Kurama's Child


chapter 6

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Chapter six

"We've done twenty three D-ranked 'missions', when will we be done Kakashi-kun?" Naruka pouted in her gold silk wrap, her braided hair bouncing behind her. She latched onto Shikamaru's arm, purring in delight, rubbing her head on his shoulder, then looking towards Kakashi, pouting once more.

"It's sensei, Naruka-hime," Kakashi said holding open the door of the Hokage's tower.

Naruka 'humphed' and grabbed Shino's hand. Shino looked horrified as one of his kikaichu began teading it's way across his hand and onto Naruka's. Inside Shino's head, chibi Shino was blue and starting to freeze into a block of ice from horror.

"Relax Shino-kun," Naruka said, letting go of her teammate's hand and her other's arm. She raised her index finger to her forearm, letting the insect crawl onto her finger. She smiled as she touched Shino's cheek. The kikaichu crawled off her finger and onto Shino's face, disappearing into his coat. Naruka tapped Shino playfully on the nose and turned to skip inside, her heals clicking on the floor. Bolin bounded behind her in excitment.

Shino shook himself out of his stupor. Wow, she sure was something else.

Naruka stood defiantly in front of the Hokage and Iruka, "Hokage-sama, it's just a C-ranked mission. Nothing big, I just want to experience something new. I've been cooped up too long," Naruka said with a twinkle in her eye. The thought of leaving this village and venturing off to another world sounded pleasing.

"Naruka-hime, please, you are a fresh genin. You couldn't possibly handle a C-rank mission," Iruka stated as he pulled out a scroll, "Okay I have a D-rank mission, the Inuzuka need a team to walk their dogs-"

Bolin hiss-yipped, lowering himself to the floor, his tail flickering back and forth, up and down, quite violently. Naruka's teeth were golden, "If you don't want the Inuzuka's to have dead dogs I suggest you never make that kind of offer again."

Iruka was sweating from the killing intent. Something came through the window, a fox, it lowered itself in front of Naruka. She made a yip and moved her hands. The fox righted itself and sat on its haunches. Naruka looked to her teammates who were sweating, looking at the fox. "Oh right, you haven't met, this is Tarrlok, my best friend. Tarrlok this here is Shikamaru-kun and Shino-kun my teammates."

Shino and Shikamaru smiled and waved slightly to the large red fox, who was currently licking his maw.

"Well then," Iruka began anew, "I have a scroll to paint a house." Naruka glared at Iruka. Bolin growled as did Tarrlok. No one angered the Princess, no fox would allow it. That is, unless the Princess allowed them to anger her. That still confussed the foxes though.

Hiruzen sat back, puffing on his tobacco pipe. He gave a calculating look to Team Ten, he knew they were more then ready for a C-rank mission. He just wanted them to know it too. Glancing at the picture of Minato, Hiruzen cursed him for having a daughter. 'If only you were a boy, Naruka-hime, then my blood pressure wouldn't be so high. Maybe.'

Naruka turned to Kakashi, "Kakashi-sensei, you know we are ready, please, tell them."

Kakashi saw something else in her eyes. It was a warning. The man gulped, he was scared because she never called him sensei in front of others. She would tease him though, in private. She would say things like, 'Kakashi-sensei, please help me unclasp my bra.'

Kakashi looked to Iruka, "Please, a C-rank. I know my team can handle it."

Iruka made to argue but the Hokage was too quick, "Okay then, I do have a fairly simple C-rank. You must escort Tazuna-san, a master bridge builder, to Wave and help him complete his bridge." The Hokage then tapped a buzzer on his desk and the door opened, "This is Tazuna-san of Wave."

Tazuna made to step into the room but fell flat on his face, he was a bit intoxicated, "So many beautiful women, are you all related?" Naruka giggled as the males shook their heads. They would never be able to escape the blessed beauty of Naruka-hime.

"Nope, there's only one of me sir," Naruka smiled and helped the older man to his feet.

This was going to be a long trip.

The walk from the gate was rather uneventful, that is until they all saw the puddle. That was when things got interesting. The ninja all thought one thing, genjutsu. After that thought they all thought together, 'might be for someone else, better leave them be.' Simple right?

All except Naruka that is. She walked up to the puddle with Tarrlok, Bolin perched on her's shoulders. Her team sighed, they knew what would most likely happen... something provocative.

"Wow, you guys, look at this not so very suspicious puddle in the middle of the road," Naruka said peering above it, feigning curiosity.

Kakashi began to silently cry, he was hoping for the world not to go to hell in a hand basket this soon in the day. He watched as Naruka stood over the water with an impish grin. Kakashi blushed a bit, 'She wouldn't.'

Ah, but, she did. She stripped and dropped her silk wrap on the puddle. She was now in her black spandex underwear with a slightly wrapped chest. Her teammates blushed scarlet, Kakashi turned to a stunned Tazuna, "This is why you don't drink! A man needs to remember these moments!" Tazuna quickly threw his sake at a tree without removing his eyes from the lass.

There was a commotion from inside the puddle. Two heads came up and were pushing each other to get a better view.

"Move it!"

"No, you move it!"

"Hello," Naruka said grabbing them both by the hair and pulling them out of the puddle, "Excuse me, but you wouldn't happen to know why you're in the middle of the road inside a puddle now would you?"

They both were a bit stunned and jumped back from the Princess. They looked menacing but Naruka simply giggled, "I guess not."

"I'm Mizu, and that's Gozu, together we are the Demon Brother's of the Mist." They then drew their weapons, getting into a battle stance.

Naruka picked up her wrap, "Okay then, it seems y'all want to get down to business so I'll just let you do that," The woman smiled as she took her mother's taijutsu stance. "Let my glory rain!" She dashed forward with surprising speed. Mizu and Gozu launched their blades. Naruka lept onto the chain and ran forwards and kneed Gozu in the nose, blood gushing everywhere.

Using her momentum of the delivered knee, she spun herself and kicked Mizu in the back of the head. He slid forward leaving a trailed impression in the dirt as he was slammed into a tree.

Gozu dashed forward with kunai swords in hand, slashing at the princess, and missing each time. Naruka giggled as she danced with the chunnin. Holding out her foot, he tripped and she punched him in the solar plexus. The impact was so devastating, time seemed to stop as his eyes popped from his head. He exhaled and time resumed as blood shot out his mouth and he flew into a tree, out cold.

Mizu was on his feet and dashing towards her, intent of putting her down for the count. The audience was on the edge of their seats as Naruka spun on the balls of her feet, planting the side of her six inch heel into the side of the missing nin's head. He flew into a tree uprooting it, knocking him out like his brother.

The Konoha men felt obsolete at the moment. She just creamed these two chunnins without batting an eyelash.

"That was fun," Naruka said as she skipped over to her teammate's and client. "No need to worry Tazuna-san, you're safe with us," She then gave him a critical eye, "But, you lied to me."

Tazuna began to sweat, "Uhm, uh, yes I did, please my people are suffering. I didn't have the money to pay for a higher mission ranking, please help my people." He felt so ashamed and dirty as he looked at the dusted ground. This woman could kill him right now for his lie, or worst, she could refuse to help Wave.

"It'll be okay because I'll pay for your mission fee." She smiled at the shocked man.

"Are you sure Naruka-hime?" Kakashi asked.

"He lied to us Naruka-hime." Shikamaru retouched.

"Why should we help him, he has not proven he is trust worthy Naruka-hime." Shino asked logically while pushing up his sunglasses, the sun reflecting making him look even more like a bad ass.

Naruka gave a friendly smile, "Because, what kind of Princess would let innocent people suffer? Especially when I have the power to stop it." She then held a hand over her mouth and turned to both her foxy ninken "Think of the poor children!" Both foxes covered their noses with their paws in regret, thinking of the poor children.

"Bless your soul," Tazuna said with tears of joy.

"Thank you," Naruka curtsied, "Now could you please tell us about your situation?"

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"It's all about this man Gato, he is a major business tycoon. He runs his business out from our small town. He has drained our home of everything. He enforces taxes with hired thugs and mercenaries. When he doesn't get his taxes from you, well, the first time they beat you. If there is a second time, he beats your wife. If there's ever a third... he has his thugs beat your children." Tazuna was a bit choked up, there was so much pain in his eyes as he told the rest of his tale about his step son's sacrifice, to how Gato killed Tazuna's wife in cold blood.

Naruka cried the whole time, begging Inari-sama for the strength to help these people. This man's story was awful, she could NOT let this happen for any longer, "No worries sir, well help you and your nation."

Kakashi stood, "Her mind is made up so, if she goes, I go."

Shikamaru stood next, "This is going to be a lot of work *sigh* but if she's on board then I am too."

Everyone looked to Shino who was already standing, "Yes, I too will accompany my team until the very end." The sun reflected off this glasses again, this time it was even cooler because he was looking towards the sky... Naruka squealed.

"You are so adorable Shino-kun!"

Everyone sighed and followed the Princess.

It was high noon when they had finally crossed the lake, Tarrlok had to walk on the water along side the boat because it was becoming too crowded. He didn't mind, the cool water beneath his pads was refreshing.

The group docked and walked onto the shore.

Naruka had a sudden whiff of something very delicious, "Rabbit," She whispered, "Rabbit!" She yelled as Tarrlok pounced into a bush. When he rose there was a bloody rabbit in his mouth. Its white fur stained red.

"Gross," Shikamaru said watching Tarrlok give his kill to Naruka.

"I agree," That was all Shino had to say as he placed his hands in his jacket pockets. His bugs were antsy, meaning trouble was coming in and fast!

"Down!" Kakashi yelled.

Naruka grabbed Bolin and held onto him as everyone ducked under the massive blade that flew above them and into the tree. Naruka looked up and saw the sexiest thing ever, "Yummy!" She said as she stood provocatively, "You sure look like an interesting guy." She ran her finger across his blade, drawing blood. Her wound healed instantly.

The man looked at this girl like she had lost her mind, "I try to kill you and you flirt with me?"

Naruka giggled in a sexy way, "Really? I hadn't noticed. So, what's a drink of water like yourself doing out here? Hm?"

Zabuza grinned under his mask, "Come closer hun and find out," He flirted back.

The other men took a battle stance, "Zabuza Momochi," Kakashi said, a glare in his one eye, "Demon of the Bloody Mist."

"So you all have heard of me, wait, no, Sharingann Kakashi! No way, you have a team!" He laughed and jumped back, taking his sword with him.

"I know, it's hard to believe."

"Pfft. So, hand over the old man so that puke tyrant will give me a paycheck and we can part ways."

"You! You work for Gato! You're an oppressor! And worse, you're a child beater!" Naruka fumed.

"What? Oppressor? Child beater? What the fuck are you talking about? I'm just here to kill the bridge builder, collect my pay then move on."

Naruka growled, "You're sick!"

Zabuza was confused, "What are you talking about? I'm surviving."

"Naruka-hime, I'll take care of this," Kakashi said, "Protect Tazuna."

Zabuza raised his imaginary eyebrow, "Hime? Huh? She's a Princess?"

"That's right child beater! I'm Princess Naruka bitch and you will not leave here without learning a lesson."

Zabuza chuckled, "You're all hot and bothered," He snickered then yelled out, "I don't beat children!"

Naruka turned a shoulder to him, "Likely story Zabuza-kun."

Now Zabuza was confused, "Which one is it? Are you angry or not?" Zabuza then thought of what he just said, 'Why do I even care?' He shook his head increduosly and looked back to Kakashi, and the battle began.

"Wow, that was quick Kakashi-kun," Naruka snickered from the sidelines.

"Shut up Naruka-hime," Kakashi grumbled from inside the water prison.

"What are you going to do now? You're trapped," Zabuza summoned three water clones, "I think I'll knock out the two boys and kill the old man." He then looked at Naruka, "She looks to be a wild one."

Naruka had the nerve to blush, "Zabuza-kun! You devil." She giggled, "But you know I can't let you do that right?"

Zabuza shook his head, "Would you change your mind if I did?"

Naruka put a finger to her chin, "Nope, I don't think so."

Zabuza sighed, "Well then, shall we?"

Naruka grinned, she liked fighting.

Zabuza's three clones ran towards the genin who were in a triangle formation around Tazuna. Tarrlok crouched down and inhaled deeply while Naruka put her fingers in the lion seal and yelled, "Kitsune art: Expel". Out of Tarrlok's mouth came a highly concentrated mass of chakra that took on a sphere. Bolin ran and jumped off from Tarrlok's shoulders and smashed the red sphere with his hind legs making it fly into one of the water clones. The clone flew back and turned into water.


Zabuza looked on at the scene, "Your princess sure doesn't fit the stereo type as helpless," Zabuza said as he glanced down at Kakashi. "What kind of princess is she?"

Kakashi eye smiled, "Oh, just a ninja princess."

Zabuza just looked back at the trio and smirked, "Well, that's good to know."

A Zabuza clone managed to sidestep another wave of kukaichu from Shino. Due to Shino's excellent long range battle techniques he could stand guard over Tazuna.

Shikamaru had the same strategy but he just stood there feeling a bit out of place. Shino sighed and withdrew his insects, there was no point to fighting. Naruka was wiping he floor with this missing nin's bushins... Shikamaru and Shino exchanged glances, "Maybe in the future we can fight..." Shino stated.

Shikamaru hung his head low at the implications of 'in the future'.

Naruka ran forward and dodged the water clone and jumped to the left, stepped on his sword and kneed him in the chin. The clone fell to the ground as water. She used her monentum to kick the mizu bushin is the face with her heel as it and the sword fell as water to the ground.

Naruka smirked as she ran towards another mizu bushin. The clone preformed a downward slash. Naruka dodged to the right then to the left. She grabbed the sword by the hole at the end and yanked the blade from the hands of Zabuza's clone. She smashed the hilt of the blade into the clones chest and watched in satisfaction as it fell as water taking the sword with it.

Naruka turned to the original and shouted, "Oi, Zabuza-kun! I wanna fight you, child beater!"

Zabuza's tick mark appeared above his head, "You damn gaki-hime!" Before he could create more water clones he watched in facination as Naruto unsealed a sword from her hand... it was beautiful! The blade was ancient and deadly. It shone with a glint of danger. It was nearly four foot from tip to tip. (Look at the story pic!:) Zabuza was epically distracted and was rewarded with a kick to the chest. This released the drowning Kakashi from the water prison.

"Hey! Snap out of it!" Naruka yelled to Zabuza as she landed in front of Kakashi. Shino landed behind Naruka and picked up their sensei who was struggling to stay above the water. Naruka then cat called, "Oh, Zabuza-kuuuuunnnn." She swung her sword from side to side then spun it around her wrist, "This is Sekushi Senshi."

Zabuza sweat dropped, "Sexy Warrior?" He lifted his sword to rest on his shoulder as he gave the princess a quizzical look, "You named your sword Sexy Warrior?"

Naruka grinned like a fox, "Yeah." She then resealed it, "But I'll let Kakashi-kun.. I mean Sensei fight you now if you want, child beater." She then studied the missing nin, 'Or I can use his strengths to my advantage.'

"Awe, I wanted to see just what that sword would do." Zabuza said. A tick mark quickly reappeared, "Woman!"

Naruka looked at Zabuza and giggled. "Zabu-kun, I have a proposition." She then took out a scroll and ink and began to write. She quickly rolled it up and threw it to missing nin who caught it and read the contents.

'If he agrees to this, hm, Gato is as good as dead.' Naruka though to herself as she watched Zabuza.

Zabuza read the contents and looked back at the princess, "Really?"

Naruka nodded with a sly grin. "Then later maybe we could meet up" She winked.

Zabuza chuckled, yes, he would agree to her terms. He wanted that ass.

XD that ass

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