Okay… there are not enough Marvel/Katniss to where they don't even have a couple names. So I have decided to take a break from Catoniss and will start making Marvel/Katniss…what I will call Karvelniss…review if you have a better name for them. But back to the point…I've read enough Catoniss, which is good, and they've had Marvel show an interest in Katniss so why can't there be more stories about Karvelniss. Now time to tell you guys about this story, its M rated for this chapter and for far later scenes. I got the name from Muse: Time is Running Out through Marvel's point of view. I shall never own the Hunger Games sadly enough but I do love you my little readers and I will see you again…now…time for the story .

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I just stood next to the window looking out towards the Capitol as I held a bitter smelling drink that's the color of rotten apples. I don't why I came here, shouldn't have known that there was a catch when Haymitch said that this party was just for the tributes 15 and up. Peeta's somewhere around this room…I'm just not in the mood to look for him. Peeta didn't know that the punch was spiked and now he's drunk making out with Clove. How I know this is that I looked across the room to not look at Cato…. drunk doing a strip tease. "You girls know you want this!" he said as he tried to move his hips and then started to take off his pants was when I looked away. 'Okay…I'm gonna have that in my head for a while' I thought as I saw Foxface started to dance with Cato only in his underwear when I turned my head back to look out the window.

"Damn I wished I had a camera!" I heard someone laugh; I turned my head to see the District 1 tribute…Marvel standing around where I was with a grin on his face. "I might never see Cato do this again!" He said before he took another drink from the same kind of liquor I held in my hand but I wasn't drinking it like how he was. This is the first time I've actually seen him out of his training uniform. He wore simple blue jeans, a dark grey shirt with a green plaid shirt with short sleeves over it with the front opened.

I just shook my head before I stared out of the window. I started to tug on the white shirt that I wore with soft cotton, black pants, black flats, and my hair down. I swirled the drink in my hands before I set it down. I'm not drinking out of it so why I am holding it. I don't know why I came here, I would rather deal with Effie then Cato striping showing us him in all of his glory and deal with a bunch of drunken people…I go through enough with Haymitch.

"Why standing here all alone Fire Girl?" I heard someone asked me causing me to look up from the window to them. I looked up to the face of Marvel as he had the corner of his mouth slightly lifted up…almost like a smirk but not quite. "Marvel Hinder…District 1." He told me before he took another drink. I went to hold out my hand but he just shook his head. "I already know who you are 12, Katniss Everdeen. How could you forget someone that was still alive after being on fire?" He told me after he emptied the glass he held in his hand.

"I seem to be getting more popular here than I ever was in my District." I said as I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. He just started to laugh and shake his head. "Why are you even talking with me…what about you're District partner….Shimmer?" I asked him as I raised an eyebrow towards him. He smirked at me before he looked towards her.

"Who…Glimmer? Nah, she actually annoys the living shit out of me. I don't go after someone's left overs. Cato and many other guys before the games had her. I find you quite interesting Katniss. Usually someone from your District would never volunteer except to commit suicide and you did it for your sister…Prim's her name?" he said to me as he raised an eyebrow towards me. I just shook my head and looked out the window again; I don't plan to start making friends with the other tributes and one that's a Career at that. "You if you didn't have such an original stylist you wouldn't have the Capitol fawning over you with how sour you are." He told me causing me to look at him again; he had a slight smirk on his face still.

"Maybe I'm choosing to be like this, I need to win after all." I said to him causing him to slightly laugh. "What's so funny?" I asked as I unfolded my arms.

"How you act like you have a stick up your ass sweetie." He said to me as he took another drink. "Don't you want to live it up before you get your ass in the games?" He asked me when he raised his eyebrow again. "Why do you think they let us have this? Look at Cato he's never like this, I don't plan to get drunk because I won't remember seeing Cato bare ass naked making out with someone that's not Glimmer; especially with Clove over there making out with Lover boy." He told me as his motion his head across the room. "You might as well join Fire Girl, what's the use of coming here just to stand at the back of the room with your arms crossed." He said to me… He held onto the drink I had and held it out towards me. I hesitated before I took it; maybe a few drinks wouldn't hurt me. I took a drink from it and it burning down my throat.

"It burns." I said when I moved it away from my lips.

"It supposed to when you first take a drink." He told me as the music started to get louder. Why he was still around me anyways what is he planning to do?

"Why are you still talking with me anyways? I'm not that interesting as the Capitol puts me as." I told him as I looked back at him, I didn't think his eyes were that green…actually I thought they were a hazel green.

"I think I should make that decision myself. Wanted to know why Lover boy looks at you like a love sick puppy, you are pretty cute for a girl from 12, but you aren't a Glimmer." He told me after I finished my second one the fire wasn't as bad as my first one.

"And I should care if I'm not like Glimmer, Looks can get you sponsors but they can't help you win." I said to him as I rolled my eyes. "I don't really wanna be like Glimmer anyways…she doesn't even know how to hold a bow." I said before I could stop myself from saying the last part.

"And how would you know that? Been hiding something from us?" Marvel asked me with another curl of the side of his lip and he raised his eyebrow again towards me. "You do look like an archer. How good are you?" He asked me as he looked at me from up and down. I just took another drink and drank it so I couldn't answer him. He just laughed as he shook his head. "Seems like Lover Boy's gonna have fun tonight." Marvel told me as he looked towards Peeta again and I did the same to see Glimmer and Clove started to take turns kissing him.

"Wow…people must do crazy things when they get drunk." I said out loud not caring who heard it.

"I know…I can tell that Lover Boy never had the balls to even let you know he has a thing for you. But here he is having a double make out and most likely a threesome tonight with both Glimmer and Clove." He said after he took a drink from his glass. "I don't see Cato and that tribute from 5 can't wait to see Cato's face in the morning when he wakes up with her after sex." He smirked as he kept watching his district partner and mine.

I then started to feel a little dizzy. I tried rubbing my temples to get rid of my slight head ache. "God it's hot." I said as I waved my hand in a fan motion to try and cool myself off. Marvel looked down at me with an eyebrow raised and he tipped back his glass and took a drink from it again. Then a song started and I could help but move along with it.

"You wanna dance?" Marvel asked me and I nodded my head. He drank his glass empty and then took me where the music was playing at its loudest. He moved against me as I tried to dance…he wasn't grinding against me more like dancing with me with his hands on my hips. "You're a pretty good dancer…didn't know you could move like this." He told me when I put my hands on his shoulders.

"I didn't either." I told him before I laughed and smiled back at him. "Where's Peeta going?" I asked as he walked out the room with Clommer and Glive.

"I guess to have his fun." Marvel told me as another song played and I got closer to him. My arms were around his neck and his were around my waist, my chest was brushing up against his. He was pretty good looking especially with his pine needle green eyes and that sexy smirk on his face. I started to get closer to him and I pressed my lips against his as I moved my hands into his brown hair.

I pulled away, opened my eyes and saw him look down at me and kissed me again. I got closer to him as I moved my hands down his chest and around it. He pulled away and started to walk towards a white loveseat. When we both sat down he kissed me again, I kissed back and held onto his head. I felt him brush something against my lips and I opened my mouth. He moved what I knew now was his tongue against mine. He put his arms tightly around my waist. He pulled away and looked at me. "Wanna take this somewhere else?" he asked me as a smile started to form on his face. I just nodded my head.

He grabbed onto my hand and led me to the elevator. He kissed me again after he pressed a button to take us to a floor. His back was against the wall with his arms tightly around my waist. I felt a sharp pain on my ass. I bit his lip again and gave it a slight tug. "You want this don't you?" he asked me when I pulled away, and I knew perfectly what he meant.

"That doesn't sound bad to me." I told him as there was a ding. I want to do this, to see what some girls would whisper and talk about. I wanted to see if it felt as good as they said. He grabbed onto my hand and walked towards a room, opened the door, and then closed it…kissing me again. I went to his green shirt and started to move it off his shoulders. He started to take off my black pants. He picked me up and laid me down on a large bed.

He took off his shirt before he started to kiss me again. He started to grab onto my right breast…at first gently but started to squeeze hard. And before I knew it…I was only in my panties. Marvel was kissing my neck and started to go to my chest. He started to suck on one of my nipples. I gasped when he slightly bit it. I went to his zipper and start to undo it when he started to make out with me again. My fingers brushed against something hard causing him to groan. My face became flushed…I knew fully what that was.

He kicked off his pants as he started to kiss down my stomach. I bit my lip when I felt him to start lick after he removed my panties. I arched my back after every stroke. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed what he was doing to me. He pulled away when my legs started to shake. "Never been ate out?" he asked me before he kissed me again. I looked at him confused when he pulled away. He just chuckled at something. "You're to innocent Katniss." He told me with a smile on his face before my felt him touch me between my legs. "You're a virgin, how am I not surprised?" He told me before he started to move in and out.

I bit down on my lip as I held onto his arms. My hand moved along with his arm as my nails sunk into the one supporting his weight from crushing me. I arched my back as he went faster my bare chest brushing against his. He started to kiss my neck and lick. I grabbed onto his head and looked into his beautiful green eyes. I brought his lips to mine; I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. I moved my heel up his calf as I moved my tongue with his.

I had to fight back a groan when he stopped. "Had to loosen you up, you're tight." He told me after he pulled away from our kiss. I had my hands on his chest again as I looked up at him. "You sure you want to do this? We can stop this if you want." He said to me as he kissed my neck. I just nodded my head before he started to take off his boxers. I just closed my eyes and then I started to feel pain, it hurt so much. I looked back at Marvel…waiting for the pain to go away. "Is it gone?" He whispered to me when I started to feel a little bit better. I bit my lip and nodded my head. He then started to move. I rest my head in the crook of his neck and moaned when I started to feel really good.

I couldn't take it anymore; I had my head tilted back enjoying what was happening to me. I opened my eyes and I saw stars. I heard Marvel groan when it was over and he clasped on top of me. "Damn you're a screamer. Hope Gloss or Cashmere didn't hear you." He said as he rolled onto his back. I was brought closer to him and I felt the soft silk sheets against my bare skin and with Marvel's. I placed my head on his chest as he held onto me as he ran his fingers through my hair.

"Why are you doing this still?" I asked him as I looked up to him. He still had his eyes closed which I was disappointed because I couldn't look at his eyes that were my favorite color.

"Because I like you." He told me, I just laid there and sighed as I closed my eyes. I went to sleep with the sound of Marvel snoring.