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Chapter 9

Eric immediately countered the attacks. Snow could see that he was furious, taking on three at once. William took it more easy, handing out blows but evading most of the time. When he caught her looking at him, he opened his mouth. "Go!" Snow immediately knew what he meant, she had to be the one to deal with Ravenna.

Several of the soldiers were coming at her, but she easily evaded them, hearing the guys behind her taking them on.

Ravenna took pleasure in watching the fight, but even more so in watching the beautiful Snow White trying to reach her. How could she have ignored that beauty in all those years she had her locked up in her tower. She let out a sigh, it didn't matter. It would end now.

Still not moving, she waited for the girl to reach her, not missing the doors opening and more soldiers coming in.

Snow had dropped her sword during the evading of the soldiers, but she couldn't possibly go back to pick it up. Instead she reached for her waist, grabbing the dagger that had never left her side for the past few days. She could see Ravenna's eyes, her beautiful eyes, slightly widening at seeing it, but she quickly regained composure, her eyes yet again landing on hers.

"That's mine." She just said, her voice lacking any emotion whatsoever. Snow was at a loss for words. What could she possibly answer to this?

"Snow!" She couldn't look away from the queen, but she heard it was Eric. "Get away from her!" At this she heard footsteps coming closer. Ravenna immediately raised both her hands in the air, mumbling something that wasn't even close to words.

She could hear a hissing sound leaving the queen's lips. Another sound behind her, forcing her to turn her head. There was a purple barrier of sorts standing between her and the rest of the room. Eric was just looking at her through the barrier, all sorts of emotions filling his eyes, yet she couldn't even name one. "Look out! There are more of those black guard behind you! I can handle this."

Eric just kept looking at her, but after a few seconds he nodded, again gripping his sword in his hand. "Do not hesitate to kill her." At this Snow's heart skipped a beat. Was she really going to kill someone? Kill Ravenna? When she refocused her eyes, Eric was gone already, most likely fighting more of the soldiers.

Breathing heavily now, she turned around to face Ravenna again, who was closer to her than she had been before she had turned her head. Snow felt her throat go dry, not able to utter even one word. When she say Ravenna reached out for her dagger in Snow's hand however, her head immediately returned to reality and she jerked away. "You betrayed me." Snow stated, trying to keep her voice under control, but failing miserably.

At this Ravenna immediately pulled her hand back, her eyes shooting fire. "Excuse me?!" She took a step back. "Are you not invading my castle, killing my troops?" Snow could feel her face reddening. "What? You expect me to just wait until you think you've enlarged your army enough to attack us? To invade our lands and kill everyone who opposes you?!" Snow was getting angry. Ravenna was not going to put this on her.

"You have no idea what I was planning," she said, waving her hands, still surrounded by a purple aura, to keep the barrier standing. "I…" she suddenly sounded unsure, "I thought I knew what happened, what woke you up." If Snow didn't know better, she'd have sworn a slight blush had made its way to Ravenna's cheeks.

Ravenna looked up again, her eyes meeting Snow's once again. "But apparently I was wrong. Because you somehow tricked me into thinking that." Snow felt her heart sunk. What was this? This was not what happened. She wanted to scream it, but once again, she could not utter a word.

She continued, not seeing the change in Snow. "And then I heard that your duke was organising his army, ready to attack m… The castle." She opened her mouth again, most likely to continue her ranting, the fire in her eyes not there anymore. Snow took the opportunity to say something herself, all the things she'd wanted to say before were just gone, she couldn't focus anymore. So, she just said what was on her mind now.

"I love you." This time her voice wasn't shaking. And although she was surprised herself by what she just said, she didn't regret it one second. Ravenna didn't even take the time to close her mouth, she just froze. "I was told you had organised your troops first… I… I thought you'd betrayed me…"

Ravenna still didn't say anything, but Snow could see she had lost her focus, for one, the purple aura around her hands was gone.

"I love you." Snow repeated, not sure what else she could say, and decided to take a step forward.

What was this? Was it real? Were they both tricked? Suddenly aware her mouth was still hanging open, she quickly closed it. Snow repeated the three little words again, taking a step forward as if to reassure her it was okay.

That reassurance was all she needed, all she wanted. Ravenna decided to move forward herself, hesitantly cupping Snow's cheek with her right hand. She could feel Snow leaning into it, it was the best feeling in the world. After all she'd done, Snow didn't reject her. It was unbelievable.

Still absorbing the feeling of Snow's soft cheek resting in her palm, she already had to make place for another. A pair of soft pink lips were on hers now, hesitant at first, but that hesitance quickly changed into tenderness and passion.

She brought her left hand up, to let it rest on Snow's thigh, which wasn't as soft as she'd expected due to the armour.

Feeling Snow's hands in her hair only made her wanting more, her tongue begging for acces, which was granted without any form of protest.

Without knowing how, Snow suddenly felt the stony wall pressing against her armour. If it had been on another occasion, she would have found it painful, but now 'pain' was the last word she'd use to describe it.

Breaking apart in need for air, she opened her eyes again, only to find the beautiful blonde looking even more beautiful than she was before; eyes shining bright, parts of her hair hanging loose, and most of all, a smile. Not that mischievous chuckle, but an actual satisfied smile.

Her attention was drawn by a movement right behind Ravenna. As much as it pained her she decided she had to look.

Her expression of delight changed into one of disgust and fear as she could see Eric standing right behind Ravenna, his axe already high in the air. What happened next went fast.

The only thing she could hear was her terrifying scream filling the room, the whole building maybe. "Noo!" She tried to push Ravenna away, but that didn't work at all, it was almost like Ravenna didn't want to move, she just kept on staring into Snow's eyes. "I love you too." she said, finally closing her eyes, waiting for the blow.

It didn't come.

Ravenna opened her eyes in confusion. Two green eyes anxiously staring at her. After reassuring the other woman, without even saying anything, she turned around.

William was just standing there, his face as white as snow. He quickly dropped the bloody sword on the ground, staring at the blood on his hands. "Oh God, what have I done…" he cried, dropping down on his knees next to the huntsman's body.

"Can't you heal him?!" He whispered to Ravenna. "I… No, I can't." She bowed her head. She had supposed to die, not him. She felt a cold hand slipping into hers, softly squeezing it. "I can however, make sure there aren't any other deaths." She waved her free hand again.

"What did you do?" Snow asked. Ravenna only pointed at the window.

Looking outside, she could see hundreds of crows, most of them just flying away. There was no sign of the black soldiers anymore, just the duke's army, most badly wounded.

Ravenna turned to face William again. "I'm sorry it had to come to this." She extended her hand to put it on his shoulder, but she imagined he probably wouldn't like that very much.

"No…" William shook his head, standing up again. "It is we… I who should be sorry." He looked down at Eric's dead body. "It's our fault this war started. Eric convinced me Snow was under your spell. So we told her you were gathering an army to attack us."

Snow's mouth fell slightly open, but she didn't do anything, but squeeze Ravenna's hand harder.

Ravenna decided to answer in her place. "Well, I suppose that debt is paid now." She looked down at the body, "Shame it had to be this way."

William nodded, "indeed." He looked down at the body one last time. "I guess I should… Uhm…" He suddenly looked very awkward, "go celebrate our truce."

"Wait!" Ravenna suddenly said, gripping his upper arm, William instantly froze. "Thank you for saving my life." He relaxed immediately. "It was the least I could do." He said, giving them both a soft smile, then heading for the door again.


Snow squeezed Ravenna's hand again, causing Ravenna to look at her, lovingly. A few moments ago, this would have seemed so out of place. Now, it made her the happiest person in the whole world.

Ravenna didn't miss the smile appearing on Snow's face. "What?" she asked curiously. Snow had to giggle. "Nothing, nothing at all," she managed to say right before she caught Ravenna's lips with hers again, more passionate than ever before.