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Chapter 2

William was following the tracks in the snow. Where had Snow gone? And the huntsman was gone too… He couldn't help but feel jealous at all the possibilities that ran through his head. As soon as he heard the cry though, all his thoughts were cleared from his head. He recognised the voice. It was the huntsman. And as Snow was probably with him…

William didn't waste any time, and started running in the direction of the sound. He felt as if his legs could fall of any moment now, but the thought was dismissed quickly as only one face filled his head… Snow's.

The huntsman couldn't stop shaking Snow White's shoulders, in the hope she'd just wake up again, laughing about how worried he was. But she didn't. He could feel his body being consumed by panic. Panic about how they were going to defeat the queen now, how the others would react, panic about the inability to wake Snow up again… Or rather, to bring her back, as now, he was slowly realising she was actually dead.

He could hear footsteps. They were very swift, barely touching the ground to run as fast as possible. That could only mean one thing, he turned his face… "William…," he managed to bring out. William however only had eye for the dark haired girl, laying in the snow, apple still partly in her hand. "No…," he almost ran to her side, sinking down on his knees. The huntsman decided to give him some room, stepping a few paces back, fresh tears forming in his eyes.

William cradled her head in his arms, not able to stop his tears from falling. "You can't leave me Snow. Not now… I just got you back…," he slowly rocked back and forward with her head still firmly in his arms. After what seemed like hours, he realised he had to say goodbye. There was no bringing her back. "I love you Snow." Her bowed his head and brushed her lips with his, ever so softly. She was beginning to feel cold. "Goodbye." He whispered into her lips.

The queen landed on the hard floor of her castle. How she hated these teleportations. Not capable of standing yet, she slowly crawled towards her mirror. She had failed at her task, while the circumstances were perfect. She could have done it, she had enough time, there was no-one nearby, Snow had actually eaten the apple… And still, she failed. Failure, the word filled her head. Or, at least the part that wasn't filled with tons of other questions. She still didn't understand why Snow had taken the apple. She had seen it in her eyes, she had known it wasn't William, that is was her.

The queen shook her head, why was she even thinking about this? She had grown weak. And that weakness should be extinguished as soon as possible. She would not fail again.

After a few more seconds, she finally found the strength to get up again. "Guards, bring me a prisoner. On second thought, bring them all." The darkness in her eyes did not go by unnoticed by the guard. He bowed his head, the fear obvious in his body-language, before he went to warn the other guards in the hall.

A shiver ran through the queen's body when she looked in the mirror, seeing all but beauty.

The huntsman couldn't do anything but look at the lifeless body, dressed in white, as if it would make her death more peaceful. He'd been standing there for at least an hour now. But he was just so afraid of getting closer to her. After taking a deep breath, he decided he should get closer. After all, after she'd been put in the ground, he would never see her again. He couldn't help but shiver at the thought of her being buried.

Taking small paces, he got closer to her, until he reached the table which held her body. Taking her hand in his, he just looked at her, his eyes filled with emotions. The death of this one person, had removed all the hope the people still had, all the hope he still had. And without hope, they would never defeat the queen.

The tears that had been burning at the back of his eyes, finally made their way out. He collapsed down on his knees, still holding Snow's hand, laying his head on her chest. Her dress quickly got soaked by the salt water escaping his eyes. But he didn't care, he didn't care about anything anymore. His whole world had collapsed when he had found the queen holding her body… And a knife. He shivered at the memory.

He hadn't realised it up until now, but he loved her. He loved her as much as he had loved his wife. But he lost the happiness again. Again. It was like the gods didn't want him to be happy, to be loved. He tried to dry his eyes, but the result was poorly. His eyes were still big and red.

Standing up again, he moved his hands from her hand to her face. One hand on each cheek. He then lowered his head, kissing her lips. The absence of warmth and a response, made the tears come back. But before he could spill them again, he had turned and was walking towards the exit. Leaving a still lifeless body behind.