Uncharted: Battle Royale

Summary: As a couple of you guys probably know, there is a new game coming out called "Playstation AllStars Battle Royale". For each of the characters that are going to be featured in the game, I'm creating a Story Mode fanfiction for what will happen for them in the game. Hope you all enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Uncharted, or any of the characters that are featured in this story.

Chapter 1: The Trail of Fate

"Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap. Why do things like this always happen to me?" Drake groaned as he was running for his life, away from an angry chainsaw-wielding clown with a flaming scalp on the peak of a mountainside amidst the wreckage of a derailed train.

"Come back here, little man." the clown, known as Sweet Tooth, said. "I'll make your demise quick and painless as possible!"

"No!" Drake shouted back. "I hate clowns! And zombies, and pirates, and especially a very pissed off Sully!" Before Swet Tooth could say another word, Drake fired a stray shot from a RPG launcher he picked up, which blew up the surface of a mountain wall, sending rocks tumbling down at the clown, knocking it out and away.

Drake's adventure had started after he was betrayed by his partner Harry Flynn, as they were searching for clues of the location of Marco Polo's expedition to Shambala. Because of such betrayal, Drake was left to be imprisoned in a local jail.

"You forgot one little detail, didn't you, partner?" Drake pantomimed Flynn in a hand-puppet show for himself, out of a bout of boredom.


"Face it, genius. You've been played!"

"Oh, have I?" Drake said to himself, as he made one of his hands shape a gun figure, shooting the Flynn hand, as a figure came up from behind. "Hey, jackass! You're ruining the show!"

"Oh, that's a shame." a familiar voice answered. Drake looked over, and saw the voice belonged to his right-hand man and father figure, Victor "Goddamn" Sullivan.

"Hey, Sully! Glad to see ya!"

"I really can't leave you alone for a minute, can I?" Sully said, with a frown forming on his stoic face. "I paid your bail already."

"How did you find me?"

"A friend of yours tipped me off." Sully said, as a young woman wearing a red tanktop came over towards Drake. "I believe you know Chloe Frazer?"

"Oh, no. No. Get her out of here!"

"Drake, hold on. Just give me a moment to explain." Chloe said, trying to defend her case.

"Why should I? After all that Flynn has done, why don't you go with him?" Drake said angrily.

"Look, I had no idea Harry was planning that. And whatever the whole deal with the Cintimani Stone is, it's only the beginning."


"Apparently, Lazerevic was talking about there being the discovery of other worlds appearing here out of nowhere, over in Borneo."

"Well, whatever that would mean, we'll use this opportunity to go and beat them to the treasure and snatch it right out from under their noses." Drake said with a smirk.

"They'll never see it coming." Chloe stated.

"Yeah, well, payback's a bitch." Drake said as the group set out from the jail, on their journey to Borneo.

Well, that completes the first chapter in the start of an ongoing collection of stories. The way I'm planning to write this story is each place will have a mashup of Uncharted and one of the game's rep's worlds (i.e. Big Daddy's Rapture, Sly Cooper's 'Thieveius City', and Jak & Daxter's Sandover Village). Review if you can, and I'll update sometime soon.