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Summary: What a better way to get back at Robin then switching all his costumes back to the old ones (green booty shorts one). But thats not all Roys does to Robin.

Roy Revenge Begins

Ch. 2: Pink is SOOOO Your Color

Roy felt bad after his revenge on his boyfriend (Roy your wimp man up), but he couldn't wait to get back at Robin. The only issue was that its was a lot harder to prank Robin then anyone else on the team or league (except Batman). "Babe will you pleeeeeeeaaaase help me come up with a way to get back at Robin?" Roy wined to Wally. Wally's face went from mindlessly happy to shock to scared shitless all in 3 seconds. "HELL NO!" Roy was quite taken aback by that reaction he thought his little red head would be all over the idea of pranking Robin. "Well, why not?" he asked. Wally simply replied, "Pranking you was easy, no offense..." "Offense taken" Roy huffed. "... but Robin is on a different playing feild. Not only is it impossible to prank him but he'll get you back million times wrose. Trust me I still have nightmares on what he did to me the first and last time I pranked him. So not worth it Roy." Roy was tempted to ask Wally what Robn did to him but before he could his little red head had already sped away.

'If his boyfriend wasn't going to help then who will' Roy thought as he walked into the cave looking for any willing helpers. He soon found himself in the kitchen with M'gann who just got done with her thirteenth batch of cookies that day."Oh, Roy are you here to meet Wally? He doesn't seem to be here yet, How about you take a cookie and wait for him on the couch." M'gann said offering him a cookie. He took one cookie to be nice (especially if he wanted her help) and replied, "No, I didn't come to see Wally. I came to see if anyone will help me out with something." "Help, What kind of help do you need?" Roy thought about it for a second not sure if he should asked her but what the hell he needed help. "I need help with my revenge on Robin." A squeak was heard from the green skin girl who quickly without say a word turn away down the hall far away from Roy as possible. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" He yelled throwing his arms up in frustration.

He gaved up on anyone else for help after being denied and warned not to do it by Artemis, Kaldur, Connor, and even Batman. After leaving the cave he went back home still clueless of what to do. No matter how many people warn him, he still wanted revenge if it was the last thing he ever did (which Robin probaly will make sure it is). As soon as he walked into his apartment he headed straight for his room but stoped when he noticed something strange sitting in his living room. There was a box sitting on his coffee table with a letter saying, "Hope this helps -Anonymous Sender." He knew who it was from it wasn't hard to figure it out, but if they were helping now then he knew that they came up with the only one way to get back at Robin and it was in this box. Roy slowly opened the box and a grin formed from ear to ear on his face, yes this was going to work.

"Team suit up and meet in briefing room in ten." announced Batman over the intercom. The team rushed to their rooms in the cave to get ready, except for the few who were already ready and were heading for the briefing room. Robin ran to his room, opened his closet, but quickly stoped in his track at what he just discovered. In his closest was his costume but it wasn't the one he was pose to wear, it was his original Robin costume. Except for one style change, this one was pink. He ran all over his room searching every spot he stashed a spar costume but all were missing. Robin was flabbergasted by what he found, not only did someone replace all his costume they were able to do it without him knowing about it. There was no way he was going on a mission dressed in that.

Robin shows up in the briefing room in his civies trying to act as nonchalants as possible, which was hard as everyone was looking at him like he losted his mind. Batman gaved Robin his bat-glare and said, "Why ... never mind I dont want to hear it go change." Robin opened his mouth to speek but before he could Batman raised his voice a lil louder,"I told you to go change now!" Robin stood there for a second but ran when he heard "GO!" like he never heard before. After a few minutes he returned sporting his new/old costume causing the room to go from quiet to roaring with laughter. But that didn't last long when Robin and Batman gave a combined bat-glare returning the room to it original state before he showed up. Batman returned his attention to Robin, "Where is you normal costume and what are you wearing?" Robin look down at the floor as he replied, "This is the only one I could find, all my other ones have went missing. That is why I showed up in my civies." He was able to look up by the end but still couldn't look him in the eyes. Batman stood there for a few minutes contemplating on what he should do when he finally said, "I have no other choice but to sit Robin out of this mission due to the circumstances. Robin you are dismissed, go back to your room and change." Robin nod his head and quickly turn toward his room.

Robin wanted to get back as soon as possible but it was already to late since everyone saw him in it in the briefing room. On the way back he was trying to think who could be stupid enough to prank boy wonder. Wally... no after last time Robin knew he would never try it again, but so did everyone else. So who could have done it? He was about to give up for now until he saw a familiar figure standing next to his door. Roy looked up with a grin and proudly said, "Nice booty shorts Rob. Pink is soooo your color."


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