

"What did you call me for mother?" she said uncertain, as she noticed the clearly unpleasant look on her mothers normally emotionless, stern features. When she would visit her father, he would tell her that at one time, no frown was to be seen on her face. Always youthful, always smiling like a human. A deep scar surrounded her eyes now, from where she was injured before she drank blood, and her left arm was only a mass of shadow, formed to look like a regular limb... just black.

"You are going to Hellsing with your father for a while, to look over the Hellsing leader. And you are to report to me anything suspicious, anyone dangerous, anyone that could even make Hellsing move even the slightest hair away from its current position in our society."

"What about you mum? I know you miss dad too..." Alice said, head drifting down slightly, making her pitch black hair fall over her face.

"I...Must stay here to take care of my duties, there have been attacks without my knowledge on humans, and that has to stop. It's my job to make sure that humans and vampires stay at peace unless provoked." She replied, walking over to her child, gently pushing up her chin, and moving the girls hair from her face. Alice looked as if she was only fifteen, yet she was so much older than that. 'Maturity levels with vampires must come slowly then' Seras chuckled to herself.

"You're too pretty a girl to hide your face. Sit up, and keep your chin high. Be proud, you are of one of the most noble lineage this world has to offer. I don't think your father would be happy to see his daughter with her head low in submission..."

With the mention of her father, the girl's face lit up, sitting up fully, looking up at her mother who was smiling now, if only slightly.

"You'll leave tomorrow night, I'll see you off to Hellsing. A greeting to my husband won't be that bad to my schedule... Now will it, go to bed now Alice, the sun is going to come up soon, the sky is even turning orange... and to think it was so beautiful dark only moments before..."

The girl got up, and gave her mother a hug and kiss on the cheek goodnight, and headed out of the study, leaving the queen to her thoughts. Creating a portal, a darkness of what seems the crumbling of the mass around her, she walked through the unnatural black mass, arriving in a scarlet walled room, lined with velvet and the crest of Draconia on the wall ahead of her. She slipped the silk dress she was wearing off, and using her shadows to replace the lost clothing with simple silk lingerie, and a short night gown. Getting into the four post king size bed, she slipped under the covers and noticed she was not alone when a strong pale arm shifted its way to her waist. For the first time that day, her lips formed a smile as she turned to face the owner of the arm.

"Vlad.. what a nice surprise... escaped from masters leash for a time did you?" She said, lifting her hand, caressing his sharp features. He purred into her hand, pulling her closer.

"I just happened to eavesdrop on your conversation with our offspring... You plan to spy on my master hm?"

She eyed him, hand resting on his chest, "Yes..."

"Very well then, just don't put her in danger." Her eyes widened as he said that... 'He's acting like he doesn't give a damn.. some husband I've got.'

He chuckled darkly, chest vibrating under her hand.

"I care my dear Countess, I just don't care that she's going to be keeping an eye on the last of the Hellsing shit line." He pulled her face to him, and kissed her fiercely, "You need to learn to visit my queen... The king is going insane, and is in need of his bride..."

"Yes ,yes... I missed you too... We are going to 'visit' tomorrow though..."

"That may be true, but I won't get to be with you really... Alestor is going to want to hog you.. to make sure, we aren't 'conspiring' against him."

She laughed this time and kissed him again, "Oh no! I'd never dream of doing that!" she said faking truthfulness.

"So cruel... I thought a queen was not to lie to her king," he said, caressing her back in an up, and down motion.

"Hn, Yes, that is true, but, Alestor is not going to be a problem dear, I really don't like him. As he also does not like me. So, our situation of spending some... 'quality family time' together won't be a problem." Seras replied to the king of vampires, drawing out the last word seductively.

"Ah well, the day is draining, and I can feel the sun beating down through the walls... even in the 'bed'. So, let us sleep, police girl..."

With that, he closed his eyes, and brought her close to him, as they both went fast to sleep for the long daylight hours.