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Chapter 12

Two weeks later

Everything has been so depressing for Jade and Tori that their families are becoming concerned. Tori was playing so bad that at this point Coach Demetry had to bench her. Robbie knew of the break up and as the closest thing Jade has to a sister, Cat also knew about the break up. Tori finally broke down and told her parents that she and Jade broke up and why and they told her in due time she would figure out if Jade was the one for her. For Jade she too told her parents about her break up with Tori. Her father said that when her hear is ready it will decide who it wants. At school it was terrible to be around either girl. They sat together in every class as usual but didn't look at each other at all. They spared no glances and their attitudes towards each other were starting to piss Robbie and Cat the fuck off. One day at lunch Cat kirked,

"I'm sick and tired of both of your bullshit, Jade get your shit together and decide who you want and Tori be open minded about this situation or so help me god I will beat both of your asses." Cat said with a scary glare, both Tori and Jade stared at Cat wide eyed while Robbie smirked triumphantly. From that day on, Tori and Jade tried small talking but it felt awkward because neither of them were actually trying 100%. Ever since their break up Beck has become a gentleman towards Jade which made Jade feel loved. She and Beck spent more time together and Tori was getting jealous with every passing second. Beck and Jade were walking to class, when Beck stopped Jade

"Hey Jade, I was wondering if you want to go on a date with me tonight?" Jade looked at him suspiciously then slowly nodded at him. Beck smiled and went to hug her then he changed his mind and kissed her. Jade did not return the kiss and waited for Beck to back up. As soon as he backed up she walked into class while Beck looked at her walk. He looked up to see Tori glaring at him. She went to walk past him and he grabbed her arm.

"Tonight Vega, I will get to be the one to show her my love for her, too bad you didn't do it when you had the chance."

"She won't let you get to that step Oliver."

"You sure." He said smugly and walked to his seat in Calculus class.

"Positive." Tori said under her breath as she walked to her seat by Jade. That night Tori had been pacing in her room scared for Jade, even though they aren't dating anymore doesn't mean she doesn't care about Jade. Tori stopped pacing and texted Jade.

Where is Beck taking you?-T

The gym he made it look like a restaurant apparently.-J

That's all Tori needed to see and she got in her car and drove to the school.

At the school

Beck parks the car, gets out and comes to Jade's side and opens the door. She smiles at him and steps out of the car. Jade is dressed in a black dress that goes down mid-thigh with black flats on, while Beck sports dress pants, a white button up and black Chuck Taylors. He escorts them into the gym and Jade sees a nice table, candles and food ready for them. They ate and after they were done, Beck got up and went to the bleachers and plugged his phone up to a speaker and played music. He walked down the bleachers and stood in front of where Jade sat

"Can I have this dance?" Jade smiled at him and took his hand. He pulled her to the middle of the court and they began to dance. While they were dancing, they were staring deeply into each other's eyes

"Jade I want you bad."

"Beck I'm not ready for that and this is only our first date."

"No, you will give in to me Jade; I did this all for you." Jade stepped back out of his grasp and said

"You mean you did this in hoping I would spread my legs for you, news flash Beck I'm not a slut."

"But aren't you? I heard you have had sex before you're used to spreading your legs." Jade looked at him and swung her fist at him, which he easily caught. He kicked Jade's legs and she fell to the ground. Beck pinned her to the ground with one hand holding both her wrist. He started to undo his belt and unzip his pants, he stopped to push Jade's dress up, she screamed and he grabbed her face

"Don't scream now, I want to hear that later." He smirked, and then he heard a voice say

"I don't think you will ever be hearing that sound." He let go of Jade's wrist revealing his hand prints on her body. He then got up to see Tori Vega looking at him with the face of death. He tried to fix his pants but he couldn't do it before a fist collided with his jaw, his face fell to the side and then Tori kicked him in the balls causing him to bend over, which Tori took the opportunity to kick him across his face and knock him out. After Tori made sure he was out, she ran to Jade

"Oh fuck, are you ok Jade?" Tori asked her face full of concern.

"Yeah Tori, I'm fine, thank you for saving me. How did you know?" Jade asked as Tori helped her to her feet.

"He said some snide comments and I knew he would try something with you." Tori said as they walked to her car.

"Is this going to be how we always see each other?" Jade said chuckling, as they were driving to Tori's house.

"What do you mean?"

"Me being hurt and you always coming to save me." Jade said, Tori chuckled

They pulled up to Tori's house, and Jade turned to look at Tor after taking off her seatbelt.

"Tori I'm so sorry for what happened a couple of weeks ago, I shouldn't have kissed Anika back."

"It's ok Jade." Jade looked at Tori befuddled.

"It's ok?" Jade asked

"Yea, you see Jordan told me a week after we broke up about what happened after I saw you two kiss. I took in what she told me and made the decision to give you more space to figure your feelings out. When I saw that you didn't speak to her, I saw that you figured it out, then I saw you with Beck and I got jealous and when he asked you out and you accepted. I felt like you and I were back at square one. Just know I love you, I always will and always have."

"I love you too, and you were right in the gym that day I needed to figure my feelings out and I did. I knew after three days of the break up that I only wanted you, but you were ignoring and I felt neglected so I hung out with Beck and wanted to give him a shot at being my friend again, but that didn't turn out as planned. But know this Victoria Vega I love you so much it hurts and will always love you." Tori smiled at Jade. Tori got out of the car and went to Jade's side and opened the door, when Jade was out of the car, Tori pulled her into a huge hug. Jade hugged her back just as much. Tori pulled away and said

"I have one question?" Jade looked at her confused and said

"Ok what is it?"

"Can I be your Batwoman?" Jade smiled and laughed

"Yes as long as I can be your Wonder Woman."

"Deal." Tori leaned in and kissed Jade, Jade wrapped her arms around Tori's neck and smiled into the kiss.

Snap, Flash

Tori looks up and sees her family smiling at them from the front door.

"Tori you are such a sweet nerd that was so cute." Trina said while Robbie and Mr. Vega laughed and gave her a thumbs up.

"Oh sweetie you are too adorable and I have the pictures to prove it." Mrs. Vega said smiling ear to ear.

Jade smiled at them as Tori looked away embarrassed

"Why guys, just why?" Tori asked shaking her head.

"We are your family Tori it's our job." Robbie says as everyone agrees as they walk into the Vega home.

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