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Chapter 8

After having cut down a few dozens of the black soldiers, Snow realised they wouldn't stop coming. This army had millions of the black "people", or whatever they were, it would take ages to cut them all down, one by one. They probably wouldn't even live to see the last of them anyway. No. There was only one way to stop this. She had to reach Ravenna. The one person she wanted to see as much as she didn't want to see her.

Trying to keep her mind from the captivating woman for just a little longer, she looked around, trying to find a way in. Her eyes landed on some stairs, leading to a wooden door. Looking up, she saw the door was part of a high tower. Perfect. This way she would at least be able to reach the same level as Ravenna.

After killing, or shattering, another five soldiers, she started to make her way towards the tower. She soon felt a presence at her side. Looking at her right, she saw Eric, huge smirk on his face. "You didn't think you'd get rid of me that soon eh?" His smirk faded and she noticed him tightening his grip around his sword. "Now let gets going shall we." It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

They had to fight more soldiers than they had expected to reach the door. When they did, Snow noticed another familiar face already partly on the stairs, fighting of 2 more soldiers. "William!" Snow exclaimed, clenching her sword in her two hands again, shattering one soldier while William finished of the other. "Glad you could join me!" William said sarcastically, breathing heavily.

Snow decided to glance up one last time, not even knowing if she actually wanted the woman to still be looking at her or not. She wasn't. "Let's go." She said, never averting her gaze from the spot where she last saw the blonde-haired beauty.

It felt like they had been running up the stairs for hours now, their legs almost falling off. When they finally reached the end of the torture, Snow felt like just sitting down. When she saw the two men in her company immediately looking at her in concern though, she decided not to. She absolutely hated being seen as weak. Instead she passed both of them, leading the way to where-ever they were going.

While cutting down their first opponent, it was obvious that this one was human. Snow couldn't help but sigh. This would definitely make things a lot harder for her, knowing she was killing actual people, each with a life, possibly a family, kids… She stopped and turned to face the other two.

"Let's just give them a knock on the head." Eric frowned. "What? You know that they wouldn't hesitate even one second to kill us, right?" She sighed again. "I know. But we are not them." Not waiting for a response, she turned around again. Things would be done her way. This was her fight.

Ravenna had succeeded in looking away at last and just stood in the middle of the room, her back facing the big heavy doors. She could hear the rustling armour of her nervous guards, doing nothing to calm her down.

The wait was long and awkward, as not a word was said and the queen didn't even turn around to face her guards. She knew they wouldn't survive. They were just a distraction anyway. She herself would deal with Snow.

Ravenna felt goose bumps roaming over her skin as she her the door creak open, more rustling of armour.

The three of them just stood there for a while. Right in front of them were about a dozen guards, which kind of surprised them all, expecting way more resistance. Snow's eye however, immediately fell to a slender figure in the back of the room, dressed in an elegant black dress.

The guards were obviously waiting for some sort of sign from the queen, that permitted them to attack the intruders. When that sign didn't come however, they decided to attack without permission. They leaped forward, battle cries filling the room. Snow took on two of them at once, dueling with them, careful not to kill them, waiting for an opportunity to just knock them out.

Cries of pain caught her attention. From the corner of her eye, she could see Eric ram his sword through one of the guards, quickly taking on another one. "No! I told you not to kill them." Eric however, didn't seem to take any notice and just continued his killing spree until all of them were dead.

A silence filled the room after that. Eric and William both catching their breath, Snow looking at the death people at their feet and Ravenna still in the same spot, doing nothing.

"Look what you did!" She could almost start crying. They took the lives of men, most likely innocent men, just following orders to be able to feed their families.

She turned her face to look at William, also looking down at the bodies. Suddenly his features showed surprise and also some signs of disgust, causing Snow to look back at the bodies. She couldn't help but let out a little yelp. Their skin was slowly turning grey first, then black. It was almost like… They were turning into glass…

Suddenly a small chuckle could be heard from the back of the room. "Yes, look what you've done." The queen finally spoke and turned around to face her guests. The guards were slowly standing up again, now black as the night.

As much as the black guards scared Snow, she couldn't stop looking at the figure behind them. When Ravenna's eyes caught hers, her heart skipped a beat again. As she saw Ravenna's smirk slowly disappear, she saw something else appear, hidden well in her beautiful eyes, but it was there. She wasn't sure what it was, but it made her legs weak, wanting to drop her sword and just embrace the other woman. Yet she knew that wasn't an option.

Ravenna saw the other woman's features change, almost in something like… Sympathy? SYMPATHY?! She didn't want it. Especially not from the woman who had betrayed her. She quickly regained her posture, clearing her throat. "What are you standing there, attack you idiots!"

Snow was taken aback by the sudden fire present in the blonde's eyes. It had appeared while their eyes had met. Did she really hate her THAT much?

She didn't have any more time to think. The black knights attacked once again, fearless. In fact, they didn't seem to have any emotion whatsoever.