Hi, guys! Yes, this is at long last a sequel to one of my fanfics. In this case, it's a sequel to my Marvelous Superwoman story. So, why am I doing a sequel to this story and why is it entitled 'Season 2'? Well, if you haven't heard, DC has recently launched a new comic series of their former greatest WB Hit-Show; Smallville. The series picks up a few months after the show ended with Clark finally becoming Superman and now the comic chronicles his new life as The Man of Steel with plenty of references to both the DC Universe, and all previous incarnations of Superman. I suggest you check it out imminently if you haven't. The first and second issues happen with a bang and bring back an old character who I won't say who it is, but the character's been dead so you'll have to read it to understand. But back to my point; I originally intended my Marvelous Superwoman to be much longer than it was, but I had to cut it down due to school time. Anyway, this is the sequel or 'Season 2' since the year now is 1970 so it's been about 10 years since Kara made her debut as Superwoman. You'll notice some stuff has changed, and that's because I've gone back to my original idea of having this spread-out longer and allow Kara more time to grow as a heroine before she and Peter get married. So what can you expect from this? Expect to see Kara living the life of being a college student, a reporter for The Daily Bugle, This Marvel Universe's 'Golden Superheroine,' A full-fledged Avenger, and protector of this world against an invasion from her original reality. You'll also notice Kara doing things in here that was originally meant for Jessica Jones to do, but because Jessica's adopted parents adopted Kara instead, we will also see the consequences of what it has on Jessica.

*Whew* Well, that's it almost. One last reminder is that I own NOTHING. This is for Fan-Purposes only, so please don't sue! So with that all said, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

When a ship containing an infant that was the last daughter of a dying civilization was sent to Earth in another world, it was sent flying so fast that it ripped a hole in the fabric of reality which resulted in the ship passing into this universe and landing on this reality's Earth.

The baby daughter was found by a loving couple called the Joneses and was raised normally until she discovered her true birthright and how she did not come from this world. The daughter of another world had powers far beyond that of any meta-human on this world thanks to the power of this world's sun.

With the empowerment under the sun, the girl from another universe found she could leap buildings in a single bound, move faster than a speeding bullet, possess the strength of a thousand gods put together, and use many other magnificent powers bestowed upon her.

Now, the daughter known in her civilian identity as Clara Jones, a college student at Empire State University and a reporter for The Daily Bugle of her own adventures, she fights a never-ending-battle for truth, justice, and the American way as one of the Earth's greatest superheroines…Superwoman!



1970, New York…

"Good Morning, this is W196.2; MMN News; Giving you the news wherever you go. Today, we celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the arrival of one of the greatest heroines in the world. During the first few months in the day since her appearance, we thought she was a foe, but the world has come to love her as a champion for Earth…."

"'Champion.'" J. Jonah Jamerson spat, turning the radio off, "Gah!"

"What's the matter, J.J.?" Robbie Robertson asked, walking into the room, "Still mad that you can't write any more articles on the world's Golden Heroine any more?"

"Robbie;" Jamerson sighed, turning out to look out the window, "If you know what was good for you, you'd not bother me right now."

"Come on, Jonah," Robbie insisted, "Ever since we hired that Jones girl to do the articles for you, The Bugle's ratings have skyrocketed to the most read-paper in New York."

"It's just my stance, Robbie." Jamerson growled, seeing a red-and-blue streak suddenly soaring upwards into space, "You know how much I hate her. But you're right, I digress. After all, maybe that Jones girl could teach Parker a thing or two about manning up once and a while."


Stark Industries Prototype Space Station in low-Earth orbit…

Stark Industries at the time had decided to make an innovation and start finding ways to power space-stations in space. As of right now, the massive space station up there was being powered by a new Stark reactor that could sustain life up on board there for a millennium almost.

That is, it could if it weren't shot out of nowhere by a mysterious unknown lazer beam that damaged the hull completely.

Now the astronauts in there were screaming for their lives as they desperately tried to hold onto the rails and chairs, while the wind was sucking everything else out.

Sadly, one astronaut looked up to see a computer console that had been ripped out by the rushing air before it knocked him in the face and sent him flying out the hole. The man screamed as he closed his eyes and prepared to die before he felt himself being grabbed by the collar and looked to see who had saved him.

"Relax, sir," A firm and feminine voice reassured him, "This will be over in less than a minute."

Back inside, the workers were still holding on, when out of nowhere, the rushing air stopped and the astronaut who had fallen out was back inside the ship.

"Bill?" One of the female astronauts exclaimed, "What happened?"

"She did." Bill explained, pointing to the woman who was flying a few feet off the ground where the hole was.

The other astronauts looked at her amazed as the woman continued to focus while two small lazers came out of her eyes, fixated on the console that had fallen out. The lazers quickly melted the console edges, fusing it to the wall, and filling the hole that had been left in there.

When the woman turned around, everyone could see her more clearly. She wore a full-body blue spandex suit with red trunks and boots. She also had a long, red cape that flew beautifully as her long blonde hair did. She looked at the men with her light-blue eyes and smiled as they became aware of the irregular red-and-yellow pentagram with the big red 'S' on there, which identified her almost instantly by anyone on the earth.

"It's Superwoman!" One of the astronauts exclaimed.

"She saved the ship!" Bill told them.

"This is so awesome!"

"I have a poster of you back home!"

"People, please!" Superwoman proclaimed, calming them down, "Thank you. Now, I did a quick check before I came to rescue you, but I couldn't get a fix at who fired at you. I suggest you contact your base on Earth and see when you can get down as soon as possible. If anyone asks why, tell them I asked for it due to concern of your safety."

"You can count on us, Superwoman!" Bill told them.

"Thanks," She nodded, looking around, "Now, ah. Forgive the question, but can I ask where you have an exit hatch?"

Everyone pointed to the right exit hatch as Supergirl went over, telling them that she'd have it closed in no time.

Before she left, she added one thing.

"I certainly hope this hasn't put any of you off flying," She told them, as they all shook their heads from left to right, "Statistically speaking; it's still the safest way to travel."

The others nodded, as she quickly opened the hatch, and left, closing it at super-speed and then flew right back to Earth.


Empire State University, Later…

After landing where she had left her clothes, Superwoman slipped her normal clothes over her costume, and once she had made sure they were firmly hidden underneath her pants and shirt, she put on her special glasses again, assuming the role once again of high-school college student, Clara Jones.

Afterwards, Clara walked around at ease. It was Saturday, meaning that she didn't have any classes to go to, and that meant she had the whole weekend to write up this latest article for the Daily Bugle.

Finding a tree to sit under, Clara shut her eyes and reminisced about what had happened in the last ten years.

At the beginning of High School, she had decided what she was going to do with her powers she had and made her debut as Superwoman. After fighting villains such as Doctor Doom and the General, Clara had faced the menace of her former classmate, Liz Allen, who had gained superpowers and now went under the moniker of 'The Void'. Clara defeated The Void with a lending hand from The Amazing Spider-Man who was secretly Peter Parker, photographer for the Daily Bugle where she worked at, and also her high-school classmate. After the battle with the Void, Clara revealed her identity to Peter and the two suddenly realized the feelings they had for each other and became romantically involved with each other.

Now, Clara was adored by the people of Earth thanks to the publicity she made for herself by writing her own articles for The Daily Bugle. And in doing so, Clara turned public opinion that Jamerson had used on her around, and was now adored by everyone on the planet. Clara was now even a full-fledged member of The Avengers and was on-duty whenever she could make it, (which with her powers was almost always except in a rare case once-and-a-while.)

As Clara thought to herself about this some more, she felt a pair of hands cover her eyes, as she knew who it was.

"Guess who?" Peter asked.

"Knock it off, Petey." Clara laughed, as she turned to face him.

The two lovers then locked lips for a few second before letting go and looked at each other.

"So where were you today when I was getting my butt handed to me by the Rhino?" Peter asked, sarcastically.

"Saving a satellite's crew from being pulled into the vacuum of space to die." Clara smirked.

Peter's face paled, but still smiled. He couldn't believe that he was dating the Earth's greatest superheroine for over seven years now.

"Okay." He said, "I'll catch you later for a photo-op?"

"You bet." Clara smiled, kissing her lover on the lips once more, "Love you."

"Love you too." Peter smiled, walking off.

As Clara prepared to go to her room, she heard screaming coming from around 39th Street, and suddenly raced into another alleyway, and suiting up to fight crime once more.


The 39th Street Diner…

Gotta say, Kara thought to herself, as she neared the location happily, Thank god for superpowers! What would I do without you?

As Kara stopped and hovered above where she had heard the screaming from, she saw a bunch of people running out of the diner all terrified.

"Some kind of commotion down on the street?" Kara asked, as she started to descend.

She observed the people running out of the diner and began to question the problem.

"What's going on?" She demanded.

"It's horrible!" A woman screamed, "Just horrible!"

Superwoman touched down on the ground and entered the diner. She then saw that there was only one person sitting in the diner, but was in the shadows, so Kara could not identify him. However, there was suddenly two new arrivals in the form of two men in business suits literally grabbing at each other's throats and throwing each other around.

Kara decided she had enough of this, and grabbed the two men by the collars of their shirts, raising them off the ground.

"Hey!" Kara declared, "What's going on here?"

"They are only doing what I asked." The man at the lone seat explained, "Sit down."

Kara was about to start asking questions from him, but then felt light-headed and found herself obeying and walking over to the person. Once she was seated, she could see him more clearly. He was wearing a fancy purple suit and his entire body and hair had been somehow turned purple. The man's name was Zebediah Killgrave, better known to the world at large as The Purple Man, the man who could make anybody do what he wanted just by looking at them. And that's just what he was doing to Kara.

"Tell me your name," Purple Man ordered, with a sinister grin, "And not your silly made-up name. Tell me your real name."

"Kara." Superwoman answered.

"You're very beautiful, Kara." Killgrave said, his grin becoming more sinister, "Take off your clothes."

Kara rose and nodded.

"Would you like to close your eyes for a surprise?" Kara suggested.

"Oh yes," Killgrave said, shutting his eyes, "Why didn't I think of that before?"

His answer was met first with a punch to the nose, breaking it and knocking him unconscious as Kara smirked at him.

"Maybe because you didn't ask me to do it, you perv." Kara answered, straightforward and simply.

Kara thanked Peter's insistence to take physic lessons from Professor X last year in fear that someone as powerful as Liz would come again. Kara spent a good portion last year going to Xavier's Academy and practicing physic lessons with the leader of the X-Men. It would go that every week, Kara would enter her subconscious with Professor X who would then train her to block her physic mind and then learn how to do so while avoiding attacks in the real world. After a full year training, Kara was now prepared, and thanks to that training, she had just taken down Purple Man with no trouble at all.

Kara smiled to herself as the cops arrived behind her.


Once Purple Man had been apprehended and arrested, Kara took her time to speak to the police who all stood around her asking questions. It was nice to see that people had grown to trust her now.

Just then, Kara heard another disturbance in the form of a familiar battle cry from Central Park as she got looked at all the cops seriously.

"Sorry officers," She declared, "But I'm afraid I'm needed elsewhere."

Before she took off, however, she felt someone pulling at her cape and turned around to see a female police officer.

"Superwoman!" The female officer said, "My name's Rose McMantiel. My daughter's looks up to you and I would love it if I could get an autograph from you to her."

"It's okay, Ma'am." Superwoman smiled, shaking the officer's hand, "Your daughter already has someone to look up to. You."

Officer McMantiel nodded, as Superwoman leaped up into the air, flying further away from the group of people bellow.


Avengers Mansion…

"How many times does Ultron come back to beat us?" Wasp demanded.

"About once and a while!" Iron Man responded, throwing another repulsor blast at the Giant-Man-sized Ultron to no avail.

Ms. Marvel charged up all her energies and flew right towards Ultron, but the robot simply just slapped her in the face, and sent her to the ground.

"Crap!" Hawkeye cursed, as he fired another exploding arrow that detonated with no effect, "Anybody have any ideas?"

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a sudden breeze and a loud 'BOOM!' sound was heard. The Avengers looked to see a giant hole in Ultron. On the other side was Superwoman who was triumphantly holding the 'heart' of Ultron in her fist.

"That's one way to do it." Superwoman quipped, as she flew down to greet her teammates, "But remember that Ultron will always find a way back."

"Right," Captain America said, shaking Superwoman's hand, "Thanks, Kara. But where were you?"

"I had a run-in with Purple Man," Superwoman explained, "But don't worry. I stopped him."

"Good to hear." Cap nodded.

"Verily, Superwoman," Thor agreed, "It be wonders that thou could stand up to a villain who makes anyone into his slaves with but a look in their eyes."

"Well," Superwoman said, sighing, "I gotta run if I want to finish work for my job."

"Understood." Cap assured.

Superwoman smiled before flying into the air and headed back to her dorm room again.


Later, in Clara's Dorm Room…

"Done." Clara sighed, looking at her finished article.

She had spent the last few hours typing up her heroic exploits of the day, and now all that remained was to bring the pictures to The Daily Bugle tomorrow.

"Well, well," A voice cooed, stepping into the room, "Looks like someone's been busy."

Clara turned around to see her roommate, Gwen Stacey entering the room. She smiled at Gwen as she took her work from the typewriter she had in her dorm.

"Another new story on Superwoman?" Gwen asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yup." Clara nodded.

"That superheroine is something else," Gwen smiled, leaning against her own desk, "Which reminds me; I don't think I've asked you how you ever got to interviewing her."

"Trade secret." Clara said, simply.

"You and Pete make a great team together, you know." Gwen smiled.

"Yeah," Clara nodded, "Listen, Gwen, about you and Peter; I know I've seen you standing around him…"

"It's okay, Clara," Gwen said, nodding her head, "It's okay that he's yours. I'll admit that I was starting to have feelings for him, but I think that I'm better off with Flash Thompson. Pete's all yours. No hard feelings."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Clara smiled.

Just then, Clara heard another sound from Times Square and heard a familiar voice from under a mask calling her name.

"Oh," She said, getting up, "Excuse me, Gwen…I think I need some fresh air…"

"Okay, Clara." Gwen smiled, "I guess that you and Pete will drop this off sometime tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah," Clara nodded, moving out of the dorm, "Right…"


Times Square…

The voice Kara had heard, of course, belonged to her boyfriend's alter-ego of The Amazing Spider-Man. Peter had been trying to swing back to campus when he heard a scream from here and now really wished he didn't stop.

"Okay," Spider-Man declared, dodging another piece of rubble that was thrown by the rampaging gamma-monster Emil Blonsky, better known as The Abomination, "Stop me if you've heard this one before; a Spider and a Hulk walk into a bar…"

"Shut up!" Emil screamed, "I was trying to get Banner's attention, but I'll have no problem killing you if that's what gets him out."

"Sorry, Emil," A familiar feminine voice called, "Banner's nowhere near here, but luckily you have the next best thing."

Everyone in the vicinity looked up to see the Marvelous Superwoman in all her glory, hovering a few feet above The Abomination with her arms crossed and a stern look upon her face. The crowd cheered her own in knowing that with her around, everything was going to be okay.

"Now I'm going to give you one chance," Superwoman warned, putting her hands on her hips and conveying the seriousness in her voice, "You know what I've done to nearly every other major supervillian in the world and those that weren't even born on earth. So surrender now and you won't get hurt."

"You expect me to comply with you, Superwoman?" The Abomination demanded.

"You know," Superwoman added, "The Hulk and I happen to be good friends, but before that, I had to punch him in the jaw. Really hard. And I sent him flying a hundred miles per-hour into a mountain. Imagine what I'd do to someone like you."

The Abomination lunged at her, only for Superwoman to punch him right in the gut sending the air out of him.

Peter, meanwhile proceeded to snap photos of his girlfriend as she fought The Abomination.

"Don't mind me," Peter quipped to no one in particular, "I'm just taking snapshots for the Family Album."

The Woman of Might flew the Abomination into the sky where he proceeded to breath desperately for air once the oxygen layer had thinned enough to the point where he was no longer able to breath.

At this point, Superwoman punched him down back to Earth, as the gamma-charged monster began to fall down like a stone sinking in the water.

Superwoman quickly flew down to Earth, positioning herself right below the falling creature, and then flew straight back at him. The last thing the Abomination would see was a fist and Superwoman's smiling face before his whole world went dark.


Later, after SHIELD had arrived to take The Abomination away once more, Superwoman took a moment to shake hands with her loyal fans before she flew back to the rooftop where her boyfriend waited.

"Ready to go?" Superwoman asked.

"Yup." Peter smiled, "Wait till you see what kinds of photos I got on here."

Within a few seconds, Superwoman had her boyfriend in her arms and flew them back to Empire State University where the two proceeded to change back into their civilian identities.

However, the two did not go back into the dorms because Peter had promised something very special for the anniversary of the day Clara had become Superwoman.

And so, for a while, the two laid on the grass, reviewing Peter's photos of Kara to decide which one they would submit to Jamerson tomorrow with Kara's article.

"I don't know about this one," Kara shrugged, as she held up a photo of her punching the Abomination out cold, "You can't see my face here and I think this makes my butt look a bit fat."

Peter looked at her.

"You're always super," He assured her, "Even without your powers."

Kara smiled at him.

"Thanks," She said, looking at the other photos on their blanket, "How about…this one."

She held up a photo of her shaking hands with some little girls dressed in their own homemade Superwoman outfits.

"I think it's nice if we show some people have creativity unlike Jamerson." Kara explained.

Peter chuckled and nodded.

"All right," He said, taking the photo and putting the rest in a separate pile, "This one it is. Oh, and here's your big surprise; look up in the sky now."

Kara did so and at that moment, the sky seemed to light up with millions of stars that still to this day amazed Kara. Despite being the Earth's most powerful superheroine, it still amazed her how much life there was still yet to be discovered by the universe she lived in.

She turned to Peter with a smile.

"Happy anniversary, Clara." He said.

"Face it, Petey," Clara said, as they both laid down on the blanket and snuggled close to each other, "I'm all yours."

With that, the two locked lips in celebration of the anniversary.


But unbeknownst to them, up in space, a mysterious rift was emerging. It became a spiral with all the color spectrums dancing around inside there. And what it held would shake the earth greatly.


The Daily Bugle, The Next Day…

"Parker! Jones! Get in here!"

"Yes, Mr. Jamerson!" Clara Jones said, continuing to play the unsuspecting reporter that she was.

If there was anything Pete had taught her, it was to keep an unsuspecting profile. In this case, while Clara felt embarrassed playing a weak and timid female reporter, it was vital in order to make it so that people would not believe that Clara Jones and Superwoman were not the same person.

"Here's the article along with Peter's pictures." Clara explained, handing him the photos and then adjusting her glasses that made everyone unsuspecting of her being Superwoman.

Jamerson reviewed the photos while smoking his cigar occasionally switiching between looking at the best reporter and photographer he had and then at the work submitted. Finally, after looking at the photo for probably a 4th time, he eyed the two to speak.

"Congradulations, you two." Jamerson said, in his obvious unenthusiastic voice, "Pick up your reward with Brant, and get your pay."

"Mister Jamerson…" Clara began.


The two did not argue, and instead picked up the paycheck from Betty Brant before walking towards the exit only to be stopped by the radio which was turned up by a reporter loud enough for everyone to hear.

"And in other news;" The reporter announced, "A strange metal meteorite has just crash-landed right next to the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side of the historical bridge. No casualties so far, but The Fantastic Four have been on a voyage to another universe so the question is…"


"Come on; Pete." Clara sighed, "Looks like we know who this is a job for…"


After changing Clothes, Kara volunteered to go ahead before Peter so that she could assist the solution to the problem at hand imminently and Peter could thus be there to take photos with no questionable looks rather than do it in his Spidey uniform which tended to cause more attention.

As soon as Superwoman arrived, she was greeted once more with an adoring crowd as she approached the officers.

"What's the problem, officers?" She asked.

"That's just the thing, Superwoman," The first officer spoke, "We don't know. This damn metal meteorite… or whatever…won't budge at all."

Kara approached the object and looked at it. It was circular like an egg almost and had weird technical-like wire traces and circuitry all over it.

"What in the…" Superwoman asked, touching the object with her hand.

As soon as her hand made contact with the metal object, the sphere suddenly glowed alive and started transforming itself. The defender of Earth and the people gathered watched in amazement as the machine finally turned into a metallic humanoid being with green eyes.

It surveyed its surroundings until it came across Superwoman and its mouth smiled.

"Well, well, well," It spoke in a cold metallic-like voice, "If it ain't the 'Marvelous' Superwoman I've heard so much about."

"You know about me?" Superwoman asked.

"No." The robot being admitted, "But I do know of somebody LIKE you."

Superwoman froze. She maintained her protective and brave stance, but deep down inside, a million questions were rushing through her. Who was this…machine…or whatever, and how did he know about Kara if he had never seen her before? For that matter, how did he 'know someone like her?'

"What's your name?" Superwoman asked.

"You can call me Metallo, baby." The robot form said, "You might as well seeing how you're going to lose your life soon enough. You see, I've encountered beings like you before, and they all have one single common weakness."

With that, Metallo's chest opened up, revealing a glowing green rock inside. At that moment, Superwoman collapsed on the ground, beginning to feel both drained of all power, and within tremendous pain.

"So I've been sent here on a mission;" Metallo explained, walking over to her as the burning sensation on her body continued to increase, causing her to cry in pain, "Destroy Superwoman and prepare this world for its new masters!"

To Be Continued…