Name: Be Free

Word Count: 503

Song: Splash Free!

"Come on, I'm going to leave you behind!" Ivy was being as hyper as ever, it should be considered a terrible day for the world if Ivy ever came down with a bout of depression. Viktor smirked at her, if coming from anyone else he would have choked them until they passed out. Or died. With Ivy it was different, although, with Ivy it was always different. She was almost a different species from everyone he knew.

She was wearing a lovely sundress, he couldn't believe he still knew the meaning of "lovely" and a matching sunhat, while he was wearing, well, what he would usually wear on a hot day like this.

"You think," He grunted, dear God why did she have to pick the top of the mountain?

"Just because I hawve mah-scle, I can carry all food?" He questioned, lifting the basket of food for their picnic, again, Ivy's idea to "make use of such a beautiful day". Ivy looked down on him, flicking some of her black hair behind her ear.

"Viktor, you really vant to make little ole' me carry such a heavy basket all the way up this hill?" She made her little doe eyes and Viktor rolled his… eye at her. She could play such a victim when she wanted to, but what was a 10-pund basket in comparison to some of the stuff he's seen her carry on her own? Hell, he's even witnessed her carrying bags of rifles for her shooting team without breaking a sweat, and those must have been at least 30 pounds.

"You vant to make old man like me-" He tried to play the same card.

"Viktor you're not that old." Ivy snipped back at him, giving a rather displeased look, she even crossed her arms. Viktor knew right now was not the time to be poking fun at her about that matter, so he dropped it, arguing with the sunny girl would ruin a perfectly great day this was turning out to be. If it wasn't for her dragging him out, he would probably be slumping about in his tiny apartment. Perhaps even reading old letters he should probably have burned by now. But hadn't he?

He reached the top, and Ivy gave him an excited look. He caught his breathe and felt a nice breeze pass over, Ivy grabbed the basket and she laughed a little, looking at the surroundings as well.

"Sit Viktor, thank you for making it all the way up here." Ivy said, digging the blanket out, and Viktor did as he was told, looking up at this beautiful vision he was glad to call his fiancé. He opened his mouth to say "I love you" in his native tongue, something she adored-

He awoke with a startle. His heart was racing, palms sweaty, there was no possible way. Tears made their way to his eyes and his threat choked with screams he didn't want to release.

He wasn't ready to set her free yet.

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