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"Sam, it's time," Kevin Flynn called out to his son. The creator did not want to think about what he was about to do, deciding to concentrate on getting his beloved son and apprentice out of the grid in one piece was all he wanted to worry about at that moment. He saw the traitor advancing towards the pair, anger and fear rushed in, pushing the feelings aside, he concentrated. Closing his eyes, he began to pull Clu 2 closer to him.

Concentrate. Concentrate. He felt Clu reluctantly drawing closer . He then opened his eyes to see Sam and Quorra, his children, one last time.

Sam cried out, "Dad nooooo!" Quorra gripped Sam's shoulder tighter; it hit her what was about to happen to the creator. She felt the small cubes escaping the edges of her eyes, re-integration.

Sam raised the disc above his head, reaching to the heavens itself. The disc conjured up the codes of the real world and the light shined brighter and brighter. Creator and program clashed together, and everything came full circle for Clu 2. He met his master face to face, and now was derezzed by his master face to face. He's my son, pathetic, he didn't understand, it didn't matter, he was gone as was Kevin Flynn.

The light shined so bright it blinded Sam's vision. He was silent now, shock waved over him. The tingling sensation started, it was so fast. He only ever felt this sensation one other time and that was when he was transported into the grid. He was praying that Quorra was feeling it to, she needed to see the sun rise, he silently made that promise on the transporter, and he was going to keep that promise. The light blinded him, darkness shielded his sight. There was nothing now.


Ok well I'm a big girl so constructive criticism is welcomed. Suggestions and information are most definitely welcomed because as big as a fan I am I know I don't know everything about Star Wars and Tron. Also, I don't fully understand the objective of an ISO and I want it to be a big factor when Sam and Quorra arrive into the galaxy. I hope this concept is not to silly lol, it seems entertaining to me at least, I hope viewers enjoy.