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A/N Don't ask me what I'm doing; I'm not sure myself. But I really do want to share this story with you all; hence why I'm adding yet another unfinished project to my long, long list.

This is just a short prologue to get things started. But before you sit down to read, I want to make sure you all have read and understood the warnings up there.

Now, because this is FFNet, I won't be writing any of these things explicitly (for that, you'll have to head over to AO3), but there will be some serious hinting. Make sure you have the stomach for that before proceeding.

This will have similarities (to those who have read it) with my Red Haze/Black Mist stories. However, the fact that its crime related is basically where the similarities end. The cast is bigger, the pairings are a little shuffled and things are even darker.

But that is all I'm going to give away now. Please enjoy this teaser and be on the lookout, because the next chapter will be out shortly.

Down the Barrel of a Gun


The pistol came down hard, bruising and tearing his cheek. Normally he would be able to keep himself upright, but this was not the first blow he had suffered that day, let alone the first in the past hour. He fell, ears ringing. Blood quickly welled up inside his mouth. He had bitten tongue. He gagged around it, spitting it out before the bile could fully from.


Even now, hours later, the voice was calm. He briefly wondered what it would take for the mask to crack.

"On his knees."

He was pulled up before he could do it himself. The hands were far from gentle. He could feel hairs being pulled out as they manhandled him to his knees.

"Show me his face."

His head was pulled back until he could see the face of his executioner. The hate hadn't faded. If anything, it had intensified. He watched the other man raise his gun and press it against his forehead.

He wondered how it had come to this, how all the years of fleeing had melted down to this. Months of planning, months of walking down the path he had run from. His father would have been proud of him, he thought bitterly.

And now it was just him, the cold, heavy weight of a .45 and a man that hated him.

He closed his eyes and waited for death to come.



But this is not how it really begins. Let me show you the rest of the story.

A/N And that was the teaser! Don't worry though, there is more. And that will be out shortly.

On another note; this story will be very different. The pairings won't be quite what you expect them to be, so be on the look-out when it comes to that. Some people might not even get a permanent partner. Hopefully you will all understand my reasons and choices as the story progresses. Think of Restricted Access as my warm-up when it comes to the new and unexpected - pairing wise. I'm only getting started.

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