Title: All Thanks to a Genie
Summary: The group runs into an unfamiliar magical being that transforms Kagome into an inu-youkai. Unfortunately InuYasha does not take it well and well… someone else steps up to the plate.
AN: For Dokuga Moderator's Month 2012. Dedicated to Sugar0o. Kagome as a demon is her Guilty Pleasure!
AN: AU-Canon. Taking huge liberties with the series.

~ooO Wish-granting Genies Ooo~

Kagome shifted in the pool of hot mineral waters and winced, hearing her companions discuss their current situation with her new, very sensitive ears. Sure she had read plenty of fairy tales, including Aladdin but she had never thought wish granting genies were real! But then again she and her companion were seeking to assemble a wish-granting jewel. And there were plenty of recorded stories about wish-granting genies and youkai, not mikos who time-travel via a dry well. Sharp canine fangs penetrated her lower lip as she struggled to ignore all the noises around her. She could hear everything. Even the digestive sounds of those around her. And the smells! No wonder Sesshoumaru always looked down on humans as filthy inferior beings.

Kagome dearly needed space and distance from her companions. The usual yelling matches between Shippo and InuYasha were now intolerable to her very sensitive ears. She nearly took off Miroku's head when he groped her. She didn't even want to scream 'SIT' and make herself deaf. Kagome desperately needed lessons on managing her now very acute senses and greater strength. InuYasha was useless as a teacher, Shippo was too young and without the acute senses that Kagome had, and Kagome really didn't want to ask Kouga and indebt herself to him. She sighed as she remembered just how she had gotten into this situation.


"You stop calling Kaa-san weak! She's a better miko than your clay-doll Kikyo!" Shippo yelled irate.

InuYasha laughed. "Yeah sure brat. She broke the Shikon. She's too weak to gather the shards by herself. She's a failure as a miko."

"No she's not!" Shippo was huffing and puffing. "I wish Kaa-san was a demon and strong enough to beat you up!"

"How intriguing. Wish granted little kitsune." An unknown strongly accented voice said gleefully.

Everyone turned in the direction of the speaker to see purple smoke dissipate into the air.

Then Kagome screamed.

Everyone turned in her direction. She was on her knees, arms wrapped around her torso whimpering, her head bowed down, hair veiling her face.

"Hey wench, what are you wailing about? You weren't attacked by anything so you have no excuse to be whimpering," InuYasha said crudely.

Kagome stiffened and lifted her head. Everyone but InuYasha reflexively stepped back at her expression and features. A single jagged purple lightening bolt ran across the top of each cheek and a distinctive four point red star shone in the middle of her forehead. Her eyes were no longer blue but red and feral. When she snarled she exposed pointed teeth and very prominent canine fangs. As she leapt towards InuYasha her hair flew back exposing the tips of pointed fey-like ears.


It seemed like genies did not have to be bound to a lamp or ring in order to grant wishes. Sometimes they did it just for fun, to cause chaos. And it was just her luck that a really powerful one had been bored enough to grant Shippo's wish. Kagome had been unable to control herself in the aftermath of the transformation. If the group hadn't been attacked by a Shikon-enhanced boar-youkai that allowed her to expel her blood lust she would have chased InuYasha down and hurt him badly. Luckily – even with her new youkai status – Kagome had retained enough of her miko powers to purify tainted shards.

InuYasha's rude and crude behaviour didn't help with her control either. Every time the hanyou said something cruel and derogatory enough to spark her anger she lost control and her beast-self thrashed him thoroughly, until the group managed to distracted her from him. When she regained control she was guilt-ridden and apologetic. And these weren't controlled beat-downs or spars between opponents of more-or-less equal skill and strength; these were all-out I'm-gonna-make-you-hurt attacks. At one point she had been so enraged she had nearly killed him.

InuYasha had been forced to use Tetsaiga, to stop Kagome in youkai-mode. And everyone had been stunned when the Backlash Wave faltered and fell apart before even touching her. When Kagome had calmed down enough to analyze and determine exactly what had happened she had been both impressed and terrified by her new abilities. She had somehow instinctively used her energy to create a counter resonance to the energy in the Backlash Wave. She could instinctively recognize and adapt to any energy signature and attack, youkai or reiki. It was the ultimate deflective defence. And it had worked against all the youkai that had attacked them since her transformation. Kagome did wonder if it would work against Tokujin but to be honest she did not want to be in a position to find out.

The miko-turned-youkai had spent several weeks examining the limits of her abilities and she was well aware there were probably depths she had no idea existed, abilities that would only come out in a life-or-death situation. The only one who could tell, and perhaps teach, her was Sesshoumaru. Because Kagome had changed into an inu-youkai. And that was part of the reason why she insisted they avoid the daiyoukai. She did not want to go into a confrontation with a weak hand and haphazard control. She needed to be in a position of strength to negotiate lessons and training for herself.

But to develop control she needed the lessons she wished to negotiate for. It was a no-win situation that made her bad-tempered and quick to respond viciously. When it came time to set up camp everyone was quick to suggest she have a bath and take her time enjoying it. The only one who would complain was imbedded in a two-foot deep crater. Sango and Shippo were quick to clean up and retreat leaving Kagome to muse over her options. And she still didn't have a clue of what to offer Sesshoumaru for training. The only thing the daiyoukai had ever expressed interest in was Tetsaiga and InuYasha needed the sword!


Sesshoumaru frowned as he caught the familiar scent of his half-brother and the ones he called pack. Except there was one missing and an intriguing addition. He was not too concerned about the miko as she often vanished and reappeared without explanation. The female inu-youkai was another story. Deftly he masked his scent and aura and followed the enticing fragrance. The air was humid and tainted with metals and salts. A hot spring.

He stood on the outskirts of the clearing around the steamy waters. It was not very big or deep. The water only came up to the waist of the sole-occupant sitting in the middle of the pool, a female inuyoukai with wavy black hair that did not hide her very shapely figure. He had heard the rumours of a female black inu-youkai but had dismissed them as false, an ookami mistaken for an inu. Clearly his assumptions had been mistaken. He was surprised she had not sensed him. Instinct should have warned her of his presence. He frowned slightly and continued to study her, trying to determine which clan she came from.

She leaned back and submerged herself fully in the water to emerge with wet hair, the odd smelling white foam rinsed off her hair and skin. She poured a creamy substance from a tube into one palm then stroked it through her hair with her fingers. When she turned to place the tube on one of the rocks rimming the pool she saw him and gasped, crossing her arms over her front to shield herself from him, shifting until she was submerged up to her shoulders. An inuyoukai bitch would never have done that. She would have either displayed her body to entice him or attacked him for violating her privacy.

From this angle he could see her face was more oval, oddly familiar with jagged purple markings across her cheeks, and bright blue eyes. She blushed tucking wet tresses behind pointed ears, highlighting the purple markings winding around her forearms and biceps, over her shoulders and presumably down her back before coming around her sides and ending in points on either side above her navel. Through the murky water, the daiyoukai could see another set of strips, starting at her ankles and winding around her legs and hips before ending in points below her navel.

"What are you doing here Sesshoumaru?" she asked him flatly. Sesshoumaru was not used to being spoken to in such a matter from unmated female youkais. Bitches always sought his attention, acting coyly to entice, or violently to display strength.

"You know, you could be a gentleman and turn away," she said before turning away herself, displaying the planes of her back, the indent of her spine leading down to curved buttocks. The creamy expanse was marked by two purple strips down either side of her spine, curving around her sides to her front. The leg markings curved high on each hip before going around towards her front.

"You speak as though you know this Sesshoumaru."

She turned to look at him over one shoulder with an teasing look. "You don't recognize me," she said.

"This Sesshoumaru has never seen a female black inu-youkai before this day."

She smiled wryly and reached towards the grass behind a stone. She held up a familiar bow, her lips quirked in a familiar smile. "Do you recognize this?" she asked teasingly.

Gold eyes widened in disbelief. "Miko?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "Was. Am. It's a long story."

He regained his poise. "This one wishes to hear it."

"I will be more than happy to share it. If you look away while I dress."

Sesshoumaru did not bother pointing out he had seen pretty much everything there was to see. Human females were rather volatile about nudity and rutting. He turned away and waited. He heard the soft slosh and drip of water as she stepped out of the pool, dried herself and began dressing. All throughout she explained what had happened.

"I'm not sure how it happened. I have heard stories about them though; genies and djinn."

"From Damascus?" Sesshoumaru was intrigued. He had travelled in his youth, in his quest to increase his personal power, to succeed in the Path of Supreme Conquest.

"Yeah, that region. Jerusalem, Baghdad, Rub Al-Khali. The stories said they were powerful wish-granting beings that were often bound to an object, like a ring or lamp. It seemed like we ran into one that was not bound and it was whimsical enough to grant Shippo's wish. For me to be a demon and strong enough to beat up InuYasha. There was a lot of pain and anger. When I calmed down I found I had turned into this." She was walking now, towards him, then around to stand before him. "We spent a lot of time looking for a way to undo this but everyone says I'll die if I'm changed back. My power has grown exponentially since a youkai body is more durable and it will destroy a regular human body if I'm changed back."

He cocked his head to one side integrating the unexpected information. "And the Shikon shards?"

Her expression turned hurt and closed. "I can't sense them like I used to," she said softly. "I can still purify them though." She held up a clawed hand each fingertip glowing pink with purifying energies shaped like tiny knives.

That had intriguing possibilities. But first… "Why have you shared the information with this one?" he asked, catching her eyes with his cool gaze.

For a long moment she was silent. He could see fear warring with need in her eyes. "I need training," she admitted. "I have too much power but no control or training. I know nothing about being a youkai. InuYasha is useless and Shippo is too young."

He knew what her unvoiced request was. "This Sesshoumaru is agreeable to provide training and lessons," he murmured.

Her expression brightened then grew suspicious. "What's in it for you?" she wanted to know.

"You have the capacity to be very powerful, a potential ally, a favour owed. Nothing that would result in harming your pack, the hanyou dying or losing Tetsaiga," he added casually.

From her expression she knew there were undercurrents she was not seeing, but all the same she didn't have many options. She needed training. He knew that and so did she. Finally she threw up her hands and huffed.

"Oh all right, you've got a deal." Her expression turned sour. "But first we have to tell InuYasha."

Sesshoumaru smirked. "This one is willing to inform the hanyou of our bargain."

She eyed him sharply and shook her head, clearly exasperated. "Forget it. You go ahead and tell InuYasha and get your fighting done and out of the way. I'll tell the others."


As expected InuYasha did not take it well. However it was not Sesshoumaru who gave him a major smack down but Kagome who had lost her temper at the hanyou's coarse insinuations.

When she came to she found herself lying at the base of a tree and restrained. Her arms trapped against her sides by Sesshoumaru's furry pelt. It was wrapped around her torso snugly, caressing her bare skin. InuYasha was lying in a bleeding battered pile, being tended to by Miroku. Sango was tending to a campfire and the chunks of game birds skewered on sticks and roasting over the flames.

"What happened?" she asked softly, shifting minutely and very aware of the fur tickling the insides and backs of her thighs.

"You lost control," Sesshoumaru informed her calmly though she could see the concern in his eyes. That was enough to break the teen.

She shivered in delayed reaction. "I need help Sesshoumaru. When I get mad I can't stop it." She was surprised by the sympathy she glimpsed.

"Control is the hardest aspect to develop," he told her. "You are an emotional being, raised to different standards and mores. It will be hard for you."

Kagome twisted enough to sit up and rest her back against the tree. "I'll learn. I have to," she told him. Despite her resolute look the daiyoukai could see the despair in her eyes. A small, never before acknowledged, corner of his being whispered, urged him to act, to protect her because she needed his support.

"You will progress better if you are isolated, with no distractions to draw your attentions," he told her carefully prepared for her refusal. Her answer shocked him.

"You're right."

There was a wild babbled outpouring of protests from her companions who begged her not to go (Shippo), who said that they could figure out a solution (Sango), who cursed her for being weak, betraying the pack, denying her duty to hunt down the shards and reassemble the Shikon, the promise she made (InuYasha). Kagome had listened to each voice, the words flowing onto and off her, shadowing but not penetrating her. Until InuYasha had spoken.

She glared at the hanyou. "If you feel that way go find Kikyo and hunt the Shikon shards. Leave me be since I am so incompetent and weak," she told him sarcastically.

InuYasha huffed and looked away. "Do you think we'll take you back after he's done training you? When you owe him?" he spoke mockingly.

Kagome studied him calmly then shook her head. "It doesn't matter whether you are willing to or not. By the time I've finished my training I will most definitely be stronger and more than able to defend myself. I will not need to join you to hunt the shards."

Everyone but Sesshoumaru paled at the implication.

"You can't!" Sango protested unwilling to accept the possibility of losing her heart-sister.

Kagome smiled gently at the tajija. "I must," she countered. "By the time I'm ready I doubt I will be able to return to the pack. I will be different. You will be different. I will not fit and I do not wish to be around Kikyo." She expression turned wry. "Besides I doubt the pack can handle two Alphas."

Reluctantly her companions subsided, seeing the validity of her argument. Kagome began packing her bags, giving the bulk of her supplies to Sango since their group would be actively hunting the shards. She was unwilling to stay close to InuYasha, not anymore. There was enough light for two youkai to travel a good distance and before setting up camp.


She was right. It was dusk but she could still see clearly in the twilight as they ran. It was not difficult to settle into a rhythm and follow the white blur far ahead of her. She strongly suspected the daiyoukai was only running to see what kind of shape she was in. Pretty good actually.

Forty minutes later he came to a stop near the base of a granite cliff with several deep cracks that could provide shelter from rain and wind. She gathered dried sticks and forest debris and started a fire. She didn't need it to provide visibility but the warmth made her feel more secure, less alone.

"You were wrong."

She looked away from the flames and to the daiyoukai who was examining her with cool gold eyes. "About what Sesshoumaru-sensei?" She didn't want to address him as sama or too casually given their new relationship.

"There can be two Alphas in a pack." Seeing her confused look he expanded. "A mated pair. The stronger Alpha would be dominant." And was surprised by her response.

She laughed and told him. "InuYasha will never be my mate."

He blinked slowly. "You pursued the hanyou for a long time. Has your interest changed?"

She poked a stick into the fire, stirring the flames. "I don't see him as a potential mate, not anymore, not after all that has happened and how he treated– no, still treats me." She brushed her eyes with the back of her hand. "I always forgave him before and made excuses: he didn't mean it, he doesn't know better, he's under a lot of pressure, he loved her first…" She looked directly at him. "As a human I could lie to myself but as a youkai I can't. My beast, she is part of me, my subconscious primal desires given form… and she hates the way he treats us," she hissed clenching her fists hard enough to draw blood. "Looking down, calling us weak, incompetent, useless!" Red streaks striated blue irises. "We are not weak!"

He looked at her for a long while but she refused to look away, to drop her gaze, to submit. Finally he nodded.

"You are not weak," he agreed calmly. "The next time you meet your pack you will be able to prove it."

Deep down inside she knew what he said was true. Next time she met her friends, InuYasha, she would be strong and able to prove it, to them and herself.


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