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Po runs away from the gym as fast as he could which eventually led him towards the sacred peach tree. He falls to the ground, as he continues to cry his body begins to shake and shiver uncontrollably. "She doesn't care about me."Po whispers softly.

"Please don't say that Cub," Tigress says while standing behind him. Po was surprised that she had broken her training, let alone followed him here. Po turned toward Tigress with his blotchy eyes, and tears stained fur. He replied "Well it's the truth."

Seeing the panda in this state broke Tigress's heart, she hated seeing him pain and what worse is that she caused it. "You know that is not true." said Tigress as she goes up to her love and tries to wipe the tears from his eyes. Only from him to turn away from her, which resulted in her ears and shoulders to lower in defeat, "Cub you know I love you."

"Yeah right, if that were true you sure have a funny way of showing it." Po scoff as he get up from the ground; hearing Po call her a liar caused her to become angry. She then walk in front of Po, and forces him to look at her by pushing him toward the ground. Tigress yells "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO? I CAN'T CHANGE WHO I AM!"

Tigress gets up and turns away from Po which results in Po yelling back "I DON'T WANT YOU TO CHANGE, GOD DAMMIT!" Po then glares into Tigress in eyes "I JUST WANT TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU, OUTSIDE OF KUNG FU!"

Tigress the turns around screams "WE HAVE TO CONTINUE TO BE PROFESSIONAL SO THE OTHER DON'T FIND OUT. YOU KNOW HOW SHIFU FEEL ABOUT ME DATING." Po then takes a step forward he growls in frustration "I KNOW THAT. YOU DON'T THINK I KNOW THAT." Tigress the walks closer to Po looks directly into his eyes "DO YOU NOW? BECAUSE THE WAY YOU'RE ACTING IT SEEMS LIKE YOU DON'T!"

It was at this point where Po had enough all of his frustration and anger by punching the scared peach tree which causes all the peaches to fall down. While at the same time he screams, "WELL EXCUSE ME IF I MISS MY GIRLFRIEND, WHO HAS BARELY TAKEN A GLANCE AT ME SINCE WE STARTED DATING!"

This remark took Tigress by surprised, as she desperately tries to think of a comeback, but to no avail. It was then she realized that the panda was right. She had been so desperate into trying to conceal their relationship and continue her responsibilities as a master of Kung Fu that she had been neglecting her duties as a friend. She looks down in shame and says quietly "You are right."

Po still angry had barely registered to what Tigress had said, so it is no surprised that he growled "WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO ST..." Po stops mid-sentence and looks at Tigress in shock, "What did you say?"

Tigress sighs as she turns away from the panda since she didn't want him to see her cry, "You are right. I been so caught up in training, mission, and trying to hide our relationship from the others that I forgot about you. I am not just talking as a girlfriend, but as a friend as well." Tigress tries to wipe the tears from her eyes as Po anger melts away, and his face begins to soften. He immediately looks at Tigress adoringly, as Tigress voice begins to crack." This isn't easy for me, because the fact is you are my first and most likely only boyfriend I will ever have. You mean the world to me Po, and without you I wouldn't know what to do."

Po walks slowly from behind Tigress as he whispers "Kitten." Meanwhile Tigress is desperately trying to compose herself, "I know you have every reason to be upset, but I swear we will…" Before Tigress can complete her sentence Po forces Tigress to turn her around and pull her toward them as he kisses her lips with passion and velocity that it took her by surprise. It takes her a few second to realize what was going on as she wraps her around Po's waist, while Po puts his arms around her neck. They stays like this for a few minutes before releasing for air, they look each other in the eyes while holding a silent conversation. It was then when Tigress began to feel the fabric from Po's shirt. She looks down to see that his cloths were different from the outfit that she normally sees him wear. She then asked "Po where did you get the new cloths?" The panda laughs as he once again begins to kiss her again.

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