Hey guys its Jordan, this is my first Jori fic so bear with me. Its my second fic and this one has no beta yet. Hope you enjoy this fic and beware the characters are OC. Well some of them you will see. I will update in lik an hour. Reviews are lovely. It may turn M later so to b safe its rating is M.

Disclaimer: I don't own Victorious we all know this.


At Hollywood Arts in LA, there are six different seniors that attend this school that are all connected. One student is Jade West, an A student, the captain of the cheerleading squad and a slight badass. Next, is Beck Oliver, an above average guy, the captain of the football and basketball team and both teams star player. He dates head cheerleader Jade West and only associates with those who look worth his time. Then, there is Cat Valentine, she is an above average student, the co-captain of the cheerleading squad, also she is Jades best friend and very talkative. The next student is Andre Harris; he is the co-captain of the basketball team and football team and is friendly towards everyone. Now, there is Robbie Shapiro-Vega, an average student, who just likes to hang out with his friends, the adoptive brother and best friend of Tori and likes Cat Valentine a lot. Lastly, is Tori Vega, sister of Robbie, she is a trouble making student, who's grades are slipping. Tori is smart but chooses not to apply herself.