Seek and you will find

Summary: Seek and you will find is a theory Sir Leon has always believed in but he never guessed that a search for his lost prince and friend would lead him to find so much more than he was looking for. AU story that starts mid season 3 but mostly takes place 18 years in the future.

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Chapter 5

Bronwyn had never been as mad at anyone before as she was at her family in that moment, she was physically shaking with anger. How could her father, mother and brothers have kept such big a secret from her and Isobel.

"Bronwyn" her mother called gently as she quickly crossed the distance between the two of them "Your father can explain everything to you Bronwyn but you need to calm down" she told her daughter firmly

There was a slight undertone of fear to her mother's soft words that Bronwyn really couldn't understand until she cast a glance around the hall. Windows where rattling in there frames and every piece of wood in the room was groaning in protest as her anger seemed to permeate the air around them.

Bronwyn took a shuddering breath and dropped her little sister's hand as if it burned her, closing her eyes she tried to focus on reining in her emotions. Visions of the forests that she spent so much of her time in filled her mind and bought with them a familiar feeling of peace, slowly her anger began to subside to a manageable level.

Gwen watched with pride as her oldest daughter fought for control over both her emotions and her magic. After a few tense moments everything around them returned to normal and she knew Bronwyn had won her battle. With a sigh of relief Gwen wrapped her arms around the shaken girl "Well done my darling" she wisped sincerely

Bronwyn could hear the pride in her mother's voice and wished that she could feel it too but she really couldn't. All she could feel was disappointment in herself that she had let her emotions take control again. "I'm sorry" she whispered brokenly not knowing what else to say

Gwen released her oldest child to reassure her that she had nothing to be sorry for but her youngest child beat her to it.

"It's alright Bronwyn" said Isobel as with tears still shining in her eyes she stepping forward to take her sister's hand once again.

Bronwyn smiled down at Isobel, the little girl was always so forgiving and understanding because she truly believed that the two of them where the same but she was wrong. Bronwyn wasn't like Isobel, Isobel had her magic down pat she knew what her magic was for and how to use it. She knew all of this and she was only eleven while Bronwyn hated her magic it was destructive and she had little if any control over it. She really couldn't help but envy her little sister sometimes.

Arthur was as pleased as everyone else in the room when it stopped trying to magically tear itself apart but when both of his daughters turned to him with hurt shining brightly in their eyes he almost wished that the somewhat dangerous distraction could have lasted awhile longer.

"Father why would you lie to us?" Isobel asked sounding hopelessly lost

Hearing the tears in his little girl's voice broke Arthur's heart and for the first time he wondered if protecting them had really been the best thing to do.

"I just wanted you to always be safe and happy" he told them sincerely

"Did you really think that knowing that our father is Arthur Pendragon would stop that form happening?" Bronwyn asked crossly.

His oldest daughter now had control of her emotions but that didn't mean that she wasn't still angry at him over his deception

"I thought knowing who your grandfather is would stop that from happening" he corrected "Particularly given your gifts" he added sadly "I never mean to hurt or upset you my angels" he said using his favourite endearment for them "I only wanted to keep you safe" he promised

A slight sniff was all the warning that Arthur got before his arms were full of his youngest child. Isobel had release Bronwyn's hand and raced across the hall as fast as her short little legs would carry her

"It's alright Father" she breathed softly "I understand why you didn't tell us"

Bronwyn and Arthur where both equally shocked by Isobel's actions they knew it was in her nature to forgive but she had never really faced any sort of betrayal until this day and she was handling it with far more grace and maturity that either of them were

Bronwyn knew there were really only two options open to her, she could follow Isobel's example and forgive her father immediately or she could hold onto the rage she had felt when she realized that he had been lying to her for so long and make him suffer for a while before forgiving him.

She knew the second option was a dangerous road for her, her gifts as her father called them meant that any negative emotion to the extreme could well lead to damage and destruction on a large scale. As angry as she was with her father for not telling them the truth she knew he had only done what he had thought was right and she was honestly touched by her father's slightly stupid actions. So as much as she would like to make him squirm for a bit the first option was really the only one she could chose

"I don't understand Father and I don't think I ever fully will" she told him truthfully as she closed the distance between them "But thank you for loving us enough to try and protect us" she told him pressing a kiss to his cheek "It means a lot"

Arthur knew that it would take time for Bronwyn to accept what he had done and to truly forgive him but he also knew she was actively trying not to be mad at him for it and he was grateful to her for that. He genuinely didn't think he had ever felt quite as relieved as he did when he felt both of his daughters wrap their arms around him signalling the end of their largest fight (to date) with a hug

Leon hated to interrupt such a tender moment between a Father and his daughters he really did but he had no choice, Arthur needed to understand just what he was turning his back on if he walked away from his Kingdom and his people.

"Arthur" he said marching towards his friend "Do you actually mean never to return to Camelot?" he asked incredulously

"Does that really surprise you after everything you have seen today Leon?" Arthur asked him firmly while smiling warmly at the two girls that had moved to stand with their Mother and Brother's

"No" Leon admitted, he honestly wasn't shocked that Arthur was willing to sacrifice everything to protect his family "It doesn't but your people need you" Leon tried to press the matter but Arthur wouldn't hear it

"No Leon that's enough, I don't want to hear any more" Arthur told him even more firmly than before. He was trying to walk away but Leon couldn't let him, as much as he might want too

"Your father is dying" Leon yell at the retreating mans back "And if you don't return and reclaim what is rightfully yours Morgana will become Queen of Camelot"

At Leon's exclamation Arthur froze in his tracks, his head dropped to his chest for a moment but he would not turn to face the man behind him.

"I know" he whispered sadly "I have known for some time" he admitted, news from Camelot rarely reached Cenred's Kingdom but the fact that their long standing enemy was at deaths door had made it through "but I also know Morgana can be a good Queen" he sighed resignedly

"Oh Arthur" Gwen gasped quickly leaving her children's side and hurrying over to the man she loved so dearly. She placed one hand on his shoulder in comfort while she rubbed soothing circles on his chest with the other. She hadn't known about his father's illness and it hurt her that he hadn't thought he could share the news and his pain over it with her, she suddenly realised that maybe their children were not the only people that Arthur went out of his way to protect

"Morgana will not be a good Queen, she has changed from the girl you used to know" Leon persevere despite the tender moment the couple were sharing

"How so?" Gwen asked sharply while shooting her childhood friend a look that clearly told him to tread carefully

"She is a witch" Leon said regretfully

"So are we" Isobel cut in motioning to herself and Bronwyn. She knew she should probably stay out of it but she was always eager to defend those that were not present to speak for themselves

"Trust me darling you and your sister are nothing like her" Gwaine rushed to reassure the young girl

"What makes us so different?" Bronwyn asked more to support her sister than to defend Morgana

"She's evil" Merlin told them simply. A gasp came from both Arthur and Gwen as Arthur finally turned to face them again, Merlin knew they didn't want to believe it but he would at least make them hear what he had to say "She is evil and very powerful; everyday her soul grows darker and darker. She is already persecuting your people in your father's name. I dread to think of a Camelot with her as Queen" he told them with a sad shake of his head

"That can't be true" Arthur spluttered. Morgana had always be headstrong and a little stubborn at times but not evil, never evil

"I'm sorry but it's the truth" Percival told them hoping that his word as an impartial party might help them to believe their long time friend's words

"Now you see why we have searched so long for you" Leon told the younger man "Now you understand why you must come back, your people need you" he stated firmly

"No" Arthur said simply

"No?" Leon questioned

"I said no Leon, I am not going back, I sorry for your wasted years" he told his friend as he once again turned to return to his family and leave The Knight's of the round table and his past behind him

"How can you turn your back so easily" Leon demanded he was rapidly losing all respect for the man that he had once sworn to give his life for

Arthur rounded on the Knight of Camelot with so much fury in his eye's that Leon was suddenly very glad the man did not share his daughter's abilities

"Do not make the mistake of thinking this is an easy decision for me Leon" the Prince snarled. "I would lay my life down for Camelot but I will not sacrifice my family, there is nothing in that Kingdom for my children other than fear and danger"

"If the girl's magic is the only reason you won't go back then we could protect them, no one would need to know about it until you where King and then they would be safe" Merlin offered gently tying to restore order to the hall

"You want my daughters to hide who they really are and just pretend that magic isn't part of them" Arthur asked sounding genuinely shocked

"It would be for the good of the Kingdom" Merlin said tying his best to sound persuasive

"Is that what you told yourself Merlin?" Arthur asked him humourlessly "All those times you saved my life and had to give someone else the credit or every time you had to come up with some stupid excuse or lie to explain why you were absent from you duties while you were busy saving Camelot. It was all for the good of the Kingdom"

"You- you know?" Merlin stuttered in astonishment

"Of course I know Merlin you idiot" Arthur huffed

"Arthur" Gwen warned softly, Arthur knew that tone well it was the one his wife had used on their children when they were young and being unkind to one another

"How big of a fool do you think I am?" Arthur pressed on crossly

"Arthur" Gwen warned him again much more forcefully, this was the tone she had used to break up a sword fight between Chadrac and Tobias when some friendly training got out of hand last month "Yes Merlin, we know" she told the dumfounded sorcerer gently

"How long have you known?" Merlin asked still trying to wrap his head around the fact that his big secret wasn't so secret after

"Ever since you drank poison for me and then lit my way home" Arthur said softly seeming to have overcome his earlier outburst

"You saved my father's life and then tried to give up your own to save mine too, keeping you secret was the least I could do" Gwen told him reviling her own moment of realization

"You saved us all so many times Merlin with and without magic and I am beyond grateful for all you did for us and Camelot" Arthur stated finally admitting that Merlin wasn't completely useless and giving him some long overdue thanks "but" he continued "I don't want my daughters to live your life and I don't want my sons to live mine, they deserve more than that. I'm sorry but my choice is made, it has been for many years" the prince explained firmly

The silence that filled the hall was almost defining, each of the Knights of the Round Table wanted to say something to change Arthur's mind but what could they possibly say

Everyone present was shocked when it was not one of the men from Camelot that finally spoke up but Chadrac

"Your choice may have been made Father" the young man said coolly "but mine was not"

"Nor was mine" Tobias said instantly siding with his brother

"Or ours" Bronwyn said specking for both her and Isobel as the younger girl fiercely nodded her agreement

"And what is your choice children?" Arthur asked them with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. The thigh grip that Gwen had on his hand told him that she felt it too

Chadrac shared a look with each of his siblings and much like they had in the village that morning the four of them came to an agreement without words

"We have to go to Camelot" Chadrac announced to the shocked audience "and we will go without you if we must Father" he added firmly

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