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Deryn Sharp looked around in a frozen sort of horror. She was surrounded by rows upon rows of corpses. The American casualties of the previous day's battle. She was here to watch them be tossed in the roiling water below. A burial at sea.

As the ceremony began, Deryn's gaze caught on the American flag, stiff and flapping in the ocean air. Red, white, and blue. As she stared at those three colors, they began to make a sick sort of sense.

Red. The color of the blood. The blood that stained the tattered naval uniforms.

White. The color of the shrouds. The shrouds wrapped tightly around the corpses as the proper words were said over them.

Blue. The color of the sea. The sea that tossed and turned below as it swallowed up the dead.

Deryn tore her eyes away from the flag. Now it was hanging limply at half mast.

Only when a cold gust of wind blew across her face did Deryn realize that she had tears running down her cheeks. She was crying for the innocent lives that had been snuffed out by this wretched war.

She felt eyes on her. It was Alek, concern etched on his face. She rubbed frantically at her eyes, trying to make it look like she hadn't been crying. Alek still thought that she was his brave, unbreakable airwoman. However, she felt anything but unbreakable. She felt hollow and empty. Dead shattered. Alek gave her a sad, sweet smile and pulled her into his arms, hugging her tightly.

Deryn sat there numbly, frozen within his embrace. As the last low bugle note sounded, and the last shrouded figure slid into the water, Deryn was capable of only one thought. Why?

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