Hi there everyone (: I was not rlly planning on writing this, but as I thought there were way too many story's with this ship around here, I decided to write it anyway. This is only the second story I've ever written, so it'll probably be full of mistakes etc. If you do take time to read it however, please leave a review. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it (:

Snow opened her eyes. The sun was already spreading her first light over the lands. The others were still asleep though. Realizing that sleep probably wouldn't come back to her, she got up. Not wanting to wake any of the others, she decided to go take a walk. After all, the land here was still beautiful , and after all those years being locked up in a tower, she longed for every interaction with the land she could possibly have.

She retreated further into the forest. It had been snowing the past days. As far as she could see, everything was covered with a thick white layer, reflections of sunlight between the trees. She decided to sit down for a while and just admire the environment. Her dress quickly got soaked with water, but Snow didn't mind at all. She just sat there, for what seemed like an hour.

Once she realised she had been daydreaming for quite some time, she decided she should get up again and join the others. When she got up however, she was startled by a hand on her shoulder. She turned around quickly, and relaxed immediately when she saw William.

"Oh, it's you," she said, a faint smile appearing on her face. "I hope I didn't disturb you," he said, his hand still on her shoulder. "Not at all, I was just admiring the landscape," she said, waving her hand as if she wanted to show him what landscape she was talking about exactly. He had to smile at the gesture and took her hand in his. His eyes, staring right into hers. The black-haired girl was flustered and averted her gaze to the ground. He is so unlike the William that I used to know. So direct She thought, not knowing for certain if she liked this new William or not.

William caught her chin between his index finger and his thumb, forcing her to look up again. When she looked up at him again, she knew she didn't want this. "William.. I..,' she started, but he clearly didn't want to hear. Instead, he caught her lips with his, his hand grasping her upper arm.

As they kissed each other, a thousand thoughts invaded Snow's mind. I don't want William! But.. This does feel good… She was partly disgusted with herself, feeling guilty for enjoying the kiss while she knew she'd have to disappoint William.

When he pulled back however, she saw something in his eyes. It was… Confusion? He quickly took a step back, looking at the ground. "I uh…," he clearly was at a loss for words. Snow decided that she could better tell him now and interrupted him. "William, I can't do this… I;. just don't feel that way about you..," she spoke, seemingly convinced that her words would hurt less, if spoken quietly.

She was not sure what reaction she expected, but she was sure it wasn't the smile that was spreading over his face. She could almost see the relief in it, which just confused her. A painful silence arose between the two of them. After a few seconds, William reached for something in his jack-pocket.

He held his hand out. In his palm was a big shiny red apple. "This is for you. Figured it's been a long time since you last ate an apple." Snow just stared at the apple for a while. Where did he get such a big apple, when there aren't any on the trees? No tree has fruits while it's covered in snow…

The evil queen was getting impatient. Her spell wasn't going to work forever, time was running out. "Come on, take a bite," she said, seeing William say the same in the big yellow mirror.
He's too pushy. Snow fixed her eyes on his.
The queen froze in the middle of her room. She could see Snow watching straight through William. It was like she was watching the queen herself right through the mirror. The blonde didn't move, nor breathe. She knows! She was sure of it. They just stood there, facing each other. Both knowing the truth.

After a few seconds, that felt like hours, Snow took the apple however, turning it around in her hand. She looked 'William' in the eyes one last time and took a bite of the apple. She knew it was poisoned. It would surprise her if it wasn't. Then why did she take the bite? She wanted to search her brain for the answer, but it was nowhere to be found. The thinking became slower and slower until only one word was occupying her mind. Sleep

She could feel her legs giving in, the snow consuming her. She was waiting for her head to hit the snow but the cold didn't come. There was only warmth.

Black hair was scattered over her legs. William's image had disappeared, replaced by the queen's. Her fingers were combing the raven-black hair. Knuckles from the other hand as white as the now she was sitting in, from grabbing onto the knife. The knife with only one purpose.

She slowly pushed the fabric of Snow's worn dress down a little, enough to bare the pale skin, that covered the most precious thing in the world. Her skin still felt warm. Not for long. The queen thought, raising her hand. It was shaking. Why was it shaking? She had to get a hold of herself. This was it, the moment she'd been waiting for. Immortality.

Her arm was still in the air, still shaking. It was like an invisible barrier was holding her back. But she knew there wasn't any kind of barrier present. She looked up as she heard a branch crack. She immediately recognised the huntsman. When he reached the open spot, he saw the queen first, but she could see that he was looking for something else. Something that would be lost to him forever.

Once his eyes landed on the dark haired girl, the searching look made place for anger. Not only anger, but also loss, disappointment and failure. In two seconds he was not even three paces away from the queen, his axe gripped with his two hands, ready to attack. Before he reached her however, there was a whirlwind of black feathers and then she was gone.

The cry that followed, could be heard throughout the whole forest.