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Carol, on the other hand, was loving this new power. She final could feel what it was like for her own Captain Marvel to be like in some weird way. Granted she wasn't a Kree, and these powers were nothing like his, she just felt really good being able to do something now.

That thing she was doing right now was punching Adam in the face, giving him a bloody nose.

"Oh, yeah." Carol exclaimed flexing a muscle, "I'm loving these new powers."

Adam simply frowned, as he wiped the blood from his nose.

"Nobody of your likes could have gained that power!" He declared, angrily, "Tell me; how did a person such as yourself gain these powers?!"

"You could say a little wizard told me." Carol smirked.

"Ah," Adam acknowledged, nodding, "So it appears that The Wizard of The Rock of Eternity has used up all he could to give you your newfound powers. No matter. Once I defeat you and Superwoman, I will conquer this world, and then go back to my world to rule over everyone there as well!"

"You're going to have to get through me first!" Carol declared, readying herself as lightning coursed through her whole body.

"Then I shall!" Adam said, socking Captain Marvel in the stomach, causing the wind to be kicked out of her.

Meanwhile, Superwoman had descended and now stood next to her boyfriend, The Amazing Spider-Man, as they watched The Battle continue above. Just then, the two noticed that the astral form of Stephen Strange was behind them.

"By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!" Strange declared, "Captain Marvel is fighting better than anticipated!"

"Yeah," Superwoman pointed out, "Except it doesn't look like it's going too well for her!"

"She is serving her purpose," Strange explained, the two looked at him, "The power of someone who has access to the magic of The Rock of Eternity is more than enough to get Adam's attention so that you two may go for help."

"What help?!" Superwoman asked.

"Come to the Baxter Building and all will be explained." Strange told them, disappearing.

The two took off, unnoticed by the two brawlers still battling in the sky.

Adam threw a right hook hitting Carol in her side, causing her to scream in pain as she felt one of her ribs almost break.

Adam laughed again as he punched Carol in the face, causing her head to start ringing hard.

Finally, he struck his foot into her chest, causing her to be pushed back faster than she could register and into a building.

As the workers in the floor that she had crashed into scattered all about, Carol groaned greatly as she tried to stand up.

However, she felt her face pushed down into the ground and her arm pulled backwards, courtesy of Black Adam.

"Now then," He smiled, "Why don't you give up now? I still need to make my own paradise on this world and perhaps maybe you could be my Isis. Two Marvel's. A kingdom for us to rule. Would you like that 'Captain Marvel'?"

Carol groaned, as memories began to come back to her.

Carol remembered growing up in life. Being the only daughter in her family, the oldest child, having to look after two younger brothers.

But then her father didn't want Carol to go to college and so, when the time came for the Danvers children to graduate, Steve, the second oldest brother was chosen to graduate rather than Carol who still had the highest grades.

Carol remembered working long hours with a sales job afterwards, and continuing to work harder and harder. After she turned 18, she then went into the airforce against her father's wishes, only to learn soon afterwards that her brother Steve had been killed.

Carol tried to return home to her family, only to find that her parents no longer accepted her after what she did.

Carol returned to Cape Canaveral and to this day, was still motivated by the death of her brother to strive herself to do better.



"I guess no…" Carol said, through her pain while focusing her new electricity through the hand Adam was holding, and holding her fingers up so that her palm was exposed, "But I always try to better myself at least."

With that, she let out an electrical blast behind her which hit the lights above Adam, causing them to fall while fully charged with her new electricity and slam right into Adam's head, causing him to let go.

Danvers took a quick second to recover before punching Adam in the chest, causing him to go flying out of the building as this world's new Captain Marvel followed, extending both her arms out forward, her fingers making hard fists as she hit Adam in the stomach, forcibly moving him downwards to a beach where he was slammed down hard on upon impact.

Carol put her foot on top of Adam's chest, victorious.

"Had enough?" Carol smirked.

"You think you can stop me?!" Adam asked.

"Yeah, actually." A new voice called out.

Adam turned to see Superwoman and Spider-Man returning with something that made his eyes go wide with fear.

"No…" He exclaimed, "It can't be…"

"Yeah it is." Superwoman smirked, holding up a tiny golden scarab-like statue, "See, while you were off fighting Captain Marvel, Black Adam…Me and Spider-Man took a visit to your old home and found this there. Courtesy of Reed Richards and Doctor Strange."

Superwoman held the statue out, As Adam began to suddenly feel weaker.

"No…" He said, as his face suddenly started to age rapidly, "Not again! Not…again…."

Adam's face and body turned to that of an old man, and then quickly began to decompose until there was nothing left in that suit but a skeleton.

Superwoman smiled, as she took the scarab statue back, looking at Adam's now-dead corpse body, and then back at Captain Marvel.

"Thanks for all the help, Captain Marvel." Superwoman smiled, then remembering something, "Er…I mean…"

"It's okay, Superwoman." Carol smiled, "I know I'll have to talk about it when I speak to the other Captain Marvel, but I've decided, I'm taking the name anyways. It has a nice ring to it. Besides, the other name wouldn't work out for me if I were in another battle like this."

"What other name is that?" Spider-Man asked.

"Sorry, Spider-Man." Captain Marvel laughed, "Not going to tell you."

….Earth 65126…

The two figures watched the monitors as Superwoman and this 'Spider-Man' from her adopted world were returning the sacred scarab to this world's past before returning to Earth 56162's Present where this new 'Captain Marvel' was throwing the remains of Adam's body into the sun.

The servant screamed as two red-lazers shot out of his eyes, destroying the monitor featuring Superwoman.

"That's it!" The servant declared, "This time it was too risky!"

He turned to his master.

"Master, please; I beg you!" He declared, "We were fortunate that the mind manipulation gas in Adam's body worked in a failsafe like this so that they would not attack us here in the present. We might not get such a lucky shot next time! I beg you! Let me handle Superwoman with my team once and for all!"

The figure stood there silently pondering the request. He then noticed another monitor featuring Earth 56162 on there in another location. Listening to what was going on in that part of Superwoman's adopted Earth, he made his decision and turned to his servant.

"Very well." The Master said, "I will let you go next. For now, focus your attention on that monitor there."

The servant looked to the monitor to see the so-called 'Superwomandroid' and ' The Void' in an underground location for a terrorist organization of Earth 56162 known as 'HYDRA.' They were apparently training up for something.

"No doubt that world's organization has decided it's time for Superwoman to face her foes again." The Master smiled.

That's when it hit the servant.

"And with Superwoman having faced other forces from our world and hers…" He realized, "Then she has not yet trained herself for their inevitable return!"

"She could still beat them, though." The Master reminded, "We've seen all she's done so far. For now, let us watch and see what the outcome is. If they win, there will be no need for your group, if they fail, then you have my full permission to go into this world with your teammates, and destroy her yourselves."

"Very well, sir." The servant said, turning around and preparing to leave.

"Wait!" The figure said, "I'm sensing a presence…something has managed to invade the temple!"

Suddenly, there was a crash and the doors to the room opened, revealing a newcomer. It was a creature that looked sort-of-like a starfish, except it was grey, and had a what looked like a red-and-black bulseye in the center which also resemeled a single eye.

"YOU DARE TO COME IN HERE UNINVITED?!" The servant demanded, as his eyes began to literally burn red hot.

"ENOUGH!" The Master declared, as his servant stood down looking disappointed, "Forgive him. He's not used to this kind of situation. Please, introduce yourself."

"My name is Starro the Conqueror." The Alien spoke, "Like you, I have often tried to take Earth for myself. However, I happened to learn of your exploits on the parallel Earth. I think I can offer my services to you if you are willing to bargain."

The Master raised an eyebrow.

"State your terms." The Master said.

"In exchange for aiding you in the conquest of this parallel earth," Starro responded, "I wish to attain about 75% of that world's human population to add as my own."

"And that is all you seek?" The Master asked.


The Master sat upon his throne, thinking.

"Here is my offer." The Master explained, "We are currently awaiting to see the outcome of one of this world's villains who is about to take on the Kryptonian Female who has been preventing our takeover. If you are willing to leave us with a…contact….then we will call you to be the first part of our invasion of this alternate earth. Should you be sent there, I will happily grant you your request. Do we have an understanding?"

"Yes." Starro replied.



Carol Danvers awoke with a happy expression as the light poured into her bedroom.

"Ah," She said to herself, "Nothing like it to start the day right."

Carol quickly showered and got dressed, ready to work on her daily routines, and help out as Captain Marvel II if needed.

Once she had joined her other pilots outside, they were told to wait in a line as apparently someone with lots of money was going to come by here today.

"I bet it's Tony Stark." One of the pilots laughed.

Soon, a limo pulled up by the air base, and two figures stepped out. One was a woman around 20-Years old with white hair tied back into a bun. She wore a black business jacket suit and pants over a plain white shirt. She wore black high heels with white trimming.

Taking her place next to the woman was a young girl around 13 Years Old with curly brown hair, wearing a black silk dress and high heels.

"Hello," The woman with White Hair smiled, "My name's Felicia. Felicia Hardy. I'm the head of Hardy Industries; a big writing company that donates a lot to our forces and families across America."

She put her hands on the shoulders of the young 13-Year-Old girl who just smiled nervously.

"This is Katherine Grayson." Felicia introduced, "But most people just call her 'Kitty' for short. She's my adoptive daughter and will one day inherit my company. We're just on our way over to New York now for a business meeting, but we thought we'd stop by and say 'hi.'"

Felicia and Kitty shook hands with everyone, including Carol. There was something about these two though. Something that told Carol she would be meeting them again soon in the near-future.



Once they had met the soldiers, Felicia and Kitty were on their way back to New York for their business meeting. What most people didn't realize, however, was that there was more to the two than what most people knew about. Felicia was secretly Fogstone City's vigilante protector, Catwoman. Furthermore, she was working on giving Kitty an alter ego of her own, as Catwoman's partner dubbed 'Knightclaw.' Kitty's real last name wasn't even 'Grayson.' Kitty was actually Kitty Pryde from Deerfield, Illinois, and had another good reason why she kept her name a secret. Kitty was actually a mutant, with the ability to phase through any object at will. She had discovered this power a couple months back and upon the discovery, ran away in fear of what she would become if her parents found out. Fortunately, Felicia found Kitty before anyone else and was now training her to become the perfect utmost student who didn't have to rely on any sort of powers to get out of a situation unless they were left with no other option.

Soon enough, the limo reached New York and the two got out only to bump into a woman with long blonde hair in a white work suit.

"Oh!" The woman said, adjusting her wire-framed glassed, "Sorry about that!"

"No problem." Felicia said, shaking the woman's hand, "Felicia Hardy. This is my adoptive daughter, Kitty Grayson."

"Diana." The woman introduced, "Diana Prince."

"Well, nice to meet you, Miss Prince," Kitty said, "Sorry to cut this short, but…"

"Quite right, Kit." Felicia said, "We need to be on our way."

"No problems." Diana said, "Same here. You take care of yourselves."

"You too." Felicia waved.

Something told Felicia though that she'd be working again with this woman very soon.

Diana Prince also had a secret.

She was secretly the Greek Goddess known as Venus, now using the super-hero identity of 'Wonder Woman' to build her own society to which she could train others how to fend for themselves on their own nation.

In her secret identity, Diana worked for the United Nations as a secretary, and made sure to take note of what was happening in the world every-so-often to ensure that there would be peace with everyone when the time came to introduce Diana's land of Themyscira to the rest of the world.

As she continued her run to the UN, she passed by a college called 'Empire State University.' It didn't occur to her then, but in the near future, she world be working with some very important students there to fight a battle that even The Avengers could not fight alone.

To Be Continued...

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