Seek and you will find

Summary: Seek and you will find is a theory Sir Leon has always believed in but he never guessed that a search for his lost prince and friend would lead him to find so much more than he was looking for. AU story that starts mid season 3 but mostly takes place 18 years in the future.

AN: this was meant to be the first in a collection of AU one shots but it took on a life of its own and is now a multi chapter story which is nearly finished. I will hopefully be posting a chapter a week and I hope you enjoy it because it has been a lot of fun to write

Chapter one

A few uneventful months after Prince Arthur's almost wedding to Princess Elena tragedy struck Camelot when both he and the Lady Morgana's hand maiden Guinevere vanished without a trace. No one knew where they went or what happened to them, not even Arthur's trusted servant Merlin or Gwen's big brother Elyan who came home as soon as he heard she had gone missing.

For years Uther was determined to find his son and he dedicated just as much of his Knight's time to hunting for him as protecting the kingdom but after 10 years had passed he gave up hope and put an end to the searches.

If the citizens of Camelot where surprised that their King had finally given his heir up for lost they found his choice of replacement almost unbelievable. The Lady Morgana was not only named as heir to the throne of Camelot but Uther also claimed her as his illegitimate daughter.

Uther may have embraced Camelot new future but not everyone was prepared to follow his lead. Sir Leon was well known as one of the Kingdom's most dedicated Knight's but more importantly he considered Arthur to be one of his closest friends and he refused to abandon his Prince.

Leon practically begged the King to allow him to continue searching for Prince Arthur and Uther couldn't help but agree he did however have conditions. Leon could not take any other Knight's with him as Uther felt he couldn't spare them and should Camelot have a need of him the Knight and his party would have no choice but to return, no matter how close to finding the Prince they believed they were.

Leon's hunting party was made up of men he handpicked, each of them had proven their worth to him and he truly believed that in a fair Camelot they would all have been knighted for their actions.

Merlin and Elyan where the first two people to volunteer and Leon readily accepted both the servant and the blacksmith. The next to join the party where two men that could not actually set foot in Camelot, Lancelot the one time false Knight and Gwaine a talented swords man that Uther had banished months before Arthur and Gwen disappeared. The last addition was Percival a gentle giant who was a dear friend to Lancelot and an immense asset to the team.

For 8 long years Leon led his brave party on search after search, they found themselves on many adventures and often in grave danger but never saw a sign of the Prince or hand maiden that they were so desperately looking for.

Despite the differences in character and status between them the 6 men came to see each other as not just equals but brothers. Over the years they became known as the Knight's of the round table even though Leon was the only one of them with a title, the name came from the tails about the Kings of old who highlighted the equality of all by sitting at round tables.

King Uther's health began to fail and still the quest of the Knight's of the round table continued to be fruitless. More than loyalty to Arthur and worry for Gwen drove their search now, as the years had passed Morgana had allowed the mask of loving protector slip more and more until it no longer hid her true colours.

Leon knew that the King did not have long left and if they did not find the rightful heir before the worst happened then Camelot would be left in the hands of an evil witch.

It was desperation that drove the Knight's of the round table into the very heart of Cenred's Kingdom. It was said that the only man in Cenred's land that could be trusted was Lord Mark so it was his castle that the party made their way to. Lord Mark's trustworthiness was not the only reason Leon chose to ask him for his help. It was also said that Sir William the commander of Lord Mark's guards had a hunter at his disposal that could find anything that he set out to.

Journey's into Cenred's lands were almost always accompanied by run in's with bandits or Cenred's men Leon could only put it down the very best of luck that they had reached Lord Mark's castle unchallenged.

Lord Mark's castle was nowhere near as large or impressive as that of Camelot but the town that surrounded it was much bigger, it seemed to sprawl out for miles in every direction. The Knight's of the round table road though the streets with their head held high despite the fact that everyone they passed did their very best not to look at them.

Lord Mark may be a wise and trustworthy man but his lands were still part of Cenred's Kingdom so it was not surprising that his people shied away from visitors whose red cloaks and dragon crests clearly identified them as having come from Camelot. It was common knowledge that Cenred had no qualms about having his people put to death for the pettiest of crimes which included associating with citizens of Camelot.

Leon fully expected that he and his friends would reach the very gates of the castle before they encountered anyone brave enough to even look them in the eye let alone speck to them but it seemed he had underestimated the bravery that curiosity can give to the young.

The 6 travellers were shocked into stillness when a young girl who could not have been much older that ten approached them. She was a tiny little thing with golden skin, sandy curls, a bright smile and questions shining in her eyes.

"Are you really from Camelot?" she asked eagerly gazing up at them

"Yes we are" Leon told her with as warm a smile as he could muster

"My friends and I are on our way to Lord Mark's castle to ask him and Sir William for their help" he explained to her loudly enough for all those around him to hear

"Sir William is my father" Their new little friend told them

"Why do you want his help?" she asked caution entering her voice for the first time.

"That is what we would like to know as well" a new voice added before any one of them could answer the girl's question.

Two boys came striding out of the crowed to stand beside her. Both boys had darker colouring than their small female counterpart but it was more than obvious they where her older brothers.

"I'm Chadrac, oldest son of Sir William and a captain of Lord Mark's guards" the tallest of the two introduced

"This is my brother Tobias and our sister Isobel" he said indicating to his siblings.

"Now what help do you think my father can be to Knight's of Camelot?" Chadrac demanded not even attempting to be polite anymore

"Hey, there is only one Knight of Camelot here" Gwaine corrected Chadrac with a grin

"And that's him" he said pointing to Leon

"We are looking for our friend" Leon tried to explain

"And my sister" Elyan cut in

"You don't know where your sister is?" Isobel asked sympathetically

"She went missing along with their friend 18 years ago" Elyan confirmed sadly

"We are hoping that your father could help us" Leon told them

Tobias and Chadrac shared a glance, it was so fleeting that only Merlin noticed it but was most definitely there.

"Perhaps after 18 years they do not want to be found?" Tobias offered speaking for the first time

"If you're looking for someone it's not father you need, its Bronwyn" Isobel told them always eager to help anyone who needed it

"Bronwyn?" Percival asked puzzled

"Our older sister she is the best hunter in the land" Tobias explained

"Lord Mark's great hunter is a girl?" Lancelot asked obviously surprised by the news

"Yes she is" Chadrac told them not bothering to hide the pride he had in his big sister

"And here she comes" Isobel cried excitably pointing over the Knight's of Camelot's shoulder; they turned in the direction that the little girl was indicating and were genuinely surprised by what they saw.

A petite girl dressed in men's clothes was changing towards them on a hoarse that was bigger than any of theirs. It wasn't until she pulled her stallion to a halt beside them that the men noticed she was riding without reins or a saddle

"Chadrac" she gasped swinging down from her hoarse

"Cenred's men are coming from the south" she told her brother moving swiftly to his side

"How many?" Chadrac asked in a calm determined voice that seemed eerily familiar to the men from Camelot

"At least a hundred men moving fast" she told him in a similar tone

The 3 oldest siblings exchanged looks and nods obviously deciding something between themselves while Isobel clung to her sisters' leg. Finally Chadrac stepped away from the others and climbed up onto a nearby cart.

"We are about to come under attack" he announced to the surrounding people

"Gather together your families and pull back to the castle" he ordered them with an authority that belayed his years and it was no surprise that the villagers instantly began to obey him

By the time Chadrac had returned to the visitors and his siblings Bronwyn had mounted her steed once again and had Isobel sat in her lap while Tobias was seated behind Merlin. The young captain ran a quick eye over each of the remaining horses before claiming up behind Leon.

In the minds of the Knight's of the round table it went without saying that the arrival of Cenred's forces was due to their presents but as they all raced towards the castle with Chadrac and his siblings it also went without saying that that they were going to fight alongside Lord Mark and his people.

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