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In the outskirts of Pallet Town, a young girl, only about ten years old, stood in a small meadow with a small, mouse looking Pokémon, both standing in front of a small target on the ground.

"Alright Rika, let's try again! Volt Tackle!"

The little Pokémon, albeit exhausted, began to run, gained speed and was surrounded by a shield-like electric barrier as she ran towards her target. But, before Rika could hit the target, the Volt Tackle broke off and sent the small Pichu tumbling. The young trainer cringed slightly before going to aid the fallen Pokémon.

"Rika! Are you alright?"

"Piichuuuu…" Rika replied while getting up slowly, a disappointed look crossing her face.

"Ha ha, it's okay. We just need to keep practicing, that's all." Riley told the little Pokémon encouragingly. Rika smiled up at Riley and wagged her small tail.

But, before Riley and Rika could get ready to try the Volt Tackle again, a familiar voice called out to the trainer.

"Riley! You need to come inside!" Riley sighed and looked toward the direction of the voice.

"Coming, Mom! Let's go, Rika." Rika nodded and followed Riley home.

The ten year old girl ran to her door and peeked inside. Her dad wasn't home yet, but she couldn't see her mom.

"Mom? Where are you?"

"Living room, Ri. Someone came to visit."

"Who came- Grandma!" Riley ran to hug her grandmother, her dad's mother. The last time Riley had seen her was about a year ago before the now elderly woman had moved to the Johto Region.

"Hello, honey. How's my favorite granddaughter?"

"You mean your only granddaughter? And I'm doing great!"

"That's good, I'm glad to hear that. I hear that you're getting your starter Pokémon tomorrow."

"I am! Did you talk to Dad?"

"Yes, I did. Which one do you think you'll pick?"


"Hold on, missy. She's going to find out when the rest of us do. Tomorrow morning when you walk out of the Professor's lab."

"Yes, Mom. Sorry, Grandma."

"Oh, nothing to be sorry about. Now, Misty, where is that son of mine?"

"Not entirely sure. I know he's been…" Riley left her mom and grandmother to talk. She and Rika still had training to do, despite whatever protests her mother had.

"Awesome, Rika! We've almost got it, I know it!"

"Pichu, Pi!" Rika replied happily. Riley was about to give Rika another command when a familiar figure appeared just out of her field of vision and waved at the ten year old.

"Dad! You're home!" Riley ran to her father and hugged him, nearly knocking him over. Rika and her dad's Pikachu laughed when he stumbled back, but he kept his balance and hugged his daughter back.

"I can tell someone missed me. How've you been, Shorty?"

"I'm not short, Dad! And I'm doing fine. Tomorrow's the big day!"

"Oh, yeah! You're getting your Starter Pokémon tomorrow. Hey, how about telling me what it is?"

"Nope, Mom told me not to." Riley said, trying not to laugh. Ash Ketchum shook his head in disbelief. Riley wasn't the world's best listener, but she was better than he was when he was her age, at least.

"Alright, fine. Let's go inside. You know that you're gonna have to get up early tomorrow, right?"

"I know, Dad. I have my alarm set already." Ash blanched. Naturally, Riley inherited her mother's ability to plan and think ahead, while she got Ash's love for Pokémon and battling.

Wow, Riley's grown up real fast. She turned ten just a few weeks ago, but... I can tell she's ready. She's in for the time of her life.

"Dad! Let's go! Mom's almost got dinner ready!" Ash laughed as Riley nearly dragged him back to their home, neither of them aware that someone else was watching them.

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