Name: There You Are Again

Word Count: 795

Song: Gonna Let You Know

It's been nearly a year. Ivy ran a hand through her hair as she stared into the mirror, still she looked tired from yet another sleepless night. With a slight frown, she looked back to the spot next to the bed, their bed. That night when two men barged in, luckily Viktor had decided to stay the night, guns ready and while Viktor managed to point the first sawed off shotgun to the ground…

Ivy forced herself to look away. She was the intended target. It was Marigold's attempt to weaken the Lackadaisy's morale.

Sighing she decided she may as well leave the house. She put on her sunflower yellow dress that made her eyes pop, and a matching sun hat. Oddly enough the whole ensemble reminded Viktor of a drop from the sun itself, or so he said. Passing through the café, Mrs. M looked up, looking surprised but not shocked that Ivy was downstairs.

"Stick around for some iced tea, sweetheart?" She offered, making Freckle (who had decided to pitch in what he could and a surprisingly good cook of the café) look apologetic for not already having a glass prepared for Ivy. Ivy hated the way they started to treat her. After Viktor's… death… everyone treated her like she could have an emotional breakdown at the very mention of him. They must have forgotten how Ivy took care of the two gunmen after the fatal shot was fired. Ivy shrugged, and the older women pursed her lips together.

"But, honey, it may make you feel better, get you back in the right sense…" What a hypocrite this woman was. She may have thought her conversations with Ivy's Godfather's portrait was a secret but Ivy knew what a loon she was. Apparently as the words left her mouth, Mrs. M knew how stupid she sounded.

"I'm fine, I'm just going to go out for a walk. To breathe some fresh air, I'll be back in a jiff." The chirpiness in her voice came back without effort, but from the looks on Mrs. M and Freckle's face, they had their own doubts. Ivy ignored them, and brushing her black hair from her shoulder she stepped outside and took a glance around. It seemed like a normal day. Families were out, couples walking around talking, days that she would also make sure to drag Viktor out for a walk. A curious fit of squeaking caught her interest, and she looked over to the junkyard full of cars and other metal parts that was surrounded by a short fence of barbed wire to prevent kids going in and taking the scrap metal.

Ivy hurried, and wasn't exactly sure why, to the source of the squeaking. Something inside her moved, some sort of urgency she hasn't felt since… since she ran to Viktor's side as he lay on the floor with his bleeding gunshot wounds. Tears welled in her eyes as she could hear Viktor saying in a gargled voice; "No, no dievka, no cry ovah just scratch."

Before she knew it, she had crossed the street, and she saw it, a rather large thing. A badger.

It was a badger stuck in a barbed wire fence. And something about the furious efforts it was making to pull free, the aggressive movement and loud sounds of resistance reminded her of someone. She bent down and moved to help it, but the creature snapped at her and she gasped while pulling her hands away. The angry thing paused, oddly enough, and sniffed the air before looking at her. For a second, just a second… she met Viktor's eyes and she could feel her body go numb. It was a ugly badger, worn down and tired and in a bad mood, but… as it looked up at her everything about it softened for a second, just a second and she could tell it would only let its guard down for her. Only love her. Only want her. Only for her would protecting her not only be a need but an instinct. The kind of loving look that didn't happen instantly but grew; grew past just a petty crush almost forgotten.

Ivy felt her arms move up as the badger was still, and it hurt her hands but it didn't matter, and she moved the wire as the creature let her move its little limbs free. Once she held the wire into a wide enough opening the badger didn't run to safety like a normal creature would, it slowly moved. It crawled at its own pace and sniffed the air once more before touching its nose to her soft little hand, and scurried off.

I love you, dievka, and nuthzing vill change zat, not even vhen I leave zhis vorld.

OH. MY. GOD. That took a lot longer than expected. Sorry for the super long wait you guys. School and work took over my life. If this gets reviews I suppose I'll continue it.