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Chapter 12


"I don't know much about the death of the Tsukinos', Yoru Hitsune, Kakeru Fujisaki, or Suki Hiwatari but I do know about the Sumis'. I was very close to them." Akito had started off strong but ended up weak. Putting too much strain both emotionally and physically had been excruciating for him.

"Oh, I see! Was one of them your girlfriend? I bet it was Misa!" Yasu had taken it, to mess with Akito; after having Mai being stolen from him.

Mai and Akito only stared at each other, trying not to laugh at the brave college boy's suggestions.

'Aki's not even 5% straight; he's like 2% and that's only because I'm here!' Mai had wanted to say. Key word: "Wanted."

Leaving Yasu's comment aside, "I think Ritsuki-Sempai is haunting these ground. When I was being held in the room, she was there. Alive or not, she was there. We had a small…conversation. But she got mad and strangled me. I think she was planning on trying to kill me anyways. Then…he came." Akito's facial expression from the beginning had softened; talking about his dead lover was painful. But, no matter in life or death; Akito had wanted to stay in love with Ritsuko for better or worse.

Noting on Akito's emotionally bipolar face Yasu's face had reddened, "He… You're gay?!"



"...That explains so much..." Houshou had imputed. Not that anybody was actually listening.

"So...wait!" the flushed and panic on Yasu's face had discovered a new crayola shade of red as he had thoughts run through his head. John had to grab a near by magazine to fan the poor boy.

"Do you actually think I have a cute butt?" "-Yasu! Right now is not the time!" scolded Masako.

Aki just stood there with an entertained gaze of amazement. He knew from his senses that Madoka, Shotarou, Hotarou, and Lin knew. Naru couldn't see it because of his jealousy(freakin' stubborn as hell!) Mai and Masako already knew. The monk, the four-eyes, and the Australian however were a different story, they were or are the utterly clueless of all.

The couples in the background had only watched as this all played out in front of them. Also highly entertained.

It was until Lin had coughed that we all became quite (save Naru.) "Suggest catching a psychotic killer spirit before we get into Mr. Sakurai's sexuality."

"Right! So before the killings or suicides or homicides, whatever you call them, started. I had been good friends with the Sumis.

Risuka-Sempai and I had been good friends from the start, we met each other in boxing club. A couple of weeks later we went to visit Misa-Chan in her hospital room. Since she was two, Misa-Chan developed a brain tumor. The doctors said it was a miracle that she managed to survive as long as she did. Her brain tumor's status was barely keeping her alive. The recovery was amazing, so amazing that we we're able to take Misa-Chan home. When we went home..." the sad look on Akito's face made Mai hug her childhood friend as close as possible, kissing his forehead and rubbing his back.

The team couldn't help but sense the warm feeling of family. It's as if Mai had turned into a mother looking after her child. After a few tears were spilled, Akito held his end and continued.

"When we went home, I met Ritsuko. He was one my crush at the time. I didn't use Ritsuka-Sempai to get to Ritsuko, that's cruel. So we introduced ourselves to each other. I waited until school to get to know him. We were part of cleaning up at the end of the day, so we decided to talk." A small smile made his face as his face had turned slightly pink at the mention of his former lover. "We ended up talking about comics and manga and manhwa. Like Marvel, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Noblesse. It was amazing. Then we got kicked out of school for being in too long. We had laughed all the way to his home, since we lived on the same street, I walked him home." Akito started to twiddle his thumbs, his small blush had turned into a violent red.

Mai had only smiled, she had met Ritsuko herself. He was an amazing guy.

"When I walked him home. H-he h-h-hugged me good night."

The moe had gotten to Mai, getting offered a tissue by Masako was not a good sign.

"But... Ritsuka saw what had happened and misunderstood. Eventually Ritsuko and I started to hang out a lot more. And I started ignoring Ritsuka. I visited Misa-Chan often along with Ritsuko. I met his parent: a generous woman who adopted them. It surprised me, Ritsuko and I had been childhood friends before I had met Mai. A month later, we decided to date each other and Ritsuka had been angry. There was a rare moment of her not glaring or beating me half to death. She ended up calling me a traitor, and since she had known my secrets when we were still friends, she called me a... slut.

When I was younger, I was sold by my parents. Takeshi had done his best to not let them touch me. Until our parents had gotten frustrated by his tactics and knocked him unconscious. They then sold me to women who had been pedophiles from news papers I had read." the young teen had been pulling on his bangs, licking his lips as they felt drier and drier each second passed.

Noticing Akito's nervousness, Shotarou and Hotarou had patted the boy's back.

"After they were done with me. Takeshi waked up. He and father were fighting so roughly, Takeshi pushed father down and father ended up splitting his skull in half, he hit his head on our metal stairs. As soon as mother found found out she committed suicide, the weak, pathetic widow. Ever since then, I stopped my contact with all women. Until I met (UGH) Ritsuka, Misa, and of course, Mai."

The brunette ended up blushing hard as her smile grew goofy and rather large.

Akito shook his head, clearing his thoughts, "Ritsuka knew my secret, she told Rituko that I had HIV because I slept with so much women and he didn't believe it at first. He then asked me and I said the truth, I said "Yes,"."

The statement received gasps from the people throughout the room. Tears had built up in eyes. The atmosphere had dropped so low.

"I'm not fully treated but, I'm way better now. When I said it, he ran away from me. Ritsuka had been there to comfort Ritsuko. They were inseparable twins since birth, that white lie had grown so big to the fact that Misa had looked into it and told Ritsuko the truth. Misa looked through my files, I didn't mind but, it slightly disturbed me. That Ritsuko had known the ugly things about me. After the misunderstanding, he treated me with so much care, he didn't leave my side, and he never stopped saying "forgive me for my childish actions, I was so wrong to judge you so quickly", and then he told me that he loved me."


"We were glued to each other even with anti-gay-group (AGG, ugly name for ugly people) on our backs. Our love overruled them. Then...Misa died..."


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