Chapter six

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Title: I wanna dance with somebody Part I

Author: Lunary

Pairing: TR/HP also possible LL/HP

Drama/Romance/Love/broken Harry/Sane Tom

It wasn't easy but with time Harry managed to comprehend what had happened when they had landed in the past.

Okay it wasn't easy to begin with considering that he hadn't learned what wizard children learned in their youth.

But Luna was a great help and he had Teddy to consider.

The servants which were without exception humans didn't overly commend about any odd behavior their Master displayed around them.

Harry wanted to find out as much as possible and Luna was playing with Teddy when he was busy with research.

So far he found it to be the past from their own time but it wasn't something that was soothing to his nerves.

Dumbledore wasn't Headmaster yet but the fact that they were in the time when Grindelwald would start his campaign in the years to come, if he hadn't started already.

Those were the times, he wished Hermione was by his side because she would know for a fact when everything started to go downhill.

He was tired but he had promised to look after his former godson and now son.

Harry's hand stroked though his hair and a smile played along his lips.

Both Teddy and Luna were laid on the rack before the roaring fire.

He was contend to just stay here for the moment and watch them be, but as it seems Death had other plans for his master.

His head started to hurt and he had to refrain from crying out loud.

It took him quite some time to get his breathing under control and as he got it, he found himself again face to face with Death itself.

"So we meet again young Master." spoke Death in his deep voice and watched the human before him from under his hood.

"You get to live in peaceful times Harry, but that won't be the fact for much longer. The times ahead will be faced with many obstacles and some will be harder than others ." he told the young man.

The dark haired man which was now in his early twenties raised his eyebrow a little and gave the being a look that told the other one, that he better had to be kidding.

"You come here again to tell me that the times which are everything but peaceful at least they got rougher between your last visit and now, are to get rougher, more dangerous and all in all my life will be controlled again?" he asked and stated just be on the same page as Death seemed to be.

Death smirked a little before he answered the question.
"You know Harry the time I'm stuck with Voldemort are getting shorter and Tom isn't the same without you nearby. But as well as your history is about to change so is his. It will only be a little while but at the moment the world you knew it, is about to unravel. Your future is a blank one, it started to crumble the moment I took you from your time. You see you're the key and the anchor for the future. The past you're living now at the very moment is a past which was at one point in time your own."

The encounter with Death wasn't pleasant at all.

At least it gave him a new insight. Death had warned him about the hardships in his way and that the times would no doubt get rougher given the times they currently lived in.

Teddy and Luna were still sleeping peacefully and he had taken a seat before the fire in one of the comfortable leather armchairs.

He was in deep thoughts and it troubled him that he hadn't the answer his heart desired.

Death had revealed that his future was destroying or rearranging itself and the fact that he knew next to nothing, concerning their friends safety wasn't reassuring to say the least.

"I'm not Hermione and it would be easier with her by our side but I'm not sure it would work out. What with Ron, what with Neville?"was all he murmured about for some time.

Several hours later he found himself covered with a blanket and heavy eyes.

He must have fallen asleep and he rubbed his tired eyes to get them back into focus.

Luna was sitting in the other chair, in front of the fire.

Her stomach was round with child and he knew it wasn't his but Neville's.

He had a bitter smile playing around his lips again.

She appeared to draw and was humming a soft tune just under her breath.

With a start his mind supplied him with a memory.

Bright red hair, emerald eyes and a loving smile. His own mother humming the same lullaby to him when he was little.

He didn't register the tears streaming down his face, not even once while he was held captive by the sweet tune.

Luna's humming came to an end and a sweet smile was gracing her face.

She stood up and her fingers were easing away the tear strains, while her arms encircled Harry in a loving embrace.

"Shh.."she soothed while her fingers roamed through his short tresses.

"I know but have faith Harry, just have faith. We will get back, we will and you will do great...have faith." was all she whispered between sweet nothings.

He buried his face in her neck and tried to stay calm.

He knew that is was necessary to stay strong and focused, that he was seen as the child's father like he was with Teddy.

But even if the promise it was a hard and bitter pill he swallowed.

"I know."could be heard from him.

It was late so he hadn't need to worry about the servants seeing him like this.

His duties as an adult and the Lord of the House Cervo were demanding in many ways.

He had duties in the magical and the muggle part of the world.

They lived in dark times and Harry hadn't managed to combine his two worlds into one.

The meetings took quite some time and he was glad that Luna looked out for Teddy.

The young child was happy with the puppy they had bought quite some time ago now and glowed under the pride he received from both Luna and himself.

But he found that he should spent way more time with them both, especially now that Luna was in the last trimester of her pregnancy.

"Are you really okay with everything Luna?" he wanted to know, and while he only whispered his question to her, he was sure she had heard him quite well.

"I miss him, I really do and I would tell you nothing but a lie if I'd deny it. But he's not here, and he won't ever be Harry. You're here and I'm almost sure that if he was in your place he would do the same. So don't worry about it." she told him and tightened her grip only a little.

Harry started stroking her back and silently swore his oath.

/You'll see him again Luna and your child will know it's father and that he is a great man/

They sat still for several long minutes, before it would be time to go to sleep.

Harry scooped Teddy up in his arms and brought him to his own room inside the manor.

With a kiss on the child's forehead he left the room and pushed the button.

As he did just that the lights he had created for the young one started dancing over the bed and the soft tune of "Constant as the stars above" was heard playing in the background.

He had played the tune and Luna had sung the song for Teddy.

Geoffrey had recorded it for them and Harry was glad that apparently his past self could play, the Piano.

Harry had taken to study his magic more, to learn different breaches.

Most of the time he was using wand less magic. It didn't take as much out of him as it used to do at the beginning of his studies but it wasn't as easy as breathing.

Luna was encouraging him all the same.

She wasn't allowed to do any magic anymore because the healer said that the child was forming it's own core at this time of the pregnancy.

So he took care of it. The servants and maids were instructed to help the Lady of the Manor, not that they needed encouragement at all.

Time Skip

Several days later found the young couple in front of a mansion that send chills down Harry's spine.

He know it couldn't be but the invitation didn't left any room for misinterpretation.

They stood in front of Riddle Manor, the home to a family which didn't have the brightest future ahead as Harry knew.

He held Luna's hand in his own and only now put her arm through is.

Luna was clad in a fitting ball gown in deep red with a gold trimmings around the hem of the gown, under the breast and on the deep red dress near the hem one could find a proud stag embroidered in the cloth.

Around her neck hung a delicate necklace.

The center peace was a lion which held an emerald between it's paws.

Harry was dressed in a black tuxedo, with a matching tie to Luna's gown.

"Ready?"he asked lowly and after a nod, they stood before the doors ready to follow the butler.

As they followed they could hear the music playing coming from what must be the ballroom.

Harry felt a little bile rising but he swallowed it and took a steady breath.

"This will be a long night, if you're not feeling well tell me and we leave."he half ordered half promised his wife.

The sight that greeted the young pair was nothing but magnificent, the candles brought everything under their spell with their flickering flames and the music was sweet and rich.

Some dancers could be seen twirling on the dance floor with their graceful movements and the men were dipping their women slightly before bringing them back up to spin them in a circle.

Harry was a little captivated by the sight and rich laughter brought him back.

He came face to face with a dark haired man and by his side stood the Lady of the house.

Coming to his senses again, he kissed the offered hand lightly and watched out of the corner of his eyes, the men doing the same for Luna, after she had curtsied a little.

Harry took the man's hand in his own and after a shake let go.

The men had a dark and melodic voice and mentally he compared it to a voice which would have once been the same but wasn't in the end anymore.

From his dreams he could tell that the young Tom had, had the same voice and he had to remind himself to snap out of unwanted memories at the moment.

The man thanked them for attending his ball and bide them to take a seat.

His son and wife would shortly be there to keep them company.

Harry kept his gaze wandering after a nod and helped Luna to sit down.

He had a feeling he would know where this was heading, but he couldn't be sure.

In his own time, he knew from Voldemort's memories that his Muggle father had left his mother behind and that his mother had bewitched her husband to love her.

If he remembered correctly they had eloped and run away from his ancestral home to marry, because her parents in law weren't pleased with their sons choice of a bride at all.

So maybe he was just wrong in his assumptions at all and it was only a coincidence and nothing more.

At least he hoped it was, but knowing his luck it would be everything but a mere all...

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