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I woke up as the sun shined on my face. 'Why am I so warm and isn't Effie coming here to wake me up?' I thought before I opened my eyes and noticed I wasn't in my room and I wasn't alone. Marvel was asleep lightly snorting resting his cheek on top of my head with his arms around my waist. I tried to sit up but he tightens his grip on me and nuzzled his face into my hair while he muttered something in his sleep. I grabbed onto the pillow next to us and when I got up this time I held out the pillow having him grab onto it. That was when I realized that my lips were swallowed and the room had clothes scattered everywhere, I knew that something more happened… that I didn't just have gotten confuse about where my room was.

'I have to find my underwear and bra first.' I thought as I tried to find my underwear which I couldn't, I found my bra on a lamp. I found my shirt on the other side of the bed right next to Marvel…I had to really be quite so I wouldn't wake him up and I found my underwear fight next to Marvel's foot when I.

'Great!' I thought before I started to reach for it. I started to put them on and then my shirt. I was about to walk over to my pants but then.

"Going somewhere Fire Girl?" Marvel said causing me to turn around.

He was sitting up, he wasn't as lanky as I thought he would be, he had some muscle in his arms his chest looked firm and his stomach was flat with a six-pack. I snapped myself out of it and got back to the situation when I heard Marvel talk again.

"Leaving me to wake up alone like it was just a fucking one nightstand." He said to me as he sat up straighter.

"You know we can't have a relationship when you'd end up killing me anyways…you aren't stupid because I know you wouldn't want to give up your spot in the Careers." I said to him after I got my pants on and tried to find my shoes.

"And what will you do if I don't give up?" he asked me as he supported himself by his arms.

"I'm not someone you can easily convince me out of something I really want." He told me when he started to get out of bed. I turned a bright red as his legs started to become visible to me.

"Why blushing…I'm just going to put my underwear on." He said to me as he raised an eyebrow; I'm not used to this…usually he's laughing with a smart ass smirk on his face not with how serious and mature he's acting now.

"By the way…I suggest that you have your hair cover your neck, I left a mark right here." He said to me as he placed one of his fingers to my pulse point where my jaw line was at after he slipped on a pair of purple boxers.

I felt him move his hand across my jaw and grabbed onto my messed up hair and pushed it to cover the love bite. He then walked towards a closed door...what I assumed to be his bathroom, walked in, and closed the door. I sighed before I started to put back on my pants. I grabbed onto my shoes but didn't put them on. I looked back towards the door Marvel was behind. I opened his door as quietly as I could; I moved my head from side to side to make sure no one was out of their room.

When I saw no one I walked out the door, closed it and went towards the Elevator. After I pressed a button that had an arrow pointing up, I cringed when it made a ding and got in as soon as the door opened. I pressed the number 12 and let it go up. It seemed about 7:30 by how the sun was up, as soon as I heard a ding I got out as soon as I possibly could and went towards my room, not until I noticed Clove walking out as fast as she could from Peeta's room…until she noticed me.

"I won't tell if you don't." I said to her causing her to nod in agreement, I'll just leave Marvel to tell her how it happened.

But Clove didn't close the door and I noticed Peeta out cold with Glimmer lying on his back, Haymitch must be awake. I went to my room faster, as soon as I got in my room I went to my bathroom and moved my hair…and I saw a dark red mark exactly where Marvel pointed to.

"How am I going to hide this?" I asked myself as I placed my fingers on the dark mark I got from last night.


I lie back down on my bed and lay on my side and looked out my window. Flashes of what happened last night were going in my mind.

'I need this to stop before it gets bad.' I thought when I turned to lay on my back.

'I've had this thing for Katniss Everdeen longer than it should be…just last night.' I thought to myself again, I had the window darkened to where it was dark again in my room causing my room to become a dim blue color.

It started at the parade; she just looked so…like something I've never had before. Then it formed into a little crush, I brushed it off it'll go away like the others, then last night happened, then she kissed me, then she bit on my bottom lip and tucked it a bit, then the…sex, and now I'm alone because she couldn't stay.

All mentors told the tributes that training will be postponed today. I started to think of Lover Boy and rage started to build causing me to form my hand into a fist, I heard my knuckles crack. I slammed my fist down on my mattress and I tried to take deep breathe.

I felt the room start to close in, I felt like I was drowning. Until I couldn't take it anymore, I threw off the covers and stormed into my bathroom, I just pressed random buttons. I ignored the icy cold water as it chilled my spine; I brought my arm up and put it against the wall in front of me and pressed my forehead against it keeping the water out of my eyes. I pressed another button without looking; I had foam shooting at me on high smelling like musk.

I stepped out and dried myself off, after I put on a clean pair of Boxer Briefs. I shake my head before I went back to bed; the room was still a dark blue. I sighed before I went under the covers that were a light blue color. The spot where me and Katniss slept in close together was now cold but it smelt like her; pine trees, coal dust and mint. The thing that had it the strongest was the pillow she had her head on while I screwed her. I grabbed onto it and buried my face in it to keep what I have left of last night of her.

I woke up to the sound of knocking on my door, I must have fallen asleep. "Marvel…gets your ass up! I don't care if you have a hangover because I have one too!" Glimmer yelled as she slammed her fist on the door again, I covered my head with a pillow to try and drown her out but didn't work.

"GOD SHUT UP WOMAN! CAN'T A MAN GET SOME SLEEP WITH OUT YOUR BITCHING!" I yelled at her still covering my head. She grabbed onto the pillow and yanked it out of my grip.

"I'll try ice cold water if you don't get up now." Glimmer said to me with a smirk, I glared at her before I started to get out of bed. But I couldn't let her win…then she'll act like she's better than me.

"You are from the firey pits of hell!" I snapped at her, causing her to throw my pillow at me, which I easily grabbed. I smirked at her. "Can't wait to kill you," I told her with a smile on my face. "And don't give me the bullshit of Cato won't let me because I know he cares more about being a victor then he does in hell you." I said to her as I got up. She just glared at me before she stormed out of the room. "Also how was it will Lover Boy and Clove?" I said to her a smirk on my face.

I just shook my head before I just walked out of my bedroom just in my underwear…not caring if Gloss was the only male on this floor besides me. I sat next to our escort…a woman that has her skin dyed a pale red, she wore white lipstick and green, yellow, and blue eye make-up with long feather eye leashes. Her hair was a bright neon green powdered wing that clashed awfully with her purple suite and heels. "Marvel…couldn't you have not at least put on a pair of pants and fixed your hair." She told her.

"Nope…besides I'm too tired out from last night." I smirked causing her to look at me in shock. "What...I'm a guy, ask Gloss here about what needs we have." I smiled causing him to look at me.

"Don't bring me into this." He told me before he went back to eating. I was about to take a bite out of the French toast until his hot sister cut in. Her hair was up and she wore a teal robe tied around her.

"I don't know why you think he's an idiot…I think he acts cute." I smiled at him smartly as if I already won the games.

"Hear that Glossy…your sister thinks I'm cute." I told him, he glared at me but I kept smiling at him. I won the daily duel me and my ass of a mentor do every morning. "Thanks Cashmere…you're such a doll." I smiled at her before I took another bite of my favorite breaky food. After I was done eating I was told to get ready for training, I nodded my head. I yawned before I slipped on the black and red uniform on along with the black boots. I looked in the mirror to see that the collar wouldn't hide the mark I gave Katniss under her jaw line. I started to smirk to myself.


I sat next to Peeta; he looked awful, dark bags under his eyes. Haymitch just kept his mouth shut as he drank, Cinna just sat there and ate, and Effie would look towards Peeta and then back to our food. I've been having an interesting morning so far. When Effie went to wake Peeta up, Glimmer didn't wake up as early as Clove did to sneak out. I heard her scream and went off of our floor as soon as she was dressed. Peeta has his back hurting really back…what did they do to him last night? When I woke up I just felt slightly sworn below the waist.

I took a hot shower before Effie came to wake me up, when she did; I changed into a cream nightgown with a black robe over it. She walked off muttering about something on how I have manners or something. "I wish you guys luck today…you're going to need it." Haymitch said causing Peeta to groan and he held onto his head.

"Don't talk so loud please." Peeta told Haymitch as he looked up to him, I feel so sorry for Peeta right now. He drinks punch and ends up having a three-some, waking up to Glimmer screaming and hitting him, and has an awful head-ache. My thoughts then moved to Cato…he was the drunkest out of us all, he's probably worst and he has Marvel to tell him what happened to him while he laughs.

I made a face knowing I'll be seeing Marvel again. He did imply that he really wants me and that he won't stop. I slightly shook my head and got rid of though thoughts. He was just trying to mess with my head. It was just one night; we'll go back to what it used to be…him being a career to me and me being Fire Girl to him. I sighed before we were told to get ready. "Cinna…can I asked you something?" I asked him before he walked off.

"I know what you want Katniss…Peeta wasn't the only one that did the same thing." He told me, I looked away embarrassed. Cinna just put a hand on my shoulder…causing me to look up to him. "It's okay Katniss…stuff like that happens at troughs type of parties, here," He told me as he pulled something out. "This will help make it less red. People will still see it but it'll look more like a bruise." Cinna told me causing me to mouthed thank you and went to get ready.

Cinna was right; Peeta didn't noticed because he still had his hang-over even after Haymitch gave him pain tablets for the head ache. We didn't talk which I was grateful for. When the elevator dinged opened causing Peeta to groan again. We walked out of the elevator to see Cato sitting down cradling him head in his hands, and I noticed Foxfaces' neck covered and looked worst then mine. Cato must have had been rougher then Marvel was, making me again grateful that I didn't get Cato.

Clove didn't look towards us and just continued to throw knives. Peeta noticed Glimmer, she glared at him. I just rolled my eyes. I had Peeta follow me to the herb section so I could make a brew my mother makes for me and Prim when we get bad headaches. After I crushed the herbs and put them together and added water I handed it to Peeta. "Drink this." I told him, he just nodded his head. "Better?" I asked him still in a hushed voice.

"Yeah, thanks Katniss." He smiled to me before he got up. "I'm going to the camouflage section, I'll see you." Peeta told me before he walked away. I nodded my head and added a wave to him which he gave back. I got up and went towards the Fire making section again.

I was told to try and made a fire out of leaves and two rocks. I looked up and blew a part of my bangs in frustration, I noticed Marvel looking at me like I was a piece of meat. I looked down as I went back to work.


I slightly smiled when Katniss looked back towards the rocks she was holding in her hands. I stood next to Cato I looked down at him; I really want to tell him what he did last night just to see his face. "Wanna know what you did Cato?" I asked him with a smirk.

"Of course dipshit, all I remember from last night is taking a belly shot off of someone and she wasn't Glimmer." He told me with blood shot eyes. I had to hold back a laugh before I continued.

"You started to strip down to nothing but your birthday suit, when you got down to your underwear District's 5 female tribute started to move with you, you took that belly shot off of her, then you went to the elevator with her making out with you. Where did you wake up?" I asked him the last part; I need to tell him the last part.

"In my room alone." He simply told me with confusion in his eyes.

"Damn…that girl's smart." I said before I looked down at him. "And you fucked her last night, seemed like you went rough on her by how her neck looks." I smirked at him as he groaned. "Clove and Glimmer had a threesome with Lover boy last night." I continued when I craned my neck towards Clove, Cato slightly laughed and he shook his head.

"What about you Marvel…got some action too?" Cato asked me, think that I probably got ass fucked by the smirk on his face. Can't wait to tell him that I screwed Katniss Everdeen, the girl Cato's been having wet dreams about lately.

"Oh yeah." I said as I stared at Katniss again with a smile on my face.

"Who?" he smiled at me, I uncrossed my arms I moved my tongue in my cheek before I told him slowly making sure he hears it. Damn he's gonna be so fucking jealous.

"Katniss Everdeen. District 12. The Girl on Fire." I said as my eyes traveled down her body. "Look at her neck Cato…see that tainted red spot, I did that." I told him.

"Was she good?" Cato asked me when I felt his eyes on me; he had his jaw clenched when he said it. I can tell when he talks with his jaw clenched

"She's a screamer and I was her first." I told him simply, like it was nothing.

"How?" He asked me again. I rolled my eyes, wasn't that enough?

"Do you always have to ask questions? I noticed her standing in the back looking out the window, talked to her; we danced, made out, took her to my floor, into my room and fucked her." I told him before I walked over towards the spears and started to throw them. I'm only using my right hand because I know Cato will think I can only use it, break it and finish me off, little does he know I can use my left hand to, happened when you play the piano before you train to be a career and still do it. I'm only showing half of my skills and I'll still show half to the Game makers. The element of surprise always gets people excited.

I took a water break and noticed Katniss walk towards the exit. Knowing me Caring, sweet, loving Marvel, I followed her. When I couldn't hear the trainers anymore I walked faster until I was behind her, grabbed onto her shoulder and turned her around. "Miss me?" I asked her with a smile on my face as she had her back against the wall. Her grey eyes looked up to me in shock but then put up her neutral façade.

"What do you want?" she asked me her voice never breaking; I smiled down at her before I closed my eyes and shook my head.

"Can't see the girl I made scream last night?" I asked her when I opened up my eyes and looked down at her. I touched her neck at the spot that I marked. I felt her flinch when I moved my fingers slightly down her neck. "Katniss, you know things can never go back to the way they were…" I trailed off he I moved my hand towards her face. She slapped my hand away as she looked up at me; I had to fight back the urge to take her back to my bedroom and do to you what I did last night.

"Of course it can, you know it was just a onetime thing. We're just tributes that are from two completely different worlds. You're from District 1, you probably don't know how it's like not to go without food for a day where from I'm from know the feeling without food for a week. You trained for the games to where you can intimidate people with how good you are with spears." I paused and took a deep breath before she continued. "I've broken the law to get food to here I can just finish the rest of the tributes off. But I won't, I refuse to be a monster like you and the other Careers." She told me as she looked at me dead in the eyes.

I balled my hand in a fist, Katniss heard my knuckles pop by how her eyes widen. I slammed my fist against the wall above her head. "You think that I don't have problems? I would've been as big as Cato but when I was 9 I had to have brain surgery because my eyes sight went from color like how you can see me but would go to black and white, I would sometimes get completely blind. Doctors said I had conspectu confusionem and I needed to have surgery because that'll be the only way to stop it. I had to risk being completely blind or get bipolar." I told her before I swallowed and pressed my lips together.

"Do you know the feeling of being 9 and holding onto your mom's hand before you go into a surgery that could have me see only black. When I would go completely blind I would get scared. The after effects were the worst…I would see things both in my dreams and when I was wake." I finished before I took another deep breath.

"You wanna know why I'm relieved to be in these games… because my mom kicked me out the day of the reaping." I turned around and walked away, As soon as I was back in the training center I walked towards the spears and threw them as hard as I could. I started to train with one of the trainers with a dull end spear.


I stayed against the wall when Marvel walked away. I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding. I just shook my head before I walked back towards the training center again and towards Peeta. I noticed him bent over painting his arm and hand. Peeta noticed me when I just said wow.

"Yeah…I used to decorate the cakes back at the bakery." He told me with a smile before he placed a hand on one of the trees.

I then heard a loud bam and I turned my head to see Marvel stood up straighter. When he turned his head he rolled his eyes and walked to get another spear.

"Katniss…seems like you have a shadow." Peeta told me, snapping me out of it. I turned my head and I saw the 11 tribute Rue, she reminds me so much of Prim, I smiled at her but she went behind the wall she was next to.

"Seems like she the type of fan that likes to just watch." Peeta said slightly causing me to laugh slightly. I then heard a loud bang causing me to turn my head, I noticed Marvel looking back as me with rage in his eyes. I swallowed before he walked towards the knives. "What was that about?" Peeta asked me as he looked up.

"I don't know." I told him, I fully do. Marvel Hinder hates me now and I better stay as far away from him as I possibly can.


I can't give her up, she has some spell on me and I can't lift it off of me. Just when she smiled at something Lover boy said. Even what she called me it still echoes in my head. Even when training's over I still can't get any of it out. I took the stairs back to my floor. I need a piano; I need to play this out from my head to my fingers.

Training with spears or trying new weapons does help. I should've just left her alone. I wouldn't be in this mess. Just why I am feeling this way for her? I shouldn't be having these feelings. She is something beautiful through; I'm not going to let her kill how I feel about her, she can't stop its screaming when I can't even stop it myself.

She's not killing it, I'm not gonna let anyone get in my way. She's killing me and I'm letting it happen to me. I'm gonna play the game that's in the games, I want Katniss Everdeen for my own, not for a while, I want her all mine. I want to be free; I'm starting to think like Cato. I wanted to spear him when he started to talk about what he would do to her if they ever got alone. He told us that she's his kill. If he dares touch her I'll kill him, I'll rip his throat out if he touches her in any way. I went to my room and at myself in the mirror, I look pathetic and I sound even worst.

'Katniss you'll be the death of me.' I thought as I moved my arm over my shoulder and rested my on it. I have to get over this this if I want to win. Katniss is poison, no it's not her…it's me. I'm the problem, I'm asphyxiated with her and I enjoy it. I'm high off of it and it gives me something to chase. I just started to laugh, I sound crazy and I just maybe.