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A/N: This is the sequal to Wally plus Nail Polish equals Unhappy Roy, a two chapter story first one will be his revenge on Wally. The second one might take longer since it hard to think of how to get back at boy wonder. (If anyone has an idea don't be afraid to message me and I'll make sure to give you credit for the help and idea of chapter two.)This is BoyXBoy story so if no likey then no reading. Enjoy to those who do. Oh yeah there is a few cuse words in this too.

Summary: Roy has an evil idea on how to get back at his boyfriend. Just mess with the one thing Wally loves more then Roy.

Roy Revenge Begins


Granted it took Roy awhile to think of a way to get back at his boyfriend for the nail polish stunt he pulled on him three months ago, but he finally came up with the perfect plan. No it wasn't droping a water balloon on him that would be lame, putting make-up on him wouldn't work either since Wally was such a light sleeper, but he had a better idea then both put together. There was one thing he could do the only risk was Wally may kill him, mess with the one thing Wally loves more then Roy. FOOD!

Roy never committed to something (except for Wally ofcourse) like he committed to this plan before, he had to make sure this was completely fool proof. Not only did he have to worry about his apartment but there was also the cave, Wally's house, and his Aunt and Uncle's house that needed to be set up, and oh don't foreget he had to convince the people who lived there to let him do it. The cave was easy most the the residents (M'gann and Connor) agreed to his so called prank/revenge, and surprisingly so did Wally's parents when they found out what their son did to him. The only one he had trouble with was Uncle Barry who wasn't to thrilled about someone messing with his kitchen, THANK GOD for Aunt Iris. She was able to talk Barry into it by stating that this would be a good life lesson about karma for Wally.

Roy was able to gather up everything he needed and had enough for all four places. Fortunately for him everyone (except for Wally and boy wonder ofcourse(wow I kind of did that twice minus boy wonder ofcourse)) agreed to help him out, all he needed to do was drop off the matrials. Now for the hard part, he needed Wally away from all four homes at the same time for atleast an hour or so to give everyone enough time to set up. Kaldur decided he could help out by taking both Wally and Robin to the movies for a lil bit on Saturday since they were given a break that weekend. Oh and Saturday couldn't get there fast enough for him either.

The three boys came back from their movie discussing who was hotter and what the best part was. As soon as they got into the cave however Wally disappered heading straight to his room, the kitchen. He notice something strange, M'gann did't have any cookies out and she ALWAYS made cookies. He figured that Connor ate the all and didn't share , 'What a hog' Wally thought. Well since there wasn't any cookies he decided just to grab the nearest food substance there was which was an apple. Being a speedster he never slowed down(espiscially when he eats), he didn't notice the how light the apple was until he took a bit. "OWWWWWW! WHAT THE HELL! This is PLASTIC! I think I have a loose tooth now, better becareful next time and tell the idoit who put fake fruit on the counter to warn a guy... and to pay for my dentist bill." Throwing the apple behind him, he went to the fridge and grab the ice cream. Opened it and there was nothing in there, 'I guess I put an empty carten back again.' but soon he started to to notice not only was the ice cream empty but everything in the cave was also empty. After turnig the cave upside down he went home and discovered everthing in the kitchen was either fake or empty and the same at his aunt and uncle's place. There was only one place left for him to go, Roy's apartment.

Roy heard rapid knocking at his door and knew exactly who it was, his little red head. Roy open the door but before he could say anything Wally was already around him in the kitchen going threw everything. " WHAT THE HELL, DUDE!" Wally screamed. Roy chuckled a little bit heading towards the kitchen asking, "Whats wrong, having problems finding anything?" "Yeah dude everythi.." Before he finnished his sentence it suddenly dawn on him about whats going on. "ROY YOU DID THIS DIDN'T YOU!" Wally yelled pointing an accussing finger at Roy. "And what if I did its not like I painted your nails pink and took pictures giving it to almost every super hero on earth," He manged to say that without yelling but couldn't hide his smirk when he saw his boyfriend face. Wally huffed and said, "That is totally different." Roy raised an eyebrow, "How so?" "Because... It just is... I mean going for my food, really Roy really." Suddenly Roy was taken aback by what he was seeing, tears yes tears were begining to run down Wallys face. Guilt was taking over and the next thing he knew he had his little red head in his arms hugging him tightly. "Look man I'm sorry really I am, but I had to get back at you for the nail polish thing." Wally didnt saying anything which mad Roy feel even worse. After a few minutes hugging Roy finnally said, "How about I order pizza and get your favorite, EVERYTHING except for anchovies no anchovies. Ok?" Kissing the top of wally's head as he lets go of his little red head, so Roy could go back to his room to grab his wallet and to order the pizzas missing the evil grin on his boyfriends face as he walked away. "Fake crying. Works everytime." Wally said to him before following Roy to his room.

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