I looked at him from across the gym. He was working a punching bag. Sweat was dripping from every part of his body. We had just got back from the run and I was sitting on the bench trying to get my breath back but he kept training. My heart was beating fast, watching him, actually just being in the same room as him made my heart beat fast. He turned and looked at me; I was in a dream land and forgot to make it look like I was just looking around the room. He stopped punching the bag "why are you looking at me like that?"
I snapped out of my daydream, "oh umm, I was just, umm." I didn't know what to say in my own defence, I had no excuse.
He walked over to me, "well?"
I jumped up as he walked over, I was going to turn away but I just couldn't help staring at him. He was so beautiful. He reached me and stopped in front of my face. Without even thinking grabbed his face and pressed my lips to his. I shocked myself in doing this and let go quickly. Dimitri was stunned.
I was about to say sorry when his hand grabbed the back of my neck and he brought his face to mine. He began kissing me. I closed my eyes and moved my lips with his. They were so moist, so perfect. My hands found his hair, his soft, magnificent hair. I tangled them in it. Dimitri moved his hand down from my neck and down to my waist; he pulled my body closer to his. His hot body was still dripping with sweat.
I released his hair and pulled his shirt towards me and started to walk backwards the wall. My body hit the wall hard. Suddenly I felt his member against my leg. I wrapped one of my legs around his and started grinding against his hard body. He moaned into my mouth.
Dmitri's mouth left mine and I whimpered he grinned but then he started kissing my neck, and sucking it. I could feel that I was so wet for him. I wanted him so badly; I wanted him to be inside me. As he sucked on my neck I tried to get my hands underneath his shirt so I could take it off of him. I wanted to see his chest. I could feel that his chest was clear of hair, and for me this was very good, I was never into guys with hairy chests. I finally got his shirt off of him and he moved his way back to my mouth. His tongue danced with mine and his hands wandered up underneath my shirt. He cupped both my breasts and then with one hand he reached around behind my back and unclipped the bra. I let go of his mouth and pushed him forward. I tried to be sexy when I took the bra off completely but I don't know if I was doing it right. I felt kind of awkward. Once it was on the floor he was pressed up against me again. His hands were under my shirt and playing with my boobs and gently squeezing my nipples. I moaned into him and I rubbed myself onto his privates. His erect member was rubbing against my leg and it kept getting harder and harder. It felt huge. I rubbed his chest and moved my hands to the top of his pants, I undid the bow and then he was gone. I opened my eyes and all I saw was Dimitri's backside, he was running out of the gyms door with his shirt and bag in his hands. Mason walked into the gym at that moment laughing with 3 other people. They stopped when they saw me. "Whoa Rose, Is that your bra on the floor?"