Chapter 1

I am just a simple 16 year old boy, living in a simple town called Skyfall; this place has had no interesting historical past.

My name is Angeal Phoenix, it's not a name that appeals to me or to anyone but a name is a name I guess. I like to play computer games, watch TV but what I like to do the most is watch anime, the Animes that I usually watch are : Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail, FullMetal Alchemist, the Dragonball series, Hellsing, and Deathnote, the ones I grew up with were Dragonball Z, Pokémon and Yu-gi-oh. Watching these animes will save not just my life but everyone lives on the planet, this is a story where the characters in the mangas and animes come to life. This is my story.

It all started a few years ago, I was finishing a lousy day at school, I was walking home which was an hour walk, upon reaching the street my house was on, I heard a scream which sounded like it came from an alleyway that wasn't far away. The sky had now turned to red sunset; the season is winter so it is expected. I approached the alley.

What I saw wasn't human and couldn't have existed on this planet, it looked like a hollow from Bleach however its scream was different, I was half expecting Ichigo or Rukia to randomly appear and beat it in no time at all. No soul reaper came, I don't think they exist but something like this has never been reported in Skyfall. I told the girl to run away but she was stiff with fear, so I ran towards the hollow thing and punched it, its mask was hard and I didn't do any damage whatsoever. Then the Hollow hit me, I went flying down the alley hitting a couple of bins, my body sustained some significant damage, I struggled to breathe, I barely managed to get up and it was hard to stand up straight. Suddenly, an object fell from the sky; it was a sword similar to the master sword Link wields in the Zelda game series.

I ran frantically to the sword, I managed to grab the hilt and I pulled the sword out of the ground, it was less dramatic and not as cool as child Link pulling out the Master sword for the first time. There was a bright light and I changed into Link's outfit from Skyward Sword at least it's better than the Link from the Zelda anime which I thought was a slight disappointment. I ran towards the being and sliced the mask it disappeared. I felt like a soul reaper.

After the fight was over Link's clothes disappeared and I was wearing my original clothes which was just my basic Highschool uniform which consisted of Sky blue Blazer, a plain white shirt, black trousers, black shoes and a plain navy blue tie, the sword transformed into a gauntlet and attached itself to my right arm, the gauntlet had a neon blue dragon spewing red flames on a black background. There was yet another bright light.

When I came to, there was a translucent being in front of me.

"Who are you? And where the hell am I?" I asked confused about everything.

"Relax child you are in a place where the river of time doesn't flow and where space never touches, I am here to tell you about your destiny" It began to tell me.

"I am hallucinating I am sure of it, I don't have a destiny I make my own destiny" I replied.

"This is real, the sword you wielded against that Hollow was indeed the master sword and when you finished the battle it turned into it's original form, that gauntlet you have holds greater power than you can imagine, you see these Animes you watch they exist in another universe and with that gauntlet you can tap into there power and use them, like for example you can turn into Naruto, your clothing will change into the orange and blue jumpsuit and you will have limited chakra with the nine tail's chakra and you will be able to use the Rasengan" It told me.

"Awesome, so I will be able to use Goku's abilities, Ichigo's abilities or even Kenpachi's abilities, this is going to be awesome but why do I need these powers?" I asked.

"There are beings coming to this planet to find the oracle cube which will give the wielder immortality just like Frieza wanted in Dragonball Z, it's up to you the new Earth's guardian to stop these beings from getting to the Oracle cube, there are rules to using the gauntlet though" it said to me intensely.

"Rules? Just like the Deathnote?" I asked.

"Yes just like in Deathnote there are rules about the Deathnote, there are rules about the gauntlet, Firstly, if you tap into an Anime character's power you can only sustained that power for half an hour then it will automatically change you back, it has a half hour recharge and this is a safety rule so that your body can recover. Secondly, you can only choose three characters from the Anime's to store in your gauntlet for now, Link which is an Anime and Game is your automatic one and doesn't take up a slot in your gauntlet and you can use him as long as you want since he has no actual powers. Thirdly, hurting or murdering innocents on purpose will result in you being sentenced to death. Lastly, try to keep this all a secret from people, you don't want the publicity, now you must choose your Anime heroes for your gauntlet" It commanded me. I understood the rules and I had to make a choice, and I think I know what I am going to go for.

"My three Anime heroes will be Natsu Dragneel from fairy Tail, Songoku/ Kakarot from the Dragonball series and Naruto from Naruto, can I have a Charizard to fly on?" I asked.

"Yeah sure why not, every hero needs a stead, now my child protect the Earth" There was another flash of light and when I came to I was lying on the ground and the gauntlet was placed firmly on my right arm. It had five sections; it showed each of the anime characters, Link and Charizard. It wasn't a dream; it looks like I am Earth's guardian just like Kame or Dende depending on how far into the Dragonball series you are.