Kurama's Child

chapter 3

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Naruka and Minato were just leaving the Cinnamon bun vendors when Naruka became contemplative which did not go unnoticed by her father, "Daddy," She finally asked. She tugged a bit on her father's hair.

Minato 'hmm d' to signify that she had his attention, "Are...are we there yet?"

There was a sweat drop on Minato's behalf as he answered, "Right up there," he pointed up a hill where a large cave was in the side, "Wise Kit Odi lives in that cave."

Naruka looked up and saw the cave entrance. She then jumped from her father's shoulders in excitement, slapped a cinnamon bun to his cheek in the process, kicked him in the face and used it as a spring board. Minato spun once from the force and fell forwards after a few dazed and failed steps. Minato picked himself up and grumbled about impatience with little red headed girls.

He walked behind his bouncing daughter, her excitement making him grin. He looked up and saw the large entrance to the cave. When they entered Naruka gasped, it was so pretty, there was bright, seemingly glowing, blue water flowing inside the walls behind what appeared to be diamond. Naruka glanced around and saw that the cave was filled with various books and scrolls of many different colors. She looked to the ceiling and saw that it was the same as the walls. The floor was compiled of many furred rugs of varying shades of brown. Before she could finish filling her eyes with awe, she was interrupted.

"Ah, Minato-sama, Naruka-hime," an aged, gray fox with five tails rose from a bedding in a far off corner. He motioned for the two to sit before him, "It's a pleasure." He then stopped and sneezed three times, throwing his head back and forth quickly.

Minato bowed his head, "Hai, Odi-sama."

Naruka bowed her head and gave her greeting then sat on the furred floor. She rubbed her hands over the beautifully textured floor.

"Yes, I do believe I know why you are here," He then sat before them on his haunches, Naruka noticed a very large, white scar on his underbelly that had no hair surrounding it, "You, Naruka-hime, need help with your transformation." Naruka nodded, "Pray tell me kit, what have you done so far?"

Naruka gave a smirk, "I can grow hair on bits of my body, but, that's all though." She seemed a bit disappointed that that was all that she could do.

Odi flashed a foxy- sideways grin at her, "That is a great start Naruka-hime."

Naruka bowed her head in a thank you gesture. She knew that true gratitude is not said, but it is seen.

Wise Kit Odi tilted his head in a sign of amusement, "I can see what I have in my library, Minato-sama, please help me." Minato nodded and rose to follow the old fox.

Naruka stood too, "Excuse me Odi-sir, what can I do?" She then made to follow her elders.

One of Odi's tails wrapped around her wrist and lead Naruka to a low table, there was an open scroll on its surface, "Read this Naruka-hime, this scroll holds a very simple chakra exercise, it should be fairly easy for you to complete." He then bowed to Naruka and turned to make his way back to the bookshelf.

Naruka bowed her head and looked at the scroll, there were diagrams and words. Her mother and father have been teaching her to read and write so she didn't need any help from the adults. She began to read the parchment, then putting it into her own words, since some were to hard to decipher. 'First I take a leaf,' she picked up a large leaf from a pile on the table, 'Second I mold my chakra to my hand,' she sent a tiny amount of chakra to her hand, 'Last I turn my hand upside down and it should stick,' She flipped her hand over and the leaf stuck for a few seconds before falling to the ground. Naruka beamed in her accomplishment and tried again. Soon the little Princess was just doing it to amuse herself.

Minato was searching through the books and scrolls along side Wise Kit Odi. The aged fox had asked him to look for certain literature on the transformation from human to fox and vice versa. It was a kitsune book, written by Inari herself. She had intrusted it to Wise Kit Odi centuries ago. He looked out the corner of his eye and saw that the ancient fox had pulled a scroll from the bookshelf and began to open it. He shut it after reading the contents and looked towards Minato who scratched the back of his head sheepishly and chuckled in a 'heh heh' fashion.


A certain man by the name of Goku sneezed, scratched the back of his head and chuckled in a 'heh heh' fashion and resumed dodging many random house objects courteous of his wife.



Minato looked back at the book shelf and the fist book he saw was the one he needed. The book was a burgundy with golden letters, it was so bright he wondered how he didn't see it sooner. The book translated to: Transformations and Control vol. 1, "I found it, Odi-sama," He then handed the book over to Odi who grabbed it with one of his tails. They then proceeded to turn around and looked at Naruka. They both saw a five year old girl with dozen of leaves sticking to her body. The two chuckled at her.

"What?" Naruka said defensively, "I ran out of room on my hands."

"You did perfect Naruka-hime," Odi said as he placed the scroll and book on the table. "Okay now Hime, we must become serious," He received a nod from Naruka. "Okay, This book contains the secrets of transformations and control. It was written by Inari-sama and is most definitely accurate to the tee." He then slipped into lecture mode, "Naruka, you are both part human and part fox. You are most unique. This transformation will take a long time to master, but, once you do master it, it will become natural."

Minato looked to his daughter and saw that she was hanging on Odi's every word. He spoke for a while on the subject before standing.

Odi grabbed the book with a tail and flipped through the pages with the other. He had found what he was looking for and put the book down. He then stated to shake, he lost his hair and the bones in his frame were shifting. Where there was once an old kitsune now stood a very old man who resembled father time. He coughed a few times and took a shaky step forward, smiling at the shocked faces of the other two. "You did not know I could do that did you?" He received a nod of 'no' from the two. "Well then, Princess Naruka," Odi chuckled, "Shall we begin?"

The next ten years would be one of sacrifice, but they, what's ten years to an immortal?

Year One and Two (Naruka age 5-6)

5:30am- 5:50am- Breakfast with Mother and Father

6:00am- 6:45am- Stretching and Meditation with Father

6:50am- 7:55am- Nin/Gen/Taijutsu theory with Father

8:00am- 8:45am- Chakra control and theory with Father

8:45am-9:50am- Fuin jutsu theories with Father

10:00am- 10:45am- Stretching and Meditation with Mother

10:45am- 11:30am- Kenjutsu theory with Mother

11:30am- 12:30pm- Yokai control and theory with Mother

12:30pm- 12:50pm- Lunch with Mother and Father

12:50pm- 2:00pm- Academics (history, science, writing, etc) with Mother and Father

2:00pm- 2:45pm- 2:00pm- Basic weapons training (kunai, shuriken , ninja wire etc) with Father

3:00pm- 5:00pm- Transformation training with Wise Kit Odi

5:00pm-5:30pm- Cool down with Wise Kit Odi (10 laps around the palace with 20lbs on each wrist and 40lbs on each leg followed by 20 laps in the river) Physical weights stay on.

7:00pm- Dinner

8:00pm- Sleep

-Third day into training-

"Daddy?" Naruka asked her father as they did their morning exercises. Both switching positions into a downward dog.

Minato looked to his daughter, "Yes hon?"

Naruka switched in position from a downward dog into a split, "Why doesn't Mommy get up and train with us?" She held the split, "She eats breakfast with us then goes back to bed."

Minato chuckled nervously, he looked towards the large door of the training room. He was hoping his wife couldn't hear, "Your mother," He whispered and leaned closer, "Isn't a morning fox."

Minato heard a roar, well, more like a load yawn from his mate, "I heard that."

Minato sweat dropped and Naruka giggled. She loved her Mommy and Daddy, they were too silly sometimes.

...She changed positions.

Year Three and Four (Naruka age 7-8)

5:10am- 5:25am- Breakfast with Mother and Father

5:30am- 6:25am- Stretching and Meditation with Father

6:25am- 7:45am- Nin/Gen/Taijutsu Katas and exercises with Father

8:00am- 8:50am- Chakra control with Father

8:55am-9:40am- Beginners and Intermediate Fuinjutsu and theory with Father

9:40am- 10:20am- low ranked jutsu with Father

10:30am- 10:55am- Stretching and Meditation with Mother

10:55am- 11:30am- Kenjutsu Katas and exercises with Mother

11:35am- 12:30pm- Yokai control with Mother

12:30pm- 1:40pm- Strategy with politics and law with Mother and Father

1:45pm- 2:05pm- Lunch with Mother and Father

2:05pm- 2:45pm- Target practice, tracking and trapping with Father

2:45pm- 3:30pm- Beginner Combination Kit jutsu using Tarrlok and Bolin with Mother

3:30pm- 4:50pm- Blood Manipulation theory and katas with Mother

5:00pm- 7:00pm- Transformation Control and Transformation jutsu with Wise Kit Odi

7:00pm-7:30pm- Cool down with Wise Kit Odi (25 laps around the palace with 40lbs on each wrist and 80lbs on each leg followed by 40 laps in the river) Physical weights stay on.

8:00pm- Dinner with Mother and Father

9:00pm- Sleep

-7 year old Naruka-

Naruka studiedthe pictures in her hands, these were the pictures of her Daddy's precious people. He kept them close to his heart, literally, they were kept in the left pocket in his Jonin vest.

"Tell me about them, Naruka-chan," Her father asked of her.

Naruka pushed a strand of her straightening curls behind her ear and answered her father, "Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, aka, the Professor also given the title 'Kami of Shinobi' during war time. He was your predecessor and your sensei's Master. He is the successor of the Second Hokage, Tobirama-sama. His rival, Danzo Shimura, is not to be trusted at any cost. His three students led on to become the Three Legendary Sennin."

She paused and looked to her father, when she received a nod she switched pictures, "Jiraiya or the Legendary Gama Sage. He was given that title because he was able to control nature chakra with the help of the toads, Ma and Pa, who are also his summons.

"He, along with his teammates, Tsunade Senju and Orochimaru-teme, challenged the Raikage to battle and as genin were able to hold their own. The Raikage was impressed and gave them the title of Sennin of the Leaf. One of his teammates, Orochimaru-teme, defected from Konoha, Jiraiya now has the largest spy network in the elemental nations searching for him and gaining information on other nations and criminal organizations. He was your sensei and is my Godfather. Also, he is known as a super pervert and writes Icha Icha Paradise."

A tick mark appeared on her mother's forehead at the though of that little orange book. She was flattered that he would use her for his inspiration but one book was a little too explicit and it pissed her off. The man had watched her make love to her mate for the first time! When she found out he was lucky he was in Lightning Country because if he were in Fire country he would have been beaten all the way to Lightning Country, "Jiraiya," She seethed through her clenched teeth.

In Tea Country

There was a man peeking over a hot spring wall, he was writing furiously into his notebook when all of a sudden-


-every female in the vicinity honed in on him like a radar and then came at him full force, and with a vengeance, ready and willing to kill any pervert-peeper in the immediate area. Jiraiya could go toe to toe with the worlds most ferocious criminals but could not beat a horde of civilian women. He cried anime tears as he ran for his life.

Back to the Kingdom of Inari

Naruka switched pictures after receiving a nod from her father, "Kakashi Hatake was your genin student along with Rin Inuzuka and Obito Uchiha. He was given the name the 'copy cat ninja' due to the single Sharingann eye that was given to him by the death of Obito Uchiha, implanted by Rin Inuzuka. He is also known as the man who has copied a thousand jutsu.

"He covers seventy-five percent of his face and wears multiple masks. He eye smiles to show that he either doesn't trust you or he is up to no good and sometimes when he is embarrassed. He has a signature jutsu he created, the Chidori, and he uses substitution frequently in battle and carries an inflatable log with him on his person at all times. He believes greatly in teamwork, and now for the past seven years has been know to be consistently late. Also he is a major pervert who reads Icha Icha."

Kurama's tick mark reappeared and it was at full force. Kakashi was the 'explicit' book's biggest fan. Kurama still could not believe the nerve of Jiraiya.

Naruka smiled and switched pictures...

Year Five, Six, Seven and Eight (Naruka age 9-12)

4:00am- 4:10am- Breakfast with Mother and Father

4:15am- 5:50am- Stretching and Meditation with Father

5:50am- 6:10am- Nin/Gen/Taijutsu Training with Father

6:10am- 6:55am- Chakra control with Father

6:55am-7:45am- Advanced Fuinjutsu with Father

7:50am- 8:40am- Sage Arts and elemental jutsu with Father

8:40am- 9:10am- Rasengan and Hirashin with Father

9:15am- 9:50am- Stretching and Meditation with Mother

9:50am- 10:50am- Kenjutsu training with Mother (First actual sword)

10:50am- 11:25am- Yokai control with Mother (up to five tails)

11:25am- 12:10pm- Advanced Combination Kit jutsu using Tarrlok and Bolin with Mother

12:10pm- 1:15pm- Genjutsu/ Demonic Genjutsu with Mother

1:20pm- 2:20pm- Blood Manipulation training with Mother

2:20pm- 2:40pm- Lunch with Mother and Father

2:50pm- 3:50pm- Academics (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

- Survival training (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)

3:50pm- 4:50pm- Sparring with Father

4:50pm- 5:40pm- Sparring with Mother

6:00pm- 7:00pm- Transformation Control and Transformation jutsu with Wise Kit Odi

7:00pm-7:40pm- Cool down with Wise Kit Odi (80 laps around the village with 100lbs on each wrist and 200lbs on each leg and 100 laps in the river) Physical weights stay on.

8:00pm- Dinner

9:00pm- Sleep

-9 year old Naruka-

"Okay Naruka, envision the blood in your opponent's body," Kurama commanded her daughter, "The art of Blood Manipulation is ruthless. In turn, you must be ruthless." She circled her daughter, checking her form.

Naruka concentrated on the man in front of her. Her mother had taken him from a prison in Iwa. Like her mother and father, she too, did not hold Iwa ninja in high regard. Her father had taken her a few times to the other world as... field trips or what not, and they were always nasty.

Anyways, Naruka refused to use Blood Manipulation on her people, so her mother had to resort to kidnapping people in the middle of the night, returning them in the morning, or whenever they were done with training. She focused again and looked at the blindfolded man.

She felt his blood with her energy, it was very intimate and it aroused her sexuality. It made her feel very powerful, and lusty. She shivered. She moved her arms in resemblance to suiton-like katas. The man's body began to contort, his arms went akimbo, his back fell into a bow, he was on his knees and his back twisted. She focused and she was able to twist his wrist until a POP was heard. She splintered his wrist. He tried to scream but nothing but a gargle came out. Naruka pulled more on his blood and lifted him a foot off the ground. He was gurgling even more now and crying like a very pathetic little piece of scum.

"Perfect Naruka-chan, keep it up like this," Her mother praised her and she smiled. Her daughter, like she, was a natural at Blood Manipulation and was making her mother proud. "Baby, knock him out," She made this command sweet, she never needed to raise her voice at her daughter, Naruka was always obedient. She knew she would be able to one day let her go on her own without the worry others had of there children.

Naruka concentrated for a split second on the man's brain and he fell limp. She let him fall to the ground and looked to her mother's praising eyes. "Next week we will be working on controlling his movements. You can make them do many, many things Naruka-chan, anything you want." There was a suggestive glint to her meaning and Naruka saw it.

Naruka smiled and thought of how easy this would be going to the other world, the human world, using Blood Manipulation to take everyone out. She quickly destroyed that idea from her mind and remembered what her father had told her once,

'A ninja never should rely on a single way of attack. An opponent would catch on and they will kill you. You would be dead.'

Year Nine and Ten (Naruka age 13-15)

(Sunday and Thursday are off days.)

4:50am- Breakfast with Mother and Father

5:00am- Stretching, Meditation and Chakra control with Father

6:00am- Sparring with Father

7:00am- Training with Tarrlok and Bolin

8:00am- Stretching, Meditation and Yokai control (eight tails) with Mother

9:00am- Sparring with Mother

10:00am- Medical Ninjutsu and herbs with Wise Kit Odi

11:00am- Anatomy and Biology with Wise Kit Odi

12:00pm- Politics and law with Wise Kit Odi

1:00pm- Lunch/ Free time

2:00pm- Sparring using Tarrlok and Bolin with Father

4:00pm- Sparring using Tarrlok and Bolin with Mother

5:00pm- 5:30pm- Cool down with Wise Kit Odi

5:30pm-6:30pm- Training little kits with Wise Kit Odi: Nanai; Kongor; Lapis; Denear; Zebic; Erincrt

6:30pm- Philosophy and theory with Wise Kit Odi

7:00pm- Shogi/ Go/ Chess- games of strategy with Wise Kit Odi

8:00pm- Dinner with Mother and Father

10:00pm- Sleep

-Naruka age 15/ present time-

"I take my knight and slay your queen."

"I take my bishop to slay your knight."

"I take my castle to slay your knight."

"My pawn took your castle."

"A necessary sacrifice, check."

"No you don't, my king slays your bishop."

"I move, check."

"I move."

"I move, check."

"I move."

"I move, check."

"I move."

"I move, check."

"I move."

"I move, check."

"Okay, we are getting nowhere, I call a stalemate."

"I agree, neither side was to waver any time soon."

"Naruka-hime," Wise Kit Odi addressed the woman before him with a calculating look in her eyes, "I am old and hungry, I must go to eat."

"We could use more company at the table," Naruka rose on all fours in her fox form. She looked like an overgrown fox with gold earrings and a plated tiara. Her fur was red but could change color at her whim. Her claws were made of gold just like her sharp canines. Her eyes were blue-silver and were outlined with black, like eyeliner.

"Thank you, I would much appreciate that Princess Naruka," Odi bowed to the Princess who looked towards Tarrlok and spoke to him in the fox language of body movements and noises. Tarrlok rose and came to her side, Bolin, the fox-ferret came bounding behind him.

"We are bringing the younger foxes to the dinner with us." Naruka turned to exit Odi's cave and walk the familiar path down the face of the cliff. She jumped down to touch the soft earth beneath her. She then began her trek into town.


Everyone stopped what they were doing to bow to her, she was always flattered because she had told them on multiple occasions that there was no need to drop what they were doing to simply bow to her. They had asked why not, that they chose to do so because she was their most beloved Princess.

Naruka walked up to a slight rise in the ground and scratched on the door. A moment later a large black fox answered. The fox was over joyed top see the Princess. "Princess Naruka," The kitsune exclaimed with a yip and stiffening of his body language, "It is a pleasure, Kongor should be inside." The fox turned and called for Kongor. The very large kit came running to the entrance.

"Naruka-sensei, are we doing super secret training tonight?!" The over excited fox yipped with a gleam in it's eyes.

"No, no, Kongor. I am inviting you and your families to a dinner." She then addressed the father, "Come at eight thirty sir," She then lifted her chin above the other fox's in a sign of dominance and respect to her citizen. The fox licked her chin and stepped back showing that he has recognized her dominance and respectfully answered.

She turned to leave with a happy yip from the father fox at the door way. She made her way to the homes of Lapis, Nanai, Denear, Zebic, and Erincrt. They were all invited to the wonderful feast that was being prepared in the light of Naruka's departure to the Human world.

The large table encompassed the room from wall to wall.

Naruka was seated in her fox form just across from her mother and father, her father in a fox form- blond and large, with a spiky mess between his fox ears. To her right was Wise Kit Odi, She loved the old Kitsune with all her heart and then some. To her left was Tarrlok with an excited, yet very respectable, Bolin next to him. Next to her mother were all the families of her charges.

First was Kongor, the largest of the kits sitting along side his even larger mother and father. They were well groomed and they were minding their manners. Kongor was all brown except a white patch over his right eye that ended at his impressive maw. He was strong and sturdy, like the earth, this made him unique to the Earth Jutsu.

Next was Nanai, the thinnest of her kitsune charges. She was sitting with her equally thin parents. They were a happy family with nothing in them but positive energy. Nanai was a light green fox with longer than normal ears and a thin tail, making it easier to glide through the air with her Wind Jutsu.

Sitting across from them, next to Bolin, was Lapis and her family, who were quiet and collected. Lapis was a blue fox with long, white whiskers on her snout. Her whiskers helped her 'see' when she dove long distances under water. The depth making it quite difficult to see her surroundings. Her affinity for water allowed her to adjust rather quickly to Water Jutsu.

Next to them was Denear and his family, they were very quiet, like Lapis and her family and quite small compared to the other foxes at the table. They were white with black rings all over their bodies. They had very large ears that had black tips, similar to that of a desert fox. When threatened they rolled up their ears tightly and let loose an ear splitting sound that could render their predators deaf. This made it quite easy for him to be taught Sound Jutsu.

Across from Denear was Zebic and his family of bright red foxes. They were Very hot tempered, but, such happy individuals. Zebic's personality earned him the nickname of 'Hot Head' from Naruka. She only used it when she was upset with him, which wasn't very often, no one would dare to purposefully anger the Princess. This temper of his made him a perfect candidate for the Fire Jutsu.

At the end of the table was Erincrt with his mother and sister. Naruka had found out early in their training that Erincrt's father had been skinned by poachers. They skinned his body and left the rest of him to rot! Naruka had been so angry and mournful for her student that she had spent most of a week punching and kicking things everywhere. No one! And she meant no one brought harm to any of her citizens. Erincrt was a sad kit, but when happy, he was very unpredictable and prankish. His unpredictable nature made Naruka -and later Wise Kit Odi- want to train him in Lightning Jutsu.

Naruka saw a waiter fox with two tails holding a tray above himself, making his way towards the table, he bowed to the occupants and turned to leave after he set down the food. Everyone was ready to begin eating before Naruka called out to the waiter in a soft yip, when he turned she gave signals to the fox with her body, the language spoke, "Please do leave extra in the kitchen, I wish to dine with you all later." The fox was ecstatic, bowed and ran towards the swinging kitchen door to tell his fellow co-workers.

Naruka turned to her mother who gave a nod and lifted her glass, "I wish to give a toast," She began, "To my daughter, may she slay the evil humans and restore peace among our kind!" And with that said they began to eat and have small talk, when the eating was done Naruka went to the servants and continued the party. There was much merriment throughout the night that she seemed a bit disappointed at the notion of having to leave her people.

It was nearly one in the morning when she went to her sleeping quarters. She had just started brushing her long, red hair when her mother walked in.

"Hello, Momma," Naruka greeted as she handed her brush to her mother.

Kurama smiled and silently brushed her daughter's hair. When she spoke it was a bit detached, "Have you made the seals to transport your room?"

Naruka looked at her room from the mirror, it was definitely a sight to behold. The room was excessively large, it could fit more then about a hundred people with their arms spread wide and still not touch one another. There wasn't a ceiling and the night sky could be seen. The floor was the healthiest shade of green grass. There were a few patches of exotic orchids and many dandelions. Towards the center stood a small yet beautiful waterfall that ran into white rocks in a riverbed. Magic was what Wise Kit Odi had told her that made the water recycle itself against gravity. In the center of the riverbed was an island of the same lustrous grass and on the left of said island was a Sakura tree in full bloom. The pinkened flowers had grown and some had fallen into the water. In the center of the island was a fuuinjutsu symbol of 'transport'. Yes it was definitely a sight to behold. "Yes Momma." Naruka answered.

Kurama continued to brush her daughter's long, flowing hair, "Good," She paused and looked into Naruka's eyes from the mirror, "Please recite what your mission in the human world is." She then continued her brushing.

Naruka was silent for a moment collecting her thoughts before she spoke. She looked up at her mother and said, "My mission is my first royal act as a Princess and one day, hopefully one day long from now, successor as a Kyuubi. I am to seek and destroy all the poaching organizations, save our kin from the horrible humans that practice this poaching. The horrible ones who do it from some sick and twisted sport die a grizzly death. Those foxes that are saved have the option of being housed with me within my transported room. I am to also," She paused and took a long and shaken breath then continued, "I am also to bury all the lives lost, be it whole bodies, mutilated bodies, furs or even stuffed kin." She then inhaled, then exhaled. She just could not believe that this could ever happen to her citizens.

"And how are you to sneak around the elemental nations undetected?" Kurama asked her daughter as she placed the brush in her hand.

"By becoming a Shinobi of Konoha of course."

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