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9 Years in the Past

Lord Garmadon looked down at his new born baby boy, who'm he named Lloyd, then at his young daughter. His daughter had dark purple hair(his own) made into small pigtails, pale skin, and baby blue eyes. She was wearing a dark black shirt, dark blue yoga pants, and sandals...She had a few bags with her..His daughter who's name was Grace was the almost (due to the hair) spiting image of the woman who was buried before them...Lloyd and Grace's mother...His wife... "Daddy? Is someting wong?" Grace asked, her front teeth missing gave her a unusual accent, Lorn Garmadon couldn't help but smile lightly down at his daughter. "No, sweetie...Just...Thinking is all." Lorn Garmadon stated as he led his daughter(who had picked up the bags), away from the grave, his daughter nodded her head.

Even at a young age Grace never stepped out of line with anyone, always choosing to be quiet, shy, and always watching from afar...Never fighting...Like her mother..."-THIS WAY MEN!"Lord Garmadon heard from afar, he knew that they were after them. He looked down at his son, then down at his daughter before shedding a tear. "Grace?" Lord Garmadon asked, easily getting the attention of his daughter who tilted her head at him. Her father smiled down at her slightly. "I have to leave you for a long time, but I promise...That you will see me and Lloyd again...Okay?" Lord Garmadon asked his daughter, who stared up and him and nodded her head.

"Such a brave...Strong girl...Your mother would be proud." Lord Garmadon stated happily, his daughter, son, and wife were the only ones who could get him to be like this...Lloyd suddenly cried and Grace touched (after dropping one of the bags to the ground) the young boy who was wrapped in a dark green blanket's face. "It's owkay wittle bowther! I'll see yow soon! (It's okay little brother! I'll see you soon!)" Grace chimed, and sang a small small melody...A melody that always stopped little Lloyd from crying, make her mom smile, and make her dad's frozen heart heat up and swell slightly.

"Remember sweetie. No matter what happens in the future, that I will always love you." Lord Garmadon stated as he kissed his baby girl's forehead, she hugged him softly and kissed her little brother on the forehead afterwards, before he opened 2 small portals; one on his left and the other on Grace's right. "Bye daddy! Love wou and Lloyd!" Grace stated before picking up her bags and smiled at him, he smiled lightly back, before the 2 entered the portal closest to them. The portals disappeared, just as the villagers came to the small clearing.

Present (before Rise of the Snakes)

Sensei Wu meditated before the mass of smoke before him, flashbacks of the past flowed into his mind as his 4 students trained...He needed to find her...There! Sensei Wu saw as he recollected the memory of him and his young Niece playing Mahjong, he remembered how she was calm and collected...How she resembled her mother...Sensei Wu sighed as he got up and looked out the window, over the mountains and thought...Could Grace be a ninja? Sensei Wu stood up, he had to go see her. Now.

Distant Small Village

A now older Grace hopped out of bed quietly, making her bed quickly, and then turning to her mirror. The memories of the past still burned into her mind, how she had to leave her family... Grace had grown up, that was for sure. She was adopted quickly after leaving her dad and brother, the couple being nice and already having a large family which welcomed her in with open arms. Grace now had waist-to-knee length dark blue hair, sometimes mistaken for a dark purple, the same light baby blue eyes as from before, and lightly sun kissed skin which made her eyes pop out. She was wearing her standard black t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and black boots. To Grace, she was just another under average looking girl.

Grace had grown up to be a bit more out going, even going into acting, singing, and dancing. She was still quiet and shy as a butterfly though, her she made up for it easily for the other activities she did. She cooked, painted for the community, gardened for farmers markets...A lot basically... Grace adjusted a dark red ribbon in her hair, the one her real mother once gave her...Grace shook her head, getting rid of the thought, before picking up 2 other important things; her bamboo Yumi(Japanese term for Bow) which could easily be adjusted to either a daikyū (long bow) or a hankyū (short bow) and leather quiver.

"Time to practice!" Grace whispered as she jumped out of her 3 story window, easily catching a tree branch, and swung away from the white porcelain house. Over the years Grace had trained, for the day when she would meet her uncle or father, for the time she would have to protect her brother if needed. Grace soon jumped away from the branch and landed in the center of a meadow, where a rock was placed in the center, and where targets were set up. Grace sat down on the rock and picked up a knife and a small branch near her. She began carving a new arrow, she HATED having to buy them.

"Grace..?" a voice behind her came, Grace didn't flinch; she knew the voice from her dreams. "Uncle Wu, it's been a long time since we have talked." Grace whispered, her dainty voice almost losing it's sound to the wind. "Yes, it has my child." Sensei Wu stated as he appeared before Grace, sitting down and preparing 2 cups of tea. "How goes training the ninjas? Who'm I've heard about due to the travel of news." Grace asked, putting away any of her uncle's curiosity of how she new about them.

"Very well, but they seem to be slacking now that...Your father is..." Sensei We stopped, he could never tell Grace about her father's own downfalls. "I know, I've heard what happened with my Father." Grace stated as she happily took one of the tea cups, setting down the in-progress bow and knife. "Yes, but I have a favor to ask of you." Sensei Wu began, but Grace's all knowing stare shut him off easily. "I am one of your ninjas...Aren't I?" Grace asked in a subtle mannor, Sensei Wu nodded his head before pulling out a map. "Here is where you golden Yumi and quiver lay. I can tell you will have no difficulty with making your own arrows. Along with that, it will show you where you have to go once you find it." Sensei Wu laughed lightly at the last part of his sentence, along with Grace. "I shall see you then, Uncle." Grace stated as she and Sensei Wu got up, bowed before each other, gathered their things, and walked their separate ways.

(3 weeks later) CAVE BY THE SEA

Grace walked into the cave after putting away the map safely into her backpack; she would need it later. The wet rocks and slow currents that carried items made is some-what difficult to walk into the dimly lit cave, but after a few hours or so of falling, slipping, and having to duck and swim, Grace soon came upon a large dragon statue. In the mouth of the dragon was a golden Yumi and quiver, just like her Uncle said. Grace scanned the room quickly before reaching out and taking the Yumi gently in her hands, yet as soon as it was away from the dragon's mouth, the dragon came to life and glared down at Grace. The dragon had dark blue, silver, and light blue scales, and aquamarine eyes.

"I mean no harm to you or any one else. I have a solemn duty to uphold to my uncle and the people of Ninjago. Please, let me leave with peace and no negativity between us." Grace boldly stated to the dragon, neither wavered in the other's gaze. What seemed like a eternity passed before the dragon slowly smiled down upon Grace and nudged her with it's long nose, Grace couldn't help but giggle. "It is a pleasure to meet you, if I may, I'd like to call you Silvermist. My dragon friend." Grace stated in her calm voice, the dragon's eyes showed acceptance and soon Grace found herself flying through the night. Following the map's coordinates to the place that she would soon be calling home.


Sensei Wu sighed lightly, it had been almost a month since he and Grace had talked. He was beginning to worry if he had made the right choice about asking her to follow in his and her father's past footsteps in Spinjitsu. Yet his troubles seemed to melt away when he heard a new dragon's roar, he had sent the boys out some time ago to the town so he new almost instantly. It was her. "Sensei! A dragon is approaching!" Nya called from another part of the Monastery, Sensei Wu nodded to the space. "I now Nya, come and greet out guest." Sensei Wu responded as he and Nya appeared in the training hall just as Grace and Silvermist landed, Sensei Wu smiled brightly when he saw her.

"Grace, I was beginning to worry that you would never show up." Sensei Wu stated, Grace's faint smile reassured him again. "I would never let you down Uncle." Grace reassured, Nya's eyes went wide. "Uncle?" Nya asked in bewilderment, Sensei Wu whispered to Nya about Grace being Lord Garmadon's eldest child, yet he reassured her that she had no evil intentions what so ever. "...Oh! I see, sorry for the outburst. I'm Nya, you'll meet my brother Kai and the other ninjas soon I guess." Nya stated as she shook hands with Grace, who smiled faintly at her. "By the way...What Ninja are you?" Nya asked, Grace and Sensei We shared a glance before Grace smiled lightly. "I am the Ninja of Water, correct Uncle?" Grace stated, again Sensei We nodded his head.

"Grace represent her element to a peak, something that everyone will soon learn." Sensei Wu stated before shifting his upper torso, Nya stepped back. "NINJA-GO!" Sensei We exclaimed as he spiraled around Grace, who then appeared in a silver and light blue ninja outfit. "...But doesn't she need to train?" Nya asked, Grace held up her hand. "Through my Uncle communicating with me through dreams I am already trained." Grace stated, Sensei Wu nodded his head quickly before poking Grace's Yumi. "Remember though, you need to practice with this new Bow. As I have explained to you it is much like the Yumi you poses before hand, but you still need to train." Sensei Wu stated, Grace nodded her head as she put up her hood, covering everything but her eyes.

Nya, Grace, and Sensei Wu noted the dragon's coming towards them. "Time to meet the other Ninjas!" Grace whispered happily, Nya nodded her head yet she couldn't help but quirk a eyebrow when Grace set a pre-made arrow into the (Golden Yumi but adjusted) Daikyu. "I want to make a impression, don't I?" Grace asked with slight glee as she ran over to a hiding place, and remained still.

The Ninja's got off of their dragon's quickly and stopped when they saw another dragon. "Sensei? What is the meaning of this?" Cole asked as the boys walked to their Sensei and Nya, who smirked knowingly at each other before turning to the boys. "A meeting." Nya stated, all the Ninja's quirked their heads. "What's that suppose to mea-" Jay was cut off when a arrow zoomed in front of the boy's faces, before impaling itself into the wall. They quickly turned their heads to see a light blue and silver ninja, holding a golden long bow (Yeah...The names will sometimes change for the Yumi/Bow so please deal with it) that was now cradling another arrow. "We got company!" Kai stated as the boys flipped on their hoods and got out their weapons, before running head first against the mysterious (to them) Ninja.

Sensei Wu and Nya watched the Ninja's fight a disguised Grace as they themselves sipped tea. "Should we help?" Nya asked worryingly, Sensei Wu couldn't help but chuckle a bit as he saw Grace deflect Jay's lightning attacks with a golden shield that had been left behind some time ago and aimed the lightning at Zane, who was hit quickly. "But who should we help?" Sensei Wu asked with another chuckle, Nya giggled a bit along with him as she saw her brother be with a arrow that was surrounded by water, putting out his fire attack and leaving steam. "What is with this Guy?" Kai yelled, yet then he saw Sensei Wu and Nya just sip tea. "WHY ARE YOU LETTING THIS HAPPEN SENSEI?" Jay asked as he was kicked into the wall by Grace, who only chuckled a bit.

Sensei Wu and Nya both shared a nod before they got up and walked over the fight. "Enough." Sensei Wu stated, Grace let go of Cole, who she had almost punched, before bowing before Sensei Wu. "I hope you all got a chance to meet your new comrade." Sensei Wu stated, the Ninja (other then Grace) stared at him. "WHAT?" they all chorused, right before the 4 fainted. "This is going to take some time...Isn't it?" Grace asked with a small laugh, both Sensei Wu and Nya nodded in agreement with the statement before they carried the 4 boys into the Monastery.

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