AN: Here is a drabble-ish fic based off of LauraMaeH94's prompts on Facebook. The prompts she gave me were Cyrus, sweat, and phone call. Sorry it took so long to post. Having no electricity for four days really hinders updating ability... Anyways, hope you like it!


That's all she could feel, taste, and smell. She could feel it, running like water down her face, neck, and back. She could taste it, as it ran down her lips and into her open mouth. She could smell it, wafting off of her and the man who sat across from her, a smell she could remember from when she and Morgan had found JJ in that godforsaken barn two years ago. The smell of fear. Emily Prentiss was afraid. Benjamin Cyrus, a cult leader that had been accused of sexually abusing young girls, had figured out that there was a FBI Agent among the group that had come to interview the children on the ranch. Emily would kill for a phone call right now. She wanted to know who was responsible for the leak, so she could kick his ass for putting herself and Spencer Reid in this position. Sitting next to each other with a gun pointed firmly at Reid's head. Emily couldn't let Reid be a victim again, not after what happened in Georgia.

She heard herself answer Cyrus' question, and knew that what was going to happen to her was going to end her life as she knew it.

"Me. It's me."

AN: I might add more to this in the future. Actually I know I will at some point. However, I am marking it as complete for now. My muse ran to Antarctica cause it's too hot in my house...