Name: Why So Jealous?

Word Count: 1037

Song: Stupid Hoe

"Who's that?" Ivy piped, popping up behind Zib. The on-break musician turned slightly and a smirk overcame him. All this time everyone thought the only person of the opposite sex Viktor ever gave any sort of affection to was little Ms. Pepper.

"An old flame, apparently." Zib said quietly. Ivy with her bright golden eyes followed his gaze to the bar, where Viktor stood listening with an odd look to a woman probably ten years her senior. Her look was horrid though, mismatching hat and dress with cheap looking shoes. Ivy analyzed her and found her hairstyle unappealing as well. If she was trying to impress Viktor she was doing a horrible job.

"Well she has horrible taste." Ivy retorted, a little too snidely. Zib glanced at her, his smirk lessening and he was actually surprised. The young girl usually compliments other people rather than make unkind remarks, being raised with the phrase "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" and all. Viktor glanced over at the two and they proceeded to make themselves covert and turned around.

Viktor didn't understand why his past girlfriend decided to visit. They ended their relationship before he enlisted and since then they had no contact whatsoever. She apparently made it into America just last year and one of her relatives knew Mrs. Bapka who, in turn, knew Viktor.

"Zat beard really adds character, you know." She said taking a sip of her drink. Viktor could disagree. His beard added to the entertainment of Ms. Pepper when she was younger and she'd just pull on it. He only kept it because it distracted her of possibly wandering into a construction site.

"And your clothzing! Vhat look are you aiming for? Paper boy who does labor on ze side?" Viktor wasn't sure if she was flirting or not, it didn't sound like what Ms. Pepper would say to her suitors but he felt slightly insulted. Ms. Pepper sometimes said she liked his choice of clothing, not like her opinion counted in any of his decisions though, because it seemed practical in his line of work. Which was babysitting and bootlegging when Rocky was too much of an idiot to get it right.

He felt rather uncomfortable. He should be watching Ms. Pepper and making sure she wasn't getting molested or anything. Shifting his weight from one leg to the other his old flame seemed to notice how much he didn't want to be there.

"Are you married now…?" She asked. The question caught him off guard, and his face read it. Without even realizing it, he glanced over to find Ms. Pepper, perhaps as a defensive mechanism.

"I have a plan." Ivy said, slamming her fist into a palm. Zib was busy lighting a cigarette to really pay attention.

"I'll just pretend to get injured!" Zib's ear caught onto that.

"For what?" He asked, ignoring Ivy waving the smoke away from her nose.

"To save Viktor from that horrible date!" Ivy whispered loudly. Zib wasn't so sure and glanced back over to Vinegar Tom. He would think Ivy would be happy for the older man to have someone slightly interested in him. After all, Viktor had to be at least forty and not even married.

"He looks fine to me, not in need of saving…" Zib said, looking back to the trigger happy dancer. She pursed her lips in distaste.

"No possible way, just look at his face, he looks positively miserable." Ivy covertly gestured back to where Viktor and his 'date' were. Zib half-believed she was onto something and his eyes focused on Viktor's facial expressions. Nothing new.

"Doesn't he always look like that?" Zib asked her.

"Just follow my lead!" Ivy demanded while grabbing his arm with an odd amount of force and dragged him to the dance floor of the speakeasy.

"Uh, haven't met any-vun." Viktor said a little nervously. His old flame perked an eyebrow in interest. But really the whole thought of marriage hasn't even popped up for a long time-

"OWW, SOMEONE HELP!" Ms. Pepper's voice took instant hold on Viktor and suddenly everything else was unimportant. Viktor turned so quickly it shocked his old flame and he immediately took off. The albeit small crowd of dancers surrounded the small girl and were pushed aside by the larger man.

"Dievka, vhat happened?" Viktor said with minor fright in his deep voice. Ivy looked up with hurt eyes and Viktor's solo green eye traced down to her ankle, which Ivy was holding.

"I think I sprained my ankle…" Ivy replied with hurt in her voice as well. Zib managed to push his way past the crowd as well and made his way by Ivy's side.

"Here, I'll carry you-" Viktor wasn't about to allow that.

"No. Too lanky," He gestured towards Zib's skinny figure, "Might drop. I carry her." Zib felt a little insulted at Viktor doubting his ability to carry a 100 pound girl but he let it go due to the fact it was all a plan anyway. Viktor, not being able to bend down completely, took Ivy's small hand and easily lifted her without her having to use her ankle and bent down enough to not aggravate his knees to pick her up. She easily wrapped her arms around his neck. An all-too familiar action. The crowd made way for Viktor to carry Ivy out to the garage to take care of her 'sprained ankle'.

Zib walked further and realized he was standing next to Viktor's old flame, who was staring after them with an odd look in her eyes.

"So zat's who..." Zib wondered what she meant as she made her way out, never finishing her sentence.

Viktor carried Ivy into the garage and set her on one of the benches to further inspect her ankle. He took off her shoe with some difficulty due to the buckle being so small and his hands being so big and clumsy, he looked up to notice Ivy wearing a large smile. An odd look for someone who looked to be on the verge of tears just a minute before.

"You can thank me later from saving you from your path-of-destruction-date!" She chirped.


What was even more surprising was that he wasn't even mad.

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