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Well, here it is!

The Beginning

She sat on the prow of the ship, staring out at the ice-strewn waters that stretched out as far as her eyes could see, which wasn't that far, really, as there was a giant wall of fog that started about a mile out. It didn't do much to improve her mood; she preferred to stare at the sea when there was nothing in the way, just beautiful horizons that gave home to the sunrises and sunsets which she was so careful not to miss each day. When she looked out at the never-ending field of water, it made her feel not so trapped as she really was. It gave her hope. But the wall of fog that was coming ever closer made her feel claustrophobic, and it put her in mind of the fact that she could very well end up being trapped here for the rest of her life. She wondered now why she was sitting here in the first place.


Oh. That was why.

She turned away reluctantly, and instantly the small, cramped feel of the ship made the current measly mile-long radius of the sea seem ten times bigger than it had seemed before.

Walking slowly up to the captain, she said in a sulking voice, "Yes, Captain Gutt?"

He snarled down to her, "Back to your cabin, now! I won't have you causing any more trouble aboard my ship, especially not as we're about to hit the fog ahead."

Shira rolled her eyes, but tried not to smile at some of the memories of her "troublemaking". "Aye aye, Captain." She felt his menacing stare on her back as she turned and headed to her cabin.

When she reached her small room at last, she collapsed onto her bed (which was merely a blanket on the floor) and sighed despairingly. Closing her eyes, she drifted into a depressing sleep.

"She's not strong enough!"

"No! Please!"

"Leave her behind or I'll kill her now!"

"NO! Shira, run! RUN, SHIRA!"

Her eyes snapped open at the sound of frantic scrambling around on the deck. She shook her head, trying to rid herself of the nightmare, but she knew it was no use. No matter how long she tried to forget, they memories still plagued her.

Suddenly the door to her cabin burst open. Captain Gutt's first mate looked at her fiercely. "Captain wants all hands on deck, now!"

"Why?" Shira questioned.

He grinned maliciously. "Another ship's a-comin' this way."

Shira's mind raced. Another ship? Didn't they know that these waters were pirate-infested? They were digging their own watery grave here. Curiosity made her jump to her feet and dash out on deck.

"Load the cannons! Ready the harpoons! We're bringing them in!" Captain Gutt was shouting. By "they" Shira assumed he meant the other ship. She stayed in the shadows, letting everyone else do the work, and tried to go unnoticed. Her curiosity was the only thing that kept her from just going back to her cabin.

The ship was totally engulfed in the fog now. It swirled around them all, and sent shivers up Shira's spine. The whole crew was quiet now, positioned to take the other ship down. Nobody dared to let out a single breath.

Suddenly the harpoons fired, and a thumping sound in the distance told Shira that they'd made a hit. The ropes began slowly pulling them closer. She saw a smile of satisfaction on the Captain's face.

Then, out of the mist, she saw- a block of ice. This thing was so small, it could barely pass for a boat on it's own. But despite this, sitting on it were the strangest assortment of creatures that Shira had ever seen in her life.

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