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It started off a very boring and ordinary day but little did Sibuna know that for all of Anubis house and two members in particular it was going to be the start of the strangest week of their lives ,and, considering everything that had happened in Anubis House recently that did mean a lot.

"Uh" Patricia moaned as Sibuna(including the newly initiated Joy) trudged to school on a dreary Monday morning "Why does it have to be our school that gets picked for the trial of a new language scheme "Yeah, have you seen we have to choose between French, Spanish or the worst of all, Greek" Joy added "Greek 's supposed be the hardest and most boring language in the history of languages" "Knowing us, Mr Sweet should have got a hieroglyphics coach!" Nina joked trying to lighten the mood. It didn't work. The Sibuna gang were miserable because their school had been chosen out of thousands of others to test run a new language scheme the European council was hoping to spread out to other schools all over Europe. Mr Sweet had called it a prestigious honour; the students called it a waste of time. "Come on guys" Fabian said checking his watch "If we hurry we might be able to sign up for French or Spanish before they fill up". Unfortunately everyone else had had the same idea and French and Spanish had been filled up, they begrudgingly signed the Greek sheet. There was only two other names on the sheet, Mara probably signed up for the cultural experience and persuaded Jerome who probably signed up to stay close to his new girlfriend.

Greek Lessons started the next lesson. The Sibuna gang nervously walked past the new Greek teacher, the wheelchair bound Mr Brunner. He seemed really nice and to the room's amazement they understood what he was saying perfectly even though none of them had ever heard a word of Greek in their lives. Suddenly after a scarily easy lesson the bell rang but Mr Brunner asked them to wait 5 minutes, they were pleased with missing some double maths. Little did they know that what he was going to tell them would change their lives forever…