Author's Notes: I do NOT hate, love, or prefer one character over another; this is a fic I did for fun while tapping in to knowledge of psychology to help shape this fic. Expect tragedy… and the worst part is at the end; trust me, it's going to be murder on me to write it with enough details… hell, writing the details on the killer's thoughts and reasoning is going to put me in a hospital. However, this first chapter sets up the plot. As for disclaimers, they won't do any good nowadays with laws changing to suit individual cases said laws CAN'T cover.

Marisa took a deep breath as she flew off in the direction of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

"Today's going to be another great day! I can just feel it; the books in another part of her library" the self-proclaimed 'ordinary witch' admitted to herself with enthusiasm.

All was normal, her stealing Patchouli's books on a day-to-day basis. Her making a mockery of the fairies, her annoying the hell out of Reimu when she's really bored, and teasing some of the more timid girls from time to time like Nitori or Patchouli (The former after trying to make off with an incomplete yet interesting-looking device, and the latter usually when she's caught by the person in question, or her assistant, Koakuma).

Speaking of fairies, the usual punk spotted Marisa and flew up to catch her.

"Hey, Black-White! Rematch! Eye've been training!" boasted Cirno, the self-proclaimed 'strongest' fairy of Gensokyo.

Marisa, being the person she is, couldn't help but smirk at the challenge.

"Heh, this should be fun. Alright, let's see what you got this time, slurpee-for-brains!" the witch retaliated confidently. "Heh, that good-looking drink from one of Patchy's books… I wonder if there's a Cirno where it came from that helped make it look so good"

And so, the battle against the two began.

The ice fairy starting off as usual with basic danmaku shots, and the witch using her already absurd speed to weave in and out of the safe spots; it was yet another battle for the witch, and a challenge to the baka.

"Feh, starting off with your usual? What a disappointment" the witch teased.

The ice fairy's tactics stepped up after a while, but the patterns remain for the most part the same. The difference is she's using icicles in addition to the danmaku. This still is no biggie, as it's smaller in size but more powerful in power, and yet the smaller size makes it easier to dodge since Marisa knows her hit box. Well, her hit box doesn't necessarily mean she avoids damage; it just means she avoids an instant Knock-Out. The same applies to Cirno in terms of hit box instant knock-out.

"Adding icicles now? Not enough to take this witch down, baka!" the witch taunted as she shot back with star-shaped danmaku. Marisa made sure to fire them off at Cirno's direction as accurately as possible, but she missed.

The fight was only at the beginning. Clearly, Cirno was trying a little too hard to start with.

The ice shards now took over the danmaku bullets entirely, making the attacks more pierce-inducing if hit.

The witch just grinned the same as she usually does when faced with a cocky foe.

"Heh, too easy!" she chuckled as she weaved in and out of the bullets. Actually, if it was rain, she'd still be dry.

The fight dragged on, Cirno losing in terms of accuracy and luck, even though she's tenacious. Of course, her spell cards were the same as before, but just one-upped in the amount of danmaku, and more versatile patterns.

Give or take, the battle lasted only a few minutes, considering it was Gensokyo's idiot ice fairy.

"Damn it… You're good, Black-white!" Cirno puffed as she realized her defeat, and retreated.

"Heh, what do you expect? I'm the best there is when it comes to magic" Marisa boasted to the fairy.

All she did was playfully knock on her head with her tongue sticking out in response.

"You probably could be queen of the fairies with me with that power" Cirno declared.

Marisa, being the person she is, just chuckled and replied, "I'll think about that"

Nodding, the witch flew off towards her destination, leaving the ice fairy behind.

However, unbeknownst to either of them was someone lurking out of sight, and watched with envy at Marisa's interaction with Cirno.

At the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the 'ordinary' witch busted through a window, making a loud entry into the library.

This startled the librarian, Patchouli, and her assistant, Koakuma, out of their wits, until they realized it was just Marisa as usual.

"Koakuma… please deal with our pest; I'm rather focused on this" the book-reading librarian sighed, and ordered her assistant.

Koakuma sighed, knowing the result would be the same; the kleptomaniac leaving with the loot as fast as she arrived. "Alright, Patchouli"

The 'little devil' went to work to fend off Marisa, but was surprised to see the 'pest' in question act buddy-buddy with her.

While this is out of her routine, she decided to try talking her way out of trouble with a little teasing.

"Yo, Koa-chan. How's life treating ya, ze?" emphasizing the 'ze' part like some 'charm' for seduction, she asked the 'little devil'.

Koakuma clearly had to resist the temptation Marisa suddenly threw on her, and made her point clear after clearing her throat. "You know Patchouli hates it when you barge in and steal from here"

The librarian in question, however, had a slight blush on her face, hidden behind the book she's reading so you can't see it without moving the book.

"What's wrong with a few books, Koa-chan…" and now, she asked this with a seductive tone, "Would you please… let me go… with just a few?"

This time, Koakuma couldn't take it, and fell to the tease she put up. Her face flushed red in embarrassment over naughty thoughts. Even if they were both girls, Koakuma struggled to keep those thoughts out of her head since she's working right now.

However, it was too late, as Marisa was out of Koakuma's sight. The little devil looked around for her, but saw the thief doing the same teasing to Patchouli.

Upon Marisa getting in close proximity, the librarian's blush was forced into anger (kind of tsundere) at the person she liked being so close.

"Will you just get lost already, Marisa? You've already caused enough problems, please just leave" the librarian coldly told the kleptomaniac.

Her inner feelings, on the other hand, were being suppressed. Those feelings were that of bliss at being near a loved one, and would've given her library up just to be with her. Even if they were both girls, she couldn't help but feel this feeling of bliss.

"Please, Patchouli… will you let me off… with just a few?" Marisa asked teasingly this time, getting a little too close where intimate relationships thrive.

This time, Patchouli was the one who was trying even harder to suppress her inner feelings from being let out; her responsibility of being the librarian and her feelings of being with a person she liked were in conflict. Her immediate response was that of shock, as though hearing something so out of whack it wasn't funny.

Sadly, by the time Patchouli could get her thoughts in order again, Marisa was long-gone.

The librarian sighed in disappointment first, and then shook her head as though saying 'good riddance'.

"If you're going to stop by here, at least say 'hi', have a chat, and THEN leave" she thought to herself before returning her attention to the book she was reading prior to the intrusion.

Outside the SDM, however, was someone watching the intrusion, and was clearly VERY upset at the sight. It wasn't Meiling, as she was sleeping on the job again, and Sakuya was tending to the mansion mistress.

"I can't believe how easy that escape plan was" Marisa chuckled to herself as she flew back to her house. "But love is impossible between girls; there's no way we can raise a family like those families in the human village or in the outside world. What is Patchy thinking anyway?"

The witch continued contemplating her 'escape plan' deeper, as she hasn't thought it all the way through; it was made up on the fly when she got caught.

Sure, the plan was to tease the girls a bit, but she hadn't thought about the consequences if it backfired.

What if, say, one of her victims fell to the tease so far in that they'd make it real?

The chances of that are EXTREMELY unlikely. She knew the girls wouldn't be THAT desperate; she knew many of the girls personally.

"Well, whatever. I might as well hit a few places while I'm out" she said to herself after contemplating the matter enough and before hitting a few places she doesn't normally loot from.

Among the places she tried looting, with some of them failing, were the underground (failed, but Koishi fell like putty to Marisa's teasing), Kappa Village (Nitori was happy to see her, but had to guard her inventions nonetheless. This raid failed anyway), and the Hakurei Shrine (Well, there wasn't anything worth stealing, but she did annoy Reimu nonetheless).

The underground raid wasn't that easy, since she was only caught by Parsee, Satori, and Koishi. There were a few items of interest to her down there, such as a spare control rod that belonged to Reiuji Utsuho, some old vases that looked valuable, and a few books on stories about life above ground. When caught by Parsee, she just gave the excuse of dropping by to say hello. Parsee was rather indifferent, and didn't pay her any mind after a spell card battle.

Being caught by Koishi was probably the first lucky break AFTER the encounter with Parsee, since she was an airhead who does things on a whim. Well, at least it was lucky because this satori was probably the only one who shut away her power willingly. Marisa wasn't thinking straight around her due to her power of subconsciousness. When she WAS, it was small talk with her to get away from being caught. Unlike Parsee, who she knew wouldn't listen to favors, she knew Koishi was somewhat of a social person unlike her sister. So, she played the tease to Koishi, and it worked a little. Koishi's blush was a sign that the tease succeeded a little.

Sadly, that tease was also the moment she was busted by Satori, Koishi's sister. You can't hide anything from her, so there was no point in teasing, or reasoning. Marisa just high-tailed it out of there upon seeing her.

At the Kappa Village, she was only welcome by Nitori at the time. Her reputation of 'borrowing' things and returning them when she dies isn't anything new.

Nitori was more shy than the others, but her slight affection for Marisa as a friend helped her overcome her shyness around the witch. That shyness usually turns into defensiveness when her inventions are ridiculed or criticized. Same goes for Marisa when she comes to snag something of hers.

The witch said her hello, winking seductively for her teasing. Nitori, like Koishi, blushed at her implications, until she snapped out of it and saw some of her knick-knacks not where she left them. She realized this too late to save them; her being distracted gave her friend the opportunity to make off with her incomplete inventions.

"DAMMIT, MARISA!" Nitori shouted after realizing she was had.

Now she was at the Hakurei Shrine. She knew there was nothing of value most of the time, but the best she could snag were some snacks, or a donation that was made while she was away, or even a set of spare clothes.

This wasn't the case today; Reimu was here, sweeping the shrine. Marisa knew her chances of snagging something and teasing her way out of it were next to 0, so she didn't bother trying.

As such, she just spent time with the shrine maiden talking about Gensokyo as a whole and if there were incidents to be solved.

The sun was setting by the time they realized it, and the witch took off after her farewells.

"I'm gonna say hi to Alice and call it a day for the haul" Marisa said to herself after she felt satisfied with her deviation from the normal routine.

At Alice's house, which was near the witch's house anyway, the homeowner was away for some reason, but on a desk was an unusual-looking doll..

"Ya-HO! Ali-chan!" Marisa shouted as she barged in the front door (breaking one of Alice's windows isn't easily repaired as the SDM's windows since Sakuya is the one who reverses the time the window had).

Unfortunately, Alice was nowhere in sight

The doll she was working on didn't look like Shanghai, Hourai, or Goliath doll that she usually made; it looked like a doll you'd expect to find at a toy store of sorts, that was intricately designed to be independent from its creator. Although it was close to completion, Marisa couldn't help but look at the new type of doll.

That was, until she almost picked it up... which was the moment Alice returned home.


Came Alice's voice to Marisa.

The witch, instead of startling, became startled. Out of reflex, Marisa turned around defensively, but stopped when she realized it was only Alice.

"Yo, Ali-chan. I'm just stopping by to say 'hi'" the black-white chuckled nervously (who wouldn't after being startled?).

"Leave that doll alone, Marisa. It's an important experiment that might determine whether I can make my dream a reality" she told the kleptomaniac sternly.

Marisa, being the person she is, couldn't help but try her 'tease' again.

"Why not, Ali-chan? Why not lend me that doll? Please?" Like the previous times today, she emphasized the 'please' part endearingly.

Much to her disappointment, it didn't work.

"No, Marisa. If you wanted one of my dolls, you would've taken a Shanghai doll; I have more of those than I know what to do with. That one on the table you tried to steal is too important for me" Alice said rather coldly, "If it succeeded, it would've been the first fully independent doll without having to use my magic or strings"

"Tch, almost had her" the witch thought to herself in disappointment.

As if on cue, the Shanghai dolls in the house stopped what they were doing and tried to force the unwanted guest out of the house. This worked for the most part, if not for Marisa's struggling.

"Wha, hey! Put me down!" Marisa screamed as she was being hauled out of the house.

The Shanghai dolls literally threw her out, and retreated back inside.

Marisa's house was only a couple steps away from Alice's place, so she hoofed it with her loot.

Dumping the sack of goods in her disorganized home and looking them over, she was disappointed when none of the stolen goods caught her attention. Even the book Patchouli was reading, and swapped when the librarian wasn't looking didn't sound interesting. However, there was one thing she DIDN'T snag in the sack; a Shanghai Doll. Unlike the one Alice used, it wasn't reliant on strings; it wasn't even 'alive'. It was just the doll itself without being hooked up by strings or magic.

The only explanation was Alice putting one of her unused Shanghai dolls in the sack when she wasn't looking.

"Huh? I don't remember taking one of her dolls" she mused to herself. "Well, whatever; might look good on the shelf in my room"

While it was an unexpected loot, there was nothing unusual about it; no magic, no strings (literally), and no way to control it without either of the two mentioned. She did find it to be a good find, and took it up to her room. Setting it on the nightstand near the bed, she would have something nice to look at when she sleeps now.

Unbeknownst to her, an incident was starting that very moment; one that would seriously wreck her life permanently. And not just hers; it would wreck the VERY peace Gensokyo was founded upon.

At Alice's house, around that same moment, the seven-color puppeteer was frustrated at the unintentional damage Marisa did to the delicate doll she was working on.

"Geez, it was supposed to absorb magic around it; pure magic unaffected by those around it" she sighed, looking over the damage done, intentional or not.

The only damage, from her perspective, is a certain type of magic that was undesirable picked up from Marisa's presence.

The doll itself was miniature, about half the size of Shanghai doll. Not to mention almost useless after a bit of planning gone down the drain.

"Honestly, I don't even know what it does now; whether it's self-sufficient, or incompatible with magic, I probably won't know" she complained in disappointment.

Well, her thoughts were cut off when she heard a knock at the door. She rarely gets visitors, but will try to help them out if possible.

The next day, many of the fairies of Gensokyo were in a panic, flying around as though their heads were chopped off (figure of speech).

Marisa, on her way to the Scarlet Devil Mansion again, couldn't help but get annoyed at the amount of fairies all worked up in a panic.

"Geez, what's with them today? It's like they're being hunted by a fairy-eater or something" she commented to herself as she flew along.

Among one of the fairies she flew into was Daiyousei.

"Help, HELP! It's terrible! Cirno, CIRNO... she's..." the 'greater fairy' tried to get Marisa's attention desperately. Unfortunately, Marisa wasn't paying much attention to it; she was focused on looting the SDM again.

The witch brushed aside the fairy trying to get her help, but Daiyousei was way more persistent than usual; rather, she wouldn't be this persistent without a big enough reason.

"Hey, Dai-chan, you're annoying, you know that?" Marisa said to Daiyousei rather bluntly.

"Now's not the time for that; It's Cirno! She's dead!" the 'greater fairy' said to Marisa abruptly, still trying to get the witch's attention despite being not heard properly.

The kleptomaniac just chuckled at hearing this.

"You know fairies just respawn after dying, right? It's no-"

"I know that, but it's not the case this time; Cirno's magic, and life is gone. She CAN'T respawn like brand new!" Daiyousei interrupted.

The shock of hearing the news of a fairy dying and NOT coming back to life a while later was hard to swallow; no, it just didn't make sense. How does one steal magic AND life of a victim?

Not only this, but the fairies hearing about this unusual phenomenon certainly warrants panic. They lived peacefully without fear of permanent death, but after they heard about a method of permanent death for them, it's no wonder they would be fearful.