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Chapter 1

Rebecca opened her eyes, and looked around the room. Definitely not the same. In fact, it wasn't a room at all! It was an open forest, and when Rebecca looked at herself, she didn't see the body that she was so used to seeing as her own. It appeared to her that she was a.. a human! She had heard all about the creatures from Volteer, although she had never seen one herself, only pictures. (For your information, she did have clothes on. Casual everyday clothes.)

Rebecca really didn't know what to think. Could she still speak? She decided to test that. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5," she practiced these musical notes for a moment. When she decided that her voice was no different than before, she wondered if she could walk properly with the two legs that she was given. At first she was a bit sloppy, but after nearly half an hour she felt that she could walk just fine. She then decided to perfect the art of using human legs.

Hours past before she finished, but still, her training came to a close when she felt that she had mastered the art of using human legs. Now to get the hang of the arms.

It was evening before she had entirely perfected the human body. Rebecca thought that it would be better to finish her training in the morning as she lay down on the forest floor and closed her eyes.

Rebecca awoke at dawn, to find herself in tears. She started to sniffle when she realized that she had traveled space without her mate, and couldn't go back. She had no-one to talk to, and the red stone had disappeared. This news had at last sunk in. She decided that, seeing as she had nothing better to do, she would finish training herself in the ways of the human body. When she was done, she could do all kinds of things, for example, flips (forwards, backwards, multiple, air), high jumps, and more; she even taught herself how to use the human tools swords and shields well. She was a force that was not to be trifled with.

When she was just starting to wish that she knew how humans ate, a deer appeared before her, and her stomach growled. Rebecca jumped into the air and lunged for the animal. She grabbed a branch and flung herself from it, doing a flip in the air before smashing the deer underneath her. Evidently, she had broken a few of the creature's bones and couldn't get away. Rebecca slaughtered the animal and almost took a bite when she remembered something that Volteer had said about humans. "Humans don't eat meat raw, they always cook it first. I'm not entirely sure why, but they do." Rebecca thought better of eating the meat straight away, started up a fire and placed the deer on top of it, cooking it well. The meet tasted very good, and Rebecca was only finished with the deer when its bones were scraped clean. It appeared that she still had a very dragon-like appetite.

That was when another human, much larger than herself, appeared. It was clear to her that it was a male.

"Well hello there!" he said, looking straight at Rebecca. The man spoke with life and vigor, and seemed pleasant enough. His voice was deep, and sounded slightly muffled because his shaggy black beard covered his mouth as well as his chin

"Hello, sir," Rebecca replied. Her voice wasn't even a bit shaky.

"What are you doin' way out here?" asked the man.

"Well, I'm not exactly sure, I haven't thought to search for a way out, though. I've only been here for a day. What are you doing way out here?" Rebecca returned his question.

"I? Well I was just going to visit my old friend when I found you. And what are those?" he asked, looking at the deer's bones.

"Why, bones, of course sir," Rebecca replied. She thought that it was obvious. "I was just about to bury them when you came along."

"What creature are they come from?"

"A deer, sir. I would think it to be obvious!"

"A deer? Where did it come from? Deer don't live in this forest."

"How unnatural. Well, I tell you, I had just started to wonder what I could eat and then the deer appeared."

"Well, that's odd."

"Well, I think that it's about time that you introduced yourself, sir," Rebecca said.

"Ah yes, of course. I'm Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts," said the man.

"I'm Rebecca," she nearly added the 'the Dragoness' part, because it was natural, but she stopped herself. "Pleasure to meet you, Rubeus."

"Please, call me Hagrid," Hagrid told her.

"If I can remember, I will," Rebecca responded.

"How old are you, Rebecca?" asked Hagrid.

"What is the date?" Rebecca asked in return.

"It's uh, August 16, 1991," Hagrid answered.

"If that's the case, then my 11th birthday is tomorrow," Rebecca realized that she had not only traveled through space, but time as well.

Hagrid was pleased. "Well, if you promise not to tell anyone, I'll let you come and visit my friend with me."

"I can keep secrets," Rebecca responded, raising a brow curiously.

"Then come with me," Hagrid said. He trusted Rebecca's word, although he had just met her.

Rebecca walked by Hagrid's side, deeper and deeper into the forest, until the trees were plain and gray. Rebecca started to notice leaping shadows that did not belong to her or Hagrid.

"Hagrid," she asked, "Do you see those?" she pointed at the shadows.

"Oh, yeah, those are the friends of my friend. There's a lot more of them than that, though," Hagrid said in reply.

"And I suppose I'll be getting a better look at them soon?" Rebecca asked, raising her eyebrows.


It was not much longer until they reached what looked like a den of some sort.

"Aragog?" Hagrid called out, "Are you there?"

'What kind of a name is that?' Rebecca asked herself.

A huge creature appeared before them, and Rebecca gasped in awe. 'What kind of a person has a giant spider as a friend?' she looked over at Hagrid, who seemed perfectly happy.

"Rebecca," he said, "This is my friend, Aragog. Aragog, this is Rebecca, and she is not to be harmed."

Sure it seemed like a perfectly natural introduction, except for the part where the spider had to be warned not to harm Rebecca.

"It is pleasing to see that you are already meeting new people, and making friends, Hagrid," Aragog said.

"You are a very magnificent creature, Aragog," Rebecca said thoughtfully. To her, it was the truth. But she was a bit shocked that the spider could speak.

"Thank you," said Aragog. It was clear to Rebecca that Aragog was not used to such praise from people other than Hagrid.

The three of them stayed there for a while, talking to each other, until a short time of silence passed through them, and Hagrid said, "Well, We'd best be going back now, Aragog, It's getting late."

Rebecca bowed and said, "It was a pleasure speaking with you, Aragog."

"Goodbye, friends," Aragog responded.

Then Rebecca and Hagrid began to trek back through the woods, to where Hagrid lived, Rebecca assumed.

When, at last, the two of them arrived at the edge of the forest, Rebecca first saw the hut that they were nearing. Then she saw the huge castle in the background.

Hagrid noticed Rebecca's expression, and said, pointing at the castle, "That's Hogwarts."

"It's beautiful.." she remarked.

"Come with me, inside we go," Hagrid said.

"Inside the castle? Are you sure?"

"Well, sure! They wouldn't mind a bit."

"Well, if you're certain.."

"I am."

And so into Hogwarts they went.

Rebecca looked around the insides of the castle, and in comparison with the inside, the outside was nothing.

The two of them walked for a short time before reaching a door that said 'Dumbledore's office'. "Wait here," Hagrid instructed as he knocked on the door.

It felt like hours had passed before Hagrid came back out and said, "He wants to speak with you."

Rebecca led herself inside the door, and saw a tall man who wore purple and had silvery white hair and a beard long enough to be tucked into his belt. On his head was a violet, pointed hat. While she examined him, he examined her. Slightly tanned skin, brown hair, blue eyes, blue tee-shirt and jeans. That's what he got.

That's when the questions started coming. "Do you have a last name?"

"No sir, but I'll gladly make one up if you want."

The first answer surprised the man.

"Interesting.. Do you have any friends?"

"Well, aside from the two that I made today, I haven't seen any of my friends for a day, and I suspect it to be a very long while until I do see any of them again."

The second answer surprised the man, but less than the first answer.

"Do you know anything of magic?"

"I've never used it myself sir, but an acquaintance of mine once used a bit to give me a serious case of memory loss. Of course, all the memory lost is now restored."

The man began to become confused.

"Who are your parents?"

"I'm absolutely positive that you know nothing of them and I will not give you any information on my parents."

"Are your parents muggles?"

"What is a muggle, sir?"

"A muggle is a person who contains no magical ability."

"And you for some reason think that I am not a muggle?"

"Why should I? Hagrid has told me about the deer."

"What does the deer have to do with anything?"

"No deer reside in that forest. You made it appear by magic."

"Magic? But I couldn't have.." the information was just starting to sink in.

"What do you want from me, Dumbledore?"

Dumbledore had guessed that Rebecca knew his name already. "I simply want you to be part of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

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