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Rebecca woke in the night; she had been having the strangest dream. The green and blue dragoness looked around the room, yes, definitely the same. Except..

In the faint rays of the dawn's light, Rebecca saw something sparkle. Something unfamiliar; it appeared to be a red stone. She was most curious of this item, as she had seen nothing like it before. She looked down at her mate, a brown and red dragon, Scorch, just before she stood up to get a closer look at the rock.

When Rebecca was close enough to examine it, she could see that it was almost like it had been sanded to have flat edges, and the red never did yield to another color. She picked up the rock and was about to whisper Scorch's name to wake him, but she couldn't. It was like her voice was nonexistent. Suddenly Rebecca couldn't see straight, everything was blurred.

That was when Scorch woke up. He searched for Rebecca, who was not at his side. Then he realized what had awoken him. It was Rebecca, lying on the floor a short ways away from him; she had passed out. He noticed something in her paw; it was a crimson stone. He crawled over to her and was just about to touch the stone when a bright ray of light expressed from the rock, and he, too, fell to the floor.

A/N Please keep in mind that all characters in this chapter belong to me, although for the creation of the Sorcerers Stone I must give credit to J. K. Rowling. I would also like to explain that I have put this story under the classification of crossover with Spyro the Dragon and Harry Potter because my characters, Rebecca and Scorch, were originally fan characters for Spyro the Dragon. I hope that you understand that my characters are the only thing Spyro-related in this story. Thank you.