A/N: Okay… so you must probably know that my friends had named me as France. And like it is said in my profile, I have friends who are England, Liechtenstein, Prussia and Switzerland.

This happened in lunch, and it was an ACCIDENT. :I

I'm writing with male!France's POV, so I'm sorry if it sucks. :)) There are the POVs of the other characters done by other fanfic authors… but I'll leave you to search for them yourself. ;) Hehehe.


France's POV

It was really just a normal lunch. I was sitting with mon cher Angleterre, sweet little Liechtenstein and mon ami Prussia. Switzerland was sitting close by… hmph, as if I was going to do anything bad to his littleLili!

Liechtenstein always makes the best snacks; so obviously, I simply wanted one of her biscuits.

But non! Arthur just had to go and steal it away!

He stuck the butter biscuit halfway out of his mouth, refusing to give me even a piece! The nerve of that Brit!

"Come on, Angleterre! Just a one piece!" I whined, pouting.

Arthur glared at me, his voice muffled by the light brown biscuit in his mouth, "No! This is my biscuit, stupid frog. The only way you'll get it is if you take it from me!"

I smirked, an idea popping into my head, "Don't mind if I do."

Prussia, who had been boringly –weirdly– sharpening a pencil until it was almost completely unusable, looked up in interest.

I leaned over the table, aiming just to bite the end off the biscuit… and maybe make England blush just a little.

Smack! I saw Gilbert hit the back of Arthur's head, and his head fell forward, his lips connecting with mine.

My eyes widened, and I could see the blood-red blush on England's cheeks.

I pulled away quickly, forcing myself to grimace as Arthur started to spit out his food… who knew the Briton's lips were so soft?

I chuckled lightly to myself as England started yelling at everyone, my cheeks tingling in the slightest.

I could hear Prussia's laughter as England angrily chased after him to who knows where, and Liechtenstein was sitting frozen in her seat, a light blush dusting her cheeks. And Switzerland –who, merci Dieu, hadn't seen what happened– was looking over at Lili in concern, shooting me a warning glare.

Hmm… maybe I should consider kissing him more often, I thought to myself, grinning, as I leaned my chin on my interlocked hands.


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And just so you know, I just added some stuff to this, I WAS SO NOT THINKING THE LAST PART. Unless it is the actual England, then of course I'd kiss him! 3 3 3 3