Megan's POV

'I'm so glad we get some days off. It's been a rough week.'

I got out of bed and saw that it was 11:00 AM. I went to the bathroom and did my normal routine, except I put on my casual clothes instead of my uniform. I stepped out my room and headed towards the common area.

'It's kind of quiet. Maybe everyone slept in too.' I stepped through the doors-

"SURPRISE!" There were confetti and balloons everywhere. There was a big round cake with blue frosting and blue candles on top.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!" the whole team, even Alice, shouted.

"Birthday?" Megan said stunned, "Wasureta! I forgot my birthday."

"How do you forget your own birthday?" Alice asked.

"Well-it-has-been-a-crazy-week-surprising-that-we-still-know-what-day-it-is-what-time-where-we-are-or-even-who-we-are-like-whats-reality-" Rev rambled on as the others continued with the party. They managed to get a plate of food and a slice of cake before Sam ate everything. As the sun set and the sky got dark, everyone went on to do their own things. They would have to get back to saving the planet tomorrow.

Duck offered to help bring my gifts to my room. I was a bit sad he didn't give me a gift. 'I thought we were getting along well,' I thought to myself. Just as I opened my door, Duck clears his throat. I turn around and he's holding a small box. I put my gifts on the floor.

"I didn't want to give it in front of everyone. You know, outshine the others with my superiority," Duck said as I took the box. Inside was a sliver bracelet with a heart-shaped charm. On one side of the heart was a picture of Duck, on the other side there was a kanji symbol.

"Ahiru," I read out loud.

"Yeah, the perfect word to describe the perfect hero," He said while doing his signature pose.

"Ahiru means duck in Japanese," I explained laughing.
"WHAT?! That lady lied to me! I demand a refund!" said Duck reaching for the box.

"No, its fine," I put the bracelet on my right wrist. "It's perfect, Ahiru-kun."

A slight blush appeared across his face.

"G-Glad you like it. Good night Megan." Then he teleported away.

A cute little chapter to end a story :)

More stories yet to come. Sorry for the long wait, I try to type long chapters and get stuck sometimes.