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"We have to call Zadavia and the others," Megan said. The Ace look-alike ran towards with a sword. Lexi just stood there, shocked. 'Ace would never attack me…He can't be Ace!' she thought.

"Kiwotsukete!" Megan shouted as she pushed Lexi out the way. Even though Ace was an adept martial artist, but Megan knew more.

"Lexi, what's going on?" Ace's voice brought her back.

"…Megan's fighting you." But before Ace could even say let's jet, an orange orb hit Megan and turned into sticky glob, knocking her into Lexi. Out the corner of her eye, Lexi could see the Ace imposter and a Duck look-alike teleport away. One minute later, the rest of the team showed.

"Dō natte iru no?" Megan said angrily, "I'll hit you!"

"It wasn't us," said Duck as he and Rev tried to pull the girls apart.

"Maybe-they-were-evil-twins-or-alter-egos-or-brainwashed-or-maybe-DNA-clones-made-by-an-mad-scientist-with-crazy-hair-and-a-white-lab-coat-" Rev rambled.

"Clones maybe right, Rev," Zadavia's hologram interrupted as it appeared on nearby TV displays.

"So ya think someone cloned us?" asked Ace.

"It's not impossible," said Tech, "All you would need it equipment and any sample of DNA."

"Correct. But until we know the details, it is best to keep a low profile. Zadavia out."

Back at HQ, Lexi and Megan had changed out of their uniforms because of the glob; Lexi in a trendy pink top with capris and white shoes, and Megan in a plaid, sleeveless blue dress with black knee-high boots. Zadavia had also contacted Alice to go to HQ as well.

"Otto was the one to have the DNA scrambler and robot decoys," said Ace.

"But both were destroyed and he's still in prison," Lexi said.

'I have no idea what they are talking about,' Megan thought and quietly left.

~ Meanwhile, in an abandoned building on the outskirts of Acmetropolis~

"There have been recent sightings of our very own heroes, the Loonatics, rampaging around Acmetropolis-" the news reporter said on the TV before it was cut off.

"Everything's going to plan," Danger Duck look-alike said.

"Excellent work," said a hidden faced man. His face was covered by a mask, one side white and the other black.

"Soon my revenge went will be done on those ghastly Loonatics and Zadavia. And by creating you children, my plan will be a success fast." 'Both getting DNA and cloning were easy. They may not be exact duplicates, but with my enhancements, they will bring down the real Loonatics,' he thought to himself.

Eca, Ixel, Mals, Ver, Nagem, Kcud, Hect, and Ecila were their names. Clones for each Loonatic member. They look exactly like the real ones but the color of their eyes matched the color of their power.

"It's your turn, Nagem," said the masked man as the TV screen showed Megan leaving the HQ tower, "You know what to do."

"Yes Master Alkyl."

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