Warnings: Homosexual relationships, anal and oral sex, violence, maiming of innocent animals for the sake of survival, smoking, alcohol, cursing, disturbing content and so on. You have been warned. Don't read if you find such things offensive.

My notes: Putting four hot men on an desolate, tropical island is always fun. However, this is very AU, and messed up. Like how Tseng is the head of the Turks, Zack is a Third Class, Cloud is a Cadet and so on. No time-lines apply.

This story has several pairing. Some of them are: established Sephiroth and Genesis, Tseng and Rufus, Reno and Rude as well as eventual Angeal and Zack.

Enjoy, and please drop a review if you want this to continue! Oh, and since there are a lot of different characters and switch of perspective, you will always be alerted, like below.


"I have such a headache." Genesis sighed as he leaned back and tried to get in a more comfortable position in the quite cramped chair. He had been complaining that the seatbelt was digging into his breast and neck, and he just couldn't settle down due to the striking pain in his head. Genesis let out another low sigh and closed his eyes as Sephiroth reached out with a cool hand and touched his forehead gently, long fingers carefully pushing his hair to the side. Sephiroth smiled down gently at his boyfriend since two years and counting. Even after all this time, these gentle and loving feelings the redhead made him feel surprised the silver-haired warrior from time to time.

"It's probably due to the air pressure." Angeal mused. "And the pilot said earlier that we are approaching a storm, so that might be it as well."

"Hm..." Genesis mumbled and leaned against Sephiroth, who was sitting next to him, and who wrapped an arm around him to help him settle in.

They had spent two days at Costa del Sol's outskirts for a mission. All three First Class Soldiers had gone, as they had a publicity-event at Icicle Inn close to the Northern Crater the very next day, and all their presences were requested there. And of course, Angeal brought his loyal student; Zachary Fair, Third Class. Or Puppy, if you were Angeal. The boy still looked embarrassed when the older man called him that in the presence of his idols; Genesis and Sephiroth. Genesis had been flattered by the boy's star-struck attitude, but it did make Sephiroth just a tad uncomfortable, even if he took great care not to show it. Never show weakness, he reminded himself briefly.

"Can I get you some water, sir?" Zack asked Genesis and seemed to perk up at the very idea of getting his hero something, despite the fact that he had been half-asleep seconds before, slumped against Angeal's side.

"Mm, no thank you." Genesis mumbled, and seemed to have finally gotten comfortable against Sephiroth's shoulder. Sephiroth had removed the big shoulder guards from his usual outfit, something which he quietly cheered over now. Genesis mumbled something else which was at this point inaudible before slipping into sleep, much to Sephiroth's relief.

Angeal too looked grateful. "We're halfway there now." he said in a hushed voice. "We're over the Southern Seas at the moment. We'll touch down in about seven hours."

"Do we have any rest time before the event?" Sephiroth asked as he petted Genesis hair in a soothing manner, hoping to keep the redhead in slumber. "A bath and a few hours in a real bed would do wonders for all of us, I'm sure."

"We will arrive 7am. The event is at 10am. At least a little rest."

Sephiroth just nodded at Angeal's words, continuing to pet his sleeping companion as silence settled over them all. A few minutes passed, and then the plane began to wobble slightly.

Angeal frowned. "Seems like we're in the storm now." He cast a quick look at his childhood friend, but Genesis seemed to stay asleep. "Try holding him a little tighter, Seph." he suggested. "I don't want him to wake up now that he finally settled down. He needs to rest; he's looking really pale."

Sephiroth heeded his advice and held Genesis more firmly to avoid having the older man shake with the plane's movements. It seemed to work, and Genesis just murmured something and cuddled closer. Sephiroth was even more relieved. Genesis deserved to catch a few hours of sleep before they touched down. But then the silver-haired man frowned with slight worry; now the plane was really shaking, and the glass of soda Zack had on the tray over his lap fell off.

"Is it really supposed to shake like this?" the young man asked his mentor as he folded the tray up again, obviously wanting the older man to reassure him. However, he seemed to get no comfort when he saw his mentor's frown deepen.

"No it's not." Angeal muttered. "I'll go speak with the pilot." He began to unbuckle, but before he could even leave his seat, the plane's speaker system began to crackle.

"This is the pilot speaking. We're having motor problems, and I am forced to go lower. Please remain in your seats with your seatbelts on. Thank you."

Zack gave a scared whimper as he clung to his mentor's muscular arm, and Genesis woke up with a start and owlishly blinked his pretty, azure eyes up at Sephiroth. If the situation hadn't seemed so dire, Sephiroth would have found the sight very adorable.

"What's going on?" Genesis asked, sounding groggy.

"Never mind that." Sephiroth said between clenched teeth. "Just hold on. It will be a bumpy ride."

And bumpy it was. The pilot seemed to struggle with keeping the plane under his control, and they were now dangerously close to the surface of the ocean. Zack was still clinging to Angeal, while Sephiroth kept his firm grip on Genesis. No one said anything, and a grim silence settled over them as the plane began to tilt to the left. There were simply no words for the situation at hand. But as the plane's left wing touched the water, Genesis turned desperate eyes at his boyfriend, something which worried Sephiroth. Genesis was always so confident and cocky, and to see make an expression of worry was frightening in itself.

"Seph, I love you. I truly do." Genesis said in a rushed voice and caressed Sephiroth's pale face with urgent movements as he stared up on the taller man.

Sephiroth's eyes widened. "Genesis, I-" he began, but then he was interrupted as the plane suddenly lurched up in the air, and they were all thrown back into their seats. The plane gained height for some deceiving moments, before it crashed down into the sea harshly as the motors gave up. It fell belly first, and the impact caused the plane to split in two, breaking it at the middle. Everything was pure chaos from then on.

Water rushed inside, blinding them as well as hindering their movements and causing panic. Sephiroth's first reaction was to free Genesis. Angeal may be one of his best friends, but nothing was as important to the silver haired man as Genesis, so getting him out of this plane before they sank was his only priority. He knew Angeal would understand. His searching hands managed to find the buckles of Genesis' seatbelt and he tugged at them. But it was in vain, as it was impossible to see anything in the salty darkness of the sea water that now filled the whole plane as it began to sink into the ocean. Frustrated, he tore the belt right off in his urgent frenzy to free Genesis from this cold water-prison. Genesis... had to live. He just had to.

He let go of Genesis for a few, brief seconds to remove his own belt, but as he reached for the redhead again, he was nowhere to be found. Sephiroth groped blindly at the seat next to his, but Genesis was just gone. Probably had been pulled with the rushing water, or so he concluded. Sephiroth was focused and determined not to let panic enter his mind, not yet. By now, Sephiroth's lungs were screaming at him, and he freed himself and let the streaming water pull him towards the opening, hoping to see even a small glimpse of red on the way.



Zack, on the other hand, was scared out of his mind, panic tearing at him at the very seams of his being. He had not managed to react properly when the crash had happened, but Angeal had freed him, and then they had swum towards freedom together. But when they had managed to reach the surface together, clutching at each other, they had been thrown around like ragdolls by the stormy sea and the high waves the harsh winds had created. They had been thrown against the sinking plane, and Angeal had lost his firm grip on Zack's arm. And now Zack was alone.

The waves kept throwing him around, and Zack could only try his best to stay over the water for a few seconds in a row. Then, as he was being thrown around helplessly, he collided with... something. It was firm, and slightly smaller than Zack himself, but it wasn't until he felt hair against his cheek that he understood. Desperate, he slung his arms around the obviously unconscious person and tried his best to keep them both over the surface.

It felt like they stayed like that for hours, and Zack's energy began to wane. He saw white spots before his eyes, and the thought of sinking to the depths suddenly didn't seem so horrifying anymore... He was so tired... Then, lightning illuminated the night for a brief second. That short moment allowed Zack to spot a big, dark shadow lurking in the horizon. An island, his exhausted mind provided for him. An island... Desperate, he began to swim in that direction, dragging his limp burden with him.

If it had felt like hours drifting on the sea, the swim to land felt like years for Zack's aching arms and legs. Now, he appreciated Angeal's unyielding training more than ever. He was repeating Angeal's mantras about honor as his feet suddenly touched solid ground. Zack stumbled for a few seconds as his feet and legs felt numb, but managed to stand properly after a few seconds. He swept up his burden in shaking arms and carried the lithe body up on the beach.

The rain blinded him, but he managed to stumble away from the cold sea. The sky was lightened up once more, and it showed him a flash of red hair and a pale face. Commander Rhapsodos... Having reached higher ground, Zack gently put down the limp form of his superior, and put his ear to his chest. Unfortunately, it was impossible to hear anything over the roaring storm. Zack desperately gazed down on the older male. What was wrong? Why was he unconscious? Had he hit his head? Had he drowned? Tears began trailing down from his violet eyes, and Zack almost missed it when the older man gave a small cough.

Zack's eyes widened in realization; his Commander had swallowed water! In an act of sheer desperation, his forcefully pressed his hands against Genesis' stomach repeatedly. He cheered silently and helped Genesis lay on his side when the older man began to puke water. The redhead finished throwing up, gave a few more coughs, and then seemed to fall back into unconsciousness once more. Zack could only sit there in the darkness, clutching his superior officer in his lap and weep softly, hoping for dawn to finally come. Angeal's stern but kind face was the last thing which passed his consciousness mind before he too joined Genesis' deep, dreamless sleep.

Zack was roused a few hours later by the first rays of the rising sun. Groggy, he weakly raised his head to assert their situation. Genesis still seemed to be out, and was lying with his head on Zack's chest, breathing softly and evenly. And it didn't look like he had hit his head, thankfully. Content that his superior was probably fine at the moment, Zack looked at what was around them.

They were lying on grass, and in front of them was a sandy beach. And then, the ocean. The mere sight of all that water made Zack shudder with unpleasant feelings. Twisting his head slightly without disturbing Genesis' rest, Zack could see trees behind them, dense like a forest. Honestly, it looked like some sort of tropical paradise now that the storm had calmed, but that didn't make their situation more pleasant to the young SOLDIER. And Sephiroth and Angeal was nowhere in sight.

Gently easing Genesis out of his lap so that the older man was lying on the grass instead of all over him, Zack shakily stood. His legs felt like jell-o, and he wanted nothing more than to sink down on the soft ground and rest some more, but he had to go look for the General and Angeal. Oh, how he hoped they were well, and on this island as well...

He looked down at Genesis. He couldn't just leave the man lying there, could he? Who knew what lurked on this miserable island. Zack crouched down next to the redhead, gently gathering him up in his arms. Gods, now he was grateful he wouldn't need to carry Sephiroth, or Angeal. They were both big as mountains and heavy as such, with their tallness and enhanced muscles. Genesis, however, was way leaner, and slightly shorter. But Zack had seen him fight, and knew he almost matched the General in combat, so he knew his appearance had misled many enemies.

Taking a deep breath, Zack started walking along the beach, Genesis clutched safely in his arms. He had no idea how big this island was, or even if it was an island. But then, there shouldn't be anything other than tiny little islands here, if the charts were to be trusted.

But there was no use thinking about all that at the moment. Now, the only priorities in his mind had to be to protect and care for Genesis, as well as trying to locate Sephiroth and Angeal. Oh, how he hoped Angeal was alright...