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"Hara-San, I'm well aware that your school has had some rather violent killingsā€¦" Naru said as he eyed the file in front of him and looked at the always-dressed-in-a-kimono teen.

Masako nodded, "I've noticed some very strange spirits after being in that building." Masako put the file in Naru's hands, and covered her mouth with her sleeve. As he glanced at the file he noticed on what Masako meant by strange.

"We'll take the case. Lin, call the others and tell them to meet at Sakura private academy at 1!" Naru called to his assistant and saw him responded with a nod as he went over to the phone, to call the others.

"Hara-San, you know we need a base, 2 rooms to sleep in." Naru said in his usual cold tone as he looked at Masako who was still covering her mouth.

"Yes, I have a base location, and I'm sure the chair man will allow us to use the empty boy and girl rooms; it's winter vacation, so we don't need to worry about them coming back in a month or so."

"I see... We will all meet at Sakura Gakuen (Gakuen= Acdemy) at 1 pm, today." Naru lifted up his sleeve and looked at his watch which showed the time that is currently '11:24' am.

"But, Naru-"

"Hara-San, the earlier we get there; the earlier we finish the case." Naru coldly interrupted the taken-back Masako.

"You're right..."

"Well, then, don't you want to inform your chair man and teachers?"

"Oh, right. I'll be going then..." Masako said in a soft tone as she pasted through the doors.

=1 PM=

"Meet Hikari Sakura, our chair man; also known as the bulider of Sakura Gakuen," Masako proudly announced the young man, he was only 28 after all.

"It's nice to meet you. Thank you all for coming." the man bowed down in politeness.

"I am Shibuya Kazuya, the boss." Naru stated, not caring if the man was showing him a sign of respect; he just wanted to get things over with.

"Koujo Lin," Lin said in his emotionless state, making Hikari regret that he looked at his pitch black-ish yet gray eyes.

"I'm Ayako Matsuzaki, nice to meet you." Ayako said in a cheerful tone as Monk silently grunted something about 'being old and energetic'

"I'm only 18! I am therefore; NOT OLD! YOU OLD MAN!" the hot-headed red-head shouted as she swung her hand only to make contact with Monk's head; he whimpered in pain.

"My poor love! Let me kiss it, I promise you'll feel better." Yasuhara Osamu or better also known as Yasu exclaimed as he leaned over to Monk's face.

"What exactly are you trying to kiss?" Monk said as he backed away from, what he calls 'the 4-eyed freak'

"Ahem!" Naru coughed as he glared at the trio who quieted down in fear.

'My god...He's only 16 and he already acts 61!' Ayako thought as her eyes wondered upon the blue haired teen.

"Oh! My name is Osamu Yasuhara, call me Yasu! This over here is the love of my life, Housho Takigawa...Hands off! He's all mine!" Yasu hissed as he put the poor monk's arms around him; forcefully.

"I-I'm John Brown." John said in his shy accent, he was blushing at the fact that he was the one who was getting a so-your-the-only-normal look from Hikari whom looked at the 17 year old teen in pity.

"Ahem! I can't believe you guys forgot about me! Especially you, Lin; I'm your girlfriend after all!" Madoka chipped in as she frowned and criss crossed her arms in front of her chest; in displeasure.

"And who might you be, young lady?" Hikari asked in a gentle tone trying to ease up Modoka's dark aura.

"Well, see! Mr. Sakura is more considerate then all of you, and I just met him! My name is Madoka Mori." Madoka puffed as Hikari tried to calm her down.

"Whose this, Masa-Koi?" A voice came for behind...it was a gentle voice.

"Y-Y-You're back?" Masako said in a horrified tone, she went as far as to hide behind John; whom looked at the person who spoke, he was awe-strucked; she was beautiful.

"Since when were you back, Mai-San?" Hikari asked concerned, he knew about her situations at home.

"Hmft! Both of you seem more tense since I came back. Especially you, Masa-Koi, we are roomies after all- you should be use to me." Mai said as she smirked at Masako's red face when she called her; her *koi.

"I am not your lover!" Masako yelped as she lunged at Mai, moving her position; that was behind John, who tumbled down. Everyone sweat-dropped as Masako paniced and Mai poked at John's cheek. The poor teen was knocked out by the force.

'This must be the first time Masako is VERY UN-lady like,' Madoka and Ayako shared the same thoughts while watching

'Who exactly is Mai?' the only monk asked as he eyed the short haired girl, that was still poking the knocked-out-Australian teen.


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*Koi is a short for lover.

Here's a some parts of the next chapter:

"Since when were you into girls Masako?"

"Mai's a genius on a computer! What are you taking about?"

"I see, your the boss...You look just like him, Gene..."

"Who are you...really, Mai Taniyama?"