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Chapter 4

Snow didn't have any control on where she was going, the crowd just guided her through the big door leading to the plaza in front of the church-like building. She found a lot of people had gathered, anxiously waiting for news on what happened, but when they saw the pale black-haired girl, their anxiety was quickly replaced by disbelief and astonishment.

Several people tried to push their way through the crowd, just to touch the girl's cheek, to feel her hair, to make sure it was really her, but they were quickly pushed away by other people who wanted to do the same.

It continued for several minutes, until a voice could be heard all over the place. "Enough, give her some room to breathe!" Only a few people remained, but even they backed off when they felt William's glare on their back.

Slowly, a circle was formed around her, but this time, it left her some air to breathe. Right in front of her, in the first row of the circle, she found William. He was just staring at her, finding it hard to believe she was standing and breathing, just like all the other people.

"Are you… What happened?" he managed to get out of his throat, though it sounded harsh and she could see his eyes were still big and red from the tears that had been shed not too long ago. But before she could answer his question –which she didn't know how exactly- , he assaulted her with a hug, pressing her body firmly against his. "I thought I lost you," he said, obviously trying to hold back even more tears.

Not knowing what to do exactly, Snow brought up her right hand, patting his back a few times. After a while, he withdrew and just looked at her. The uncertainty was clear in his eyes.

"How is it you're back? I mean, you were dead! We had several doctors confirm it." His answer however, didn't come from Snow. "The only magic strong enough, would be true love." The huntsman wiggled his way through the crowd, making his way towards the two of them.

A smile suddenly appeared on William's face. "I.." But before he could finish his sentence, the huntsman spoke again. "I kissed her. That's why she's alive." William's closed mouth suddenly opened again, gaping at Eric. When he realised, he stepped in between Snow and Eric. "Well, I'm sure you noticed I kissed her too, in the woods." He said in a challenging tone.

The two of them just glared at each other for a while, each hoping the other was lying. As on command, they both turned to Snow. Knowing they were both probably waiting for her to say something, she opened her mouth, her eyes darting between the two of them.

She just stood there for a few moments with her mouth half open. As she saw the others getting uncomfortable and impatient, she just said "I.. I don't know what happened." She couldn't possibly tell them 'the evil queen' had kissed her awake.

They both nodded in understanding, turning to each other again. "Wouldn't it be the last kiss that would actually work?" Eric tried again.

Snow had had enough from the fighting. Instead she slowly slid her hand in one of the small pockets in her dress, until she could feel the soft black feather. The only proof of what had happened. She sighed, not knowing about what she had to do.

Her thoughts wandered to the knife she had pushed under the table. She'd done that without thinking too. Why did she hide it anyway? It was just a knife… She had to get it back though, not knowing why exactly.

Her landing was, as it always was, not very soft. She hit the ground on her hands and knees, both still bruised from the last time. This time however, it didn't take long before she stood on her legs again. She was confused about what had just happened, and without thinking she walked to her mirror again, the only thing that she could always rely on.

Once she stood before the mirror she couldn't believe her eyes. Her hand reaching out for the mirror, as if it she was afraid her reflection would fade. She still looked the same as when she had last been standing here, ready to leave and cut out Snow's heart.

She slowly brought her hand to her forehead, which was still without wrinkles. Never before had something like this occurred before. After a spell, and especially her teleport spell, she always lost a part of her youth, not to say all of it.

She turned her back to the mirror, staring out in front of her, not focussing on anything. What had she done? And most importantly, why? Once again her head was filled with questions she couldn't answer, although she had a hard time ignoring the warm feeling in her stomach every time she saw Snow.

"I can't possibly be in love with her…" she was thinking aloud, but quickly turned around when she heard the door open. "Your majesty," he said while bowing, "would you like us to bring you some prisoners?" he spoke, but the doubt in his eyes was clearly visible as he looked at the young features of the queen.

"No…" Ravenna spoke, unsure if he had heard her speak her thoughts. "You may leave now, " frowning, she turned her gaze back towards the wall, until she heard the door close behind her.

Unaware of it, her hand slit down to one of her pockets, when she felt nothing however, her mind focussed. It would seem I have lost my knife, she thought. Knowing perfectly where she had left it, she could feel her heart-rate accelerate.

"Shit," she cursed, her fingertips reaching for her temple bones.