A/N: I fully support Tom Daley as both an athlete and a role model for people everywhere. Not just as a member of the gay community, but as an extremely courageous man. I'll be cheering for him in Rio.

In other news, he's still hot. Almost as hot as a newsie…

Disclaimer: No son míos.

Pie Eater sighed, picked up his fork and scraped at the crumbs of his slice of pecan. Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday, and the week after Thanksgiving was his favorite all year due to the bountiful excess of his favorite dessert. His mother, aunts, and grandmother spared no expense in their fight to bake enough to feed all of Staten Island.

Pie's baby sister set down her own plate. One hand rested contently on her full belly while the other grabbed the television remote before Pie could get to it. She flipped stations for a minute or two before settling on a petty celebrity gossip show.

"In other news," the polished reporter was saying, "British Olympic diver Tom Daley recently released a strong statement."

Both Pie and his sister's ears perked up at the name. It was no secret that everyone in his family had fallen a little in love with the kid in London, 2012.

"Daley has come out of the closet, setting a precedent for athletes everywhere as a homosexual Olympian."

Pie's sister wailed in anguish as he jumped off the couch, whooping and throwing his fist in the air.

"Well, Tom, we here at E!Network want to say that you have our full support and respect as an athlete."

Pie grinned like a madman. "I knew it! I knew it!"

His sister glared.