Its About Time.

Kelly Jones/Flash Harry


"We have to do something!" Taylor burst into the dorm.

"What's happened?" Polly sighed. She figured Taylor had probably been called a Chav by

a first year and wanted Polly to 'Google' the definition of 'Chav'. -Again.

"Flash..." Taylor murmured.

"What about him?" Annabelle woke from her daze, Taylor's 'problem' seemed genuine.

"Kelly" Taylor screamed.

"What about Kelly?" Annabelle replied.

"Flash seems really upset and distant lately.. Ever since Kelly's 'mystery guy' has popped

onto the scene." The tone that Taylor used made it seem obvious.

"So what do you want us to do?" Annabelle was getting annoyed.

"We could.. Give Flash and Kelly a situation alone... Kelly would never need to know it

was set up... And Flash gets a few minutes with the woman he loves!"

"Sounds awfully romantic girls!" Mrs Fritton emerged from the stairs and sat down next

to Taylor.

"May I suggest locking them in... Say the basement?"

"Yes Miss!"

Annabelle took charge:

" Polly! Get the cameras and rig the basement. Tania and Tara! Go get Kel into the

basement! Chelsea, you work on getting Flash there! Everyone else... Gather round the

laptop! Let Operation 'Klash' begin"


"KELLY!" Tania screamed at the Head Girl.

"What's up hun? Is this about the cat again? I've told you! You cannot keep a cat as a test

subject for your experiments!" Kelly raised an eyebrow.

"Its Tara! She's stuck in the basement! Under all the books from the old library, and I

can't find Miss Fritton! I need your help Kel! Quick!" Tania spoke so fast.

Kelly ran towards the basement, when she reached it she rushed into the basement. The

door locked and the lights switched off. Kelly was now in the dark. She was not happy.

At all.


"Flash!" Chelsea sprinted into the garage.

"What's up Chels? You gotta be quick! My gear needs sortin!"

"Its Kelly! She's stuck in the basement and there's been a powercut! I've tried to find Miss

Fritton, and none of us can open the door! We need someone strong and handsome to

save her!"

Flash didn't need convincing. He sped towards the basement to 'rescue' Kelly.

The door slammed shut and the lights turned on.

"We've been set up." Kelly looked at Flash who was by the door.

"I don't think so Kel!" He saw Kelly looking round the room.

"What you doing?"

"Looking for cameras..."

"Seriously Kel. Stop. You look ridiculous."


"I love it when you get angry."

Kelly smirked.


"SHE SMILED!" There were screams of delight from the dorm.


"So what do we do now then Kel? Flash was tapping his foot on the stairs by the door.

"I can think of something..." Kelly made her way over to Flash and sat next to him.

"Really? Now? I thought there were cameras?"

"Nah. No sign of them! They are good... But not that good..."

Kelly rested her head on Flash's shoulder.

"3 months, 2 weeks and 6 days." He muttered.

"What?" She looked up at him. Her brown eyes scanning his.

"We've been going out for 3 months, 2 weeks and 6 days... Without anyone knowing!"

"That's a record for St. Trinians!"

"What if they find out?" Flash seemed worried.

Kelly kissed him on the cheek, leaving a red lipstick mark, before turning directly to the


"They already have."


Okay so I'm unsure as to whether this should be a oneshot or fic! Please review and let me know! xx