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Alucard groaned as he experimentally pulled at his stretched limbs. He hissed as a flash of heat entered through his wrists, as he found were bound above his head, connecting to a collar like chain that prevented him from moving his head. Crimson eyes surveyed the dark area covered in an ominous fog, even the undead king was unnerved by his surroundings. The rotting area around him reeked of death, his third eye came alive and noticed the few objects that were residing in the dark room, all of which were decaying bones, and the one living creature within the room was a starving rodent that scurried away from the count after it had slowly scampered towards him, thinking him to be its next meal. Alucard gave a hiss of displeasure as the door to the cell groaned and out stepped a man with a royal blue hooded cloak covering his features. The light from the outside shifted into the dusty cavern that was a room, semi brightening the blood caked walls. Alucard attempted to growl at the man to remove the chains, but as he tried to take in a breath to speak, the collar around his neck gave a paralyzing shock throughout, causing his body to slump over in surprise at the excruciating pain that he was somehow feeling.

"Ah, so valiant you are Count... But please don't injure your body any longer while the effects of the resealing are still in place. I hope your memories aren't.. ahm.. Too precious, because before long, I will be able to gladly call you our personal marionette." The man spoke sadistically, giving a dark chuckle, that would have made Alucard chuckle if he wasn't trying to force his head up so that his vampiric pride would not be wounded as much as it already was. He growled to the best of his ability, causing the man's shrouded expression to darken as he took a small step back.

"I suppose you will never be as submissive as you were when Integra was around now will you, fucking vampire. Don't see why she didn't just put you down like the rest of them blasted beats that she killed so many of, or so I was always told. Or is that just because she was a glorified bitch?" Alestor snarled as his pudgy little waddling came to a stop behind the cloaked man. "Kamelot, why don't you introduce yourself to our bowed count, eh?" He continued, motioning to the cloaked man. The man gave a short grunt and removed his hood as Alucard's enraged visage came into full view, slitted blood red abyss's, fangs gleaming in the soft light that was flooding through the dark cell.

"My name is Kelmar Kamelot, Count.. And I suppose it would be fair enough that while your mind fades, I will give you, I suppose.. a status update on things. There is no way that you will escape, your queen and her men are sealed within her very own domain, doomed to die by slaughter of our Exorcists who have been trained to kill even the purest of the blooded vampires. Your daughter will suffer a fate much like your own.. Seeing as her mind is young, and can be quite corruptible. Who knows what.. Sir Hellsing.. Wants with the girl.. If only you could imagine.." Kelmar chuckled once more, after seeing Alucard's eyes go almost impossibly black with rage.

Alestor's eyes widened themselves before he none to "discreetly" ran away. At this Kelmar scoffed, and swiftly turned towards the door.

"Enjoy your sleep my count..." He said softly before he closed the door, leaving Alucard to his thoughts. His thoughts rages as he tried to think of ways to get out of this situation. For ages it felt like, he thought, eyes hard on the ceiling of the once again pitch black room. He sighed, feeling out of character and despairing. 'Bastard.. if you ever lay a hand upon my mate and child.. You will face the wrath of a hell so scalding, you'll wish you were never conceived through that damned mageus' womb. It's time you move.. 'old friend', prove yourself worthy of that title General...'

Seras paced the court of the castle, changed into simple black leather pants and a tight collared tunic with gold embroidery in a type of Chinese fashion. She stopped abruptly to her men running through the door, led by Jaden, who had changed himself into battle gear; full body leather and a long black cloak that was embedded with protective magics. His silver blonde hair was slicked back to reveal a cross like scar across his face which darkened at the tip that rested solely on his forehead, golden eyes fierce as adrenaline pumped through his veins at the unruly news he had to tell his queen.

"The Rose's men have infiltrated the-!" Jaden quickly drew two short swords from his back that were hidden behind the cloak as a lithe young boy with snow white blood stained hair flew down at him, a white cloak and opera-esque mask adorned his pale visage framing his shining mercury eyes. He gave his battle cry as his large sword, black in base, but framed with white, a large cross in the middle with the same pure white, clashed with both of Jaden's pitch black blades done at a cross themselves. The masked boy flipped his lithe body over to the back of Jaden as he held his monstrous sword with his only hand, an empty sleeve flailing from his movements next to him. An odd Rose symbol shone out specifically as his comrades landed beside him. Seras felt insulted that there were only five warriors to go against most of the vampire race that was loyal to their Count and Countess. Suddenly a sharp voice run out, deep and velvety.. somehow reminding Seras of a very old vampire.

"Idiot apprentice! If you can't learn how to keep that sword to your own self, do not keep it out to flail at those whom we do not want as our enemies." A man with long flaming red hair spoke, he himself adorning framed glasses with half his face covered with a phantom-esque mask, hardly shown through his thick hair, crazily skewed about his face. In an attempt to tame his hair, he brought a gloved hand up and patted it down before turning to Seras. She noticed that his comrades tensed visibly as he turned towards her, seemingly knowing a detail that would be most frightening to them. But before he could say anything, the one female of the group, with short cropped hair, a tight long sleeved jacket trimmed with red and white, smacked him across the head, earning a surprised look from the once formidable looking man. With her advanced hearing she could tell that the girl had yelled at him not to be flirtatious, which almost flattered Seras.. almost.. As the girl continued whisper yelling, the rest of her men stood confused, unknowing of what to do, neither their queen or one of their trusted generals gave any order to move. A quick snort came from an oriental young man whose dark navy blue hair was tied high in a scarlet red rope.

"Che, Look Vampire queen, we aren't here to fight, baka Moyashi over there is just an idiot, so forget him. The bastard General right there," pointing to the flaming redhead, "Is a womanizer, god knows he would have immediately started flirting. I really could care less about pleasantries, however in order to, dare I say, work together as a fucking team against the fucking order... You have to know our god damned names. I'm Kanda, womanizer over there is Cross Marian, the Moyashi behind be is Allen Walker (the name slightly mutilated by his thick japanese accent), The crazy woman yelling at said bastard is Lenalee, the second red head with the eyepatch is the baka Usagi known as Lavi Bookman. That's us, now spill it on your 'pleasantries'."

Seras stared blankly at the seething Japanese man, whose arm was indirectly patted by the white haired boy now known as Allen who gave a small sympathetic smile towards her.

"Cross... Marian.. You are a lot older than you lead on apparently. Vlad doesn't normally speak of his previous ' friends'.. or anything of that matter. However, your name came up quite a lot. I am supposing that you are also a vampire?" Seras said, tone smooth and calm, as she observed the heap of teenagers in front of her.

"Aye, I am one of the undead mi'lady. And damned idiots here think I'm idiotic enough to flirt with the queen of the undead. I was only admiring her beauty.. Never any harm in that." Cross replied, taking what seemed like a mock bow, but, was his legitimate way of respect towards the woman whose eyes turned scathing at the flirtatious attitude. Seras clicked her tongue, and glared,

"He always said you never listened to the rules,"

"Only recommendations my queen."

"Of course... Now, I am supposing that you have always been under Vlad's watchful eye within this order?"

"Sadly no, when their 'Innocence' chooses an accommodator, there is no escaping the order, whether you are human, vampire or a god damned werewolf."