Chapter 3

Morning broke on the school grounds.

Kelly's mystery dissappearence the night before had sparked controvesy and gossip among the girls.


Annabelle strutted toward the 'Geeks' common room.

'Hey Annab-'

'The cameras.. Outside the school...'

'Well what abou-'

'Youb know the one directly outside the school. The one that monitors WHO goes OUT and WHEN...'

'Yeah I know the on-'

'Where is the footage..?'

'Well.. The thing is Annab-' She twitched.

Annabelle lifted an eyebrow.

'Ihadtotakeitofflinelastweek.' Polly blurted out.


Polly sighed.

'I had to take it offline last week, the 'Posh Totties' needed the power output to watch 'America's Next Top Model. I hadn't had a chance to hook it back up... Sorry Ann-'

Annabelle stormed off. She couldn't believe her ears. Kelly could have eloped with Flash and she'd never know, all because of the stinking Totties and their bloody modelling shows.

Kelly woke up. Eyes still closed she reached to her head, her hand knocking something off a nearby chest of drawers.

She shot up, startled, taking in her surroundings she found herself in Flash's bed.



The bedroom door swung open and in came in a overjoyed Flash, carrying a tray.

'Rise and shine... Sunshine!' He winked at Kelly who winced at the volume.

Her hand went to her head and she gazed at Flash.

'How much did we drink last night?'

Flash put the tray down onto the table and perched on the edge of the bed.

'Well. I 'ad one glass of wine...'

Kelly knew where this was going.

'You, on the other hand had so much I thought you were going to make a dress out of happiness and rainbows.'

Kelly grabbed a pillow and put it to her face, falling back onto the bed.

'And then model it.' He chuckled, standing up.

Kelly sat up, grunting.

'What time is it?' She murmered.


Kelly nodded.

'And what day?..'

Flash laughed.

'Monday, hun.'

Kelly was silent, taking in the details into her hungover head.


Kelly jumped out of bed, grabbing her phone off the floor, having dropped it earlier.

Missed Calls

Mrs Fritton. (1)

Polly (2)

Annabelle (54)

She grabbed her jacket from the floor.

'I'm so sorry Flash. I've got to run.' She pecked him on the cheek before walking out into the hall. Cursing as she left.

Her car pulled up at the back of the school.

If she'd learnt one thing from her time at St. Trinian's, it was to never use the front door.

After checking that the coast was clear, she exited the car and made it to the ledge on the side of the building. Being cautious not to be seen through the windows.

Slowly she began to climb up the side of the institution.


After climbing through her newly smashed window into her quaters, the head girl darted to her mirror, wiping off all trace of the smudged make up from last night. When she was satisfied with the result, of a blank canvas, she grabbed her oversized tshirt and swapped her leather hotpants for some navy sweatpants before crawling into her bed.